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Basically what is happening here is that we have this a spiritual tree that has been used for a while for our indigenous people and now it’s turned into a very very very bad weapon against people just to take the their belongings and stuff like that. Imagine a drug that can transform you into a zombie slave that can leave you completely at the mercy of a robber who can empty your bank account steal all your possessions and possibly worse. The drug is easily extracted from nightshade plans it’s tasteless odorless and can be swiftly mixed into drinks food and cigarettes and the worst thing once you’re under its spell to the outside world you seem completely conscious and aware so no one really knows you’re in danger. This demon drug is called Borrachero. Ask any Colombian local about it and it’s a safe bet you’ll get a chilling horror story in return. Probably like 15 years ago in Bogota there was a real issue one time it happen to a friend, he got in a cab and then he just felt dizzy and he apparently he willingly came in with the people and help them carry all this stuff and they robbed the stuff from his apartment. If you’re interested in traveling to Colombia chances are you’ve seen VICE’s documentary about Devil’s Breath. It shows the gruesome effects of the drug through the stories of several victims as well as criminal perpetrators who admit on camera to drugging and murdering people It quickly became one of VICE’s smash-hit documentaries and it’s not hard to see why the thought of such a powerful mind controlling drug and its potential for criminal abuse boggles the mind. This is called the seed, which is very similar to an avocado but it’s full of small seeds and this is used to produce Escopolamina and as a drug to assault people or kill people. But the questions we have to ask are how common is a threat of Borrachero …who is likely to be targeted? And as a traveler what’s the real risk? At time of this publication the U.S Department of State produced an unofficial estimate of annual Borrachero incidents at approximately 50,000 although it doesn’t list where this figure is actually from. This works out to be roughly 0.1% of Colombia’s population being affected by the drug each year. It reports drugging with substances like Borrachero as a common and dangerous method to kidnap and rob people in Colombia. The primary targets of Borrachero attacks are men at nightclubs with attractive women as the chief instigators. However many cases have been reported of women being drugged by men and later robbed and sexually assaulted. Either way there are some extremely sinister forces at play here, and you have to have your wits about you. Even away from the salacious nightclubs Borrachero attacks do happen in the more common restaurants and bars and even in broad daylight on buses and public transport however these incidents are a little less frequent. The most important thing you can do is be vigilant be wary of strangers approaching keep a really close eye on your food and drink if you didn’t buy it, don’t touch it if you bought it don’t let it go. So what do Colombians think about Borrachero? Is it a common problem and what’s their advice for a safe time in Colombia. Borrachero or Escopolamina for me is not a threat I heard stories about it. I heard that you lose your will. Personally after living here for six years I’ve never come across it I’ve heard stories about it so I think people need to be careful and aware of it but I think it’s been sensationalized. It’s ridiculous how many people have seen that documentary about borrachera in VICE so when they come to Colombia they think they’re going to get robbed as soon as they get here you know but reality is very different.


  1. How do they process the powder that it becomes deadly one.do they pulverize the seeds,or the flowers n leaves or roots?how is it done.am just curious. I dont think we have that plant n the phil anyway.

  2. It's definitively sensationalized! Don´t believe everything these people say!!!! Almost Every gringo have a gun! so… US is more dangerous I think!

  3. I was a drugged and robbed in Pasto Colombia with scopolamine. I think it's much more common than this video claims. My wife had a close call in Medellin with someone on a balcony dropping it down onto people walking on the street. The dose wasn't sufficient, but she knows the drug and it's smell. The plant is common in many high elevation cloud forests in Colombia and Ecuador.

  4. ok people. its just this simple… don't do dumb ass things in high risk areas… ive been to Colombia and would sooner go there than many places in Chicago la or new York…. ( for the record im an Iowa boy )

    Colombia is a breathtakingly beautiful place… what did I see there? tour busses and happy people…. the moral? don't let the media freak you out. …get out and see the world and THEN form your opinion

  5. Its in the US as well. It has been for years. I wish you people would stop highlighting Colombia as the only place where people have been affected as victims of this drug.

  6. I have been to Colombia dozens of times for work and know 2 people who have been drugged by this. I am not concerned in the least about being drugged. Why? Because of common sense and paying attention. To everything, all the time. If someone is trying to stop me on the street, for anything, I keep walking. Let someone else provide directions. Maybe I am not a good person, but I've been around the block, and 70+ trips to Colombia with only a couple scary stories to tell, counts for something…..

  7. I wouldn't trust Vice at all they are zionist ran , Rupert Murdock funded and almost always have a few Psy Ops running , don't trust them at all .

  8. Well, it happened to a friend who visited Columbia (Medellin) last week. He got robbed of cash and credit cards ($30k total). it was some English speaking Columbian's that dropped it in his cocktail tail at a bar.

  9. Datura derivative. Methinks this has been used by Jesuits and intel ops for centuries in order to compromise any publicly entrusted people or society through blackmail. They were, after all, the progenitors of the lethal needles (vaccination) and the Dark Ages of Inquisition. How easy it is to drug someone and have numerous witnesses record the set up; blackmail for life. This is a key to why the world is such a mess for our plane of nature and humanity. Together with judao unholy trinity (more of the bloody same). LIEs, spies and compromise. VICE is the new version of sensationalist gutter press but compelling all the same.

  10. Hyoscine, also known as scopolamine, is a medication used to treat motion sickness and postoperative nausea and vomiting. It is also sometimes used before surgery to decrease saliva.

  11. I don't mean to underestimate the real dangers around that plant, but somehow I believe, you'll have much higher probability to get involved in a car crash in Bogota. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

  12. Why does no one acknowledge the extensive use of Scopolamine over several decades, by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America?

  13. Just in El Poblado, Medellin where most tourists stay, we have an huge problem. Hundreds fall victim every month. It can be fatal when persons are out partying and combined with the wrong substances, or the criminal gives a huge dosis. Permanent damage can persist. Persons who act extra friendly you must be careful of. The majority of men are drugged up by female sex workers but not all. it can be disguised in candy, by bartenders who work with other people, taxi drivers, or people who may blow it in your face. Granted in El Poblado there thousands of tourists any given night, but there many victims. I have known so many people to be drugged up, and constantly here of people being robbed. If you are aware of your surroundings then you will probably be ok. Invite people you dont know to your home, not smart.

  14. The drug is not really as dangerous as they make it seem. It’s a hoax that it turns you into a zombie. It’s used by medical doctors in the U.S And is not considered to be illegal

  15. I had a sense that Vice is not a reliable source of news but I wasn't quite sure until I watched their documentary on scopolamine. It was purely based on anecdotes and stories from random people. It's like going to Thailand and asking for people who can tell you their stories about ghosts.

  16. Didn't know how much damage could the plant do to our body. Here it's available in abundance. Only few people know least about the plant.

  17. 0.1% is quite a lot. Doesnt sound like much, but with a total of 40 million citizens it is still 40k a year.

  18. Come to Australia and use it. The authorities consider the use of it completely impossible. (Sarcasm, but true)

  19. How is this video any different than the one with vice??? If anything vice had a lot more details about the drug.

  20. scopolamine, a way for media to draw attention with morbidness, this flower is a highly sacred and spiritual plant, but, a rock can be used to make fire for boiling water or to hit some to kill, the purpose depends on the user.

  21. She's definitely been approached by a Columbian travel agent or the Columbian political figure responsible for tourism. You can literally hear it in her voice.

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