What To Expect On Your First Day Of Nursing School w/Nurse Bass

hey everyone so today I'm going to be doing a video on what to expect on your first day of nursing school / how I felt on my first day of nursing school and this video is going to be a collaboration video with nurse bast so make sure at the end of this video you go over to his channel and check out his perspective on this topic so I think it's safe to say that if you are about to start nursing school that it is very anxious and nerve-wracking to think about your first day of nursing school you have no idea what to expect you may not know anyone you may feel uncomfortable you may feel unsure you don't know is it gonna be stressful it can be overwhelming is it gonna be an easy first day and I think those are a lot of the same feelings that I had on my first day of nursing school on my first day of nursing school it was a Monday and my classes started at 7:30 in the morning which doesn't sound too bad but it's about an hour commute for me from my house to my nursing school campus and so I had to leave my house at like 610 in the morning to make sure I answered enough time for me to get there and I wanted to be early and so my first day of nursing school I was so so tired throughout my prereqs I could kind of schedule when I wanted my prereqs to be and I would do you know them kind of in the afternoon so that way I could kind of sleep in and not have to get up super early but with nursing school I didn't get to choose my schedule they just said okay here's your classes this is what time they are in I would show up for my classes and so 7:30 was super early in the morning and I remember my first day nurse Nicole I was so so tired and I was like I don't know how I'm gonna do this every single day for the next two years and I'm sure a lot of nursing school start early so that's probably a common theme is to feel very tired on your first day one thing that you can probably expect on your first day of nursing school is to have some sort of homework or something you have to do after that first day and I know it's kind of a bummer because you know you want your first day to be all like woohoo orientation you just to meet your teachers and all that but unfortunately I feel like a lot of nursing schools you kind of just jump right into it to a certain extent and you can probably expect to have a little bit of homework or a lot a bit of homework on your first day I know my first day and like my first week we got a lot of little assignments to do to kind of get orientated to what our homework was going to be like what our assignments were gonna be like we had like syllabus quizzes and a bunch of like tedious assignments that we had to do so it wasn't too bad for me but I also have heard that some nursing schools will assigning like three hours of homework on your first day and that can be a little bit overwhelming but I think that if you kind of know what to expect on your first day and you're anticipating maybe getting some homework it can make it a little bit easier and less shocking when they say hey by the way you have three hours of homework to do tonight I also think on your first day of nursing school you can expect to be a little bit overwhelmed I know a lot of times the first day they kind of throw at you your entire schedule for the semester saying here's when these assignments are due here's when your clinical days are here's when you have lab here's when you have simulation and to try and like wrap your mind around everything you have to do over the next few weeks it can be very overwhelming and I found that on my first day that's what my instructors did they are like okay and by the way this is when every single one of your assignments are due and this is the days that you're gonna have clinicals and although it's nice to have a set schedule to know when your assignments and stuff are gonna be due it can be very overwhelming to try to think about all the things you have to do over the next few weeks on just your first day in nursing school I think some ways that you can prepare for your first day of nursing school is to just go in with an open mind so be open-minded to the fact that you might have homework the open mind to the fact that you know you're meeting a bunch of new people and really put yourself out there and you know try to make friends because I can honestly say through my semesters of nursing school one thing that has been so helpful to me is my good friends that I have made they have helped me study they have helped me when I'm unsure of something and I can bounce ideas off of them and they just have been really helpful when you're going through those tough emotional times they understand what you're going through and how stressful nursing school can really be I also think it's important that you get a good night's rest the night before I know that's hard to do when you're just so excited or so nervous before your first day but try to get a good night's rest try to eat a good breakfast so that way when you're at your first day you can concentrate you can focus on everything that the instructors are telling you all right guys so that's kind of what to expect on your first day slash how my first day when I think my first day went pretty well I just was a little tired I was a little overwhelmed but I think that's sort of expected on your first day to feel no matter if it's your first day on a job or first day in nursing school or your first day trying something new I think it's kind of common to feel that way make sure you guys subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up and then stay tuned for a little clip from nurse bass bye guys what's going on guys it's nurse bass be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I know you did and make sure that you subscribe to Ashley if you haven't she's always putting out great videos and be sure to head over to my channel where you can check out my perspective on what you can expect on your first day of nursing school you


  1. Thank you for the video. I start nursing school this Saturday. It's an evening/weekend program. What I like about it is Pharmacology is the only nursing class we are required to take the semester before being accepted in the program. So it's about 7 or 8 of us doing this track for May 2017. We are already bonded with Pharmacology. We have a phone list, a Group Me and we've already planned to go out to eat after class. So along with my classmates I will be gleaning wisdom from your videos and people Nurse Bass and Nursemurse. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Great information! I wish I would have seen a video such as this to watch before my first day of nursing school.

  3. Beautiful perspective. I really enjoyed putting together this collaboration with you! You and I are Team Speedy Gonzalez :]

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