What You Eat Matters – 2018 Documentary H.O.P.E.

I think the most important message that I have is to remember that you and I’m speaking to you watching this film you make a difference you as an individual make a difference what you do each day actually is affecting what’s going on in the world each day so your life matters you matter and use your life work wisely [Music] [Music] you [Music] the Western diet unfortunately is associated with the development of some pretty serious diseases heart disease cancer diabetes obesity it’s like a tsunami cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death around the globe more than 17 million people die of a heart attack or stroke per year the number of cancer cases is rising dramatically one out of every four men and one out of every five women die of cancer diabetes has also become an epidemic and already one out of two Europeans and Americans is overweight the interesting thing is that all experts would agree that the cause of this tsunami really is is our lifestyle and the fascinating thing is that the major driving force within that lifestyle creating these illnesses is our dependence on animal nutrition and I think this idea needs to be conveyed to people that there is a strong association between the Western diet high in animal foods processed foods protein fat and so forth and diseases people have to know that that really is true never before have we been so well informed about nutrition in theory in practice in everyday life we sir come to mindless cravings we devour instant meals gobble cafeteria fare and stuff our faces to fast-food and practically always contained in these products needs for your flashes right here like this my biggest pet artist and a medieval contacts platen on yes camasta sliced and all led curly get of the first insulin financier cameras on slicing Sudeley cameras in it last [Music] despite all warnings we are eating more and more meat there is no day without meat no feast without meat no break without meat it’s a normal part of our diets because it’s tradition it’s cheap and because it tastes good my diet for 65 years was the sad diet the standard American diet I ate meat and chicken and fish and fowl and lots of butter and anything that tasted good in 2010 at the age of 66 Sharon Kings started to think about her eating habits as the result of a dramatic event at that time I already had been diagnosed with high blood pressures so I was aware of that but having a heart attack was a complete surprise to me [Music] the only symptoms that I had leading up to that was heaviness in my arms pain in my jaw and I would be tired more tired than usual this health nightmare puts Sharon Kent’s in the intensive care unit [Music] during the heart catheterization it was determined that I had 100% blockage in one artery and 65% in one and 75% in the other so there actually was very little options open for me other than open-heart surgery cat will be Esselstyn is an expert in the field of heart disease a well renowned surgeon and researcher and one of the best doctors in the United States today the 82 year old directs the cardiovascular prevention and reversal program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Ohio back in the 1980s dr. Esselstyn had already begun questioning the methods for treating heart disease they only combatted the symptoms but didn’t get rid of the cause intensive research led him to the conclusion our cardiovascular diseases are caused by our eating habits when we look at this cause of heart disease let’s not be confused to blame it on genes or just blame it on somebody’s age or blame it on the luck of the draw heart disease is a foodborne illness and we now know that every time certain foods will pass your lips you will further endanger and injure the endothelial cell capacity to make nitric oxide and öthey lleol cells are crucial to our blood vessels and hearts they line our blood vessels and produce protective nitric oxide and nitric oxide has these marvelous functions of keeping your blood flowing smoothly it’s the strongest vasodilator in the body it also protects you from getting hypertension because it keeps your artery wall from getting stiff inflamed or thickened and most importantly a plentiful normal amount of nitric oxide will prevent you from ever developing blockages or plant scientists know the cardiovascular disease starts with progressive damage to the endothelial cells this is precisely where our diets come in the excessive consumption of animal based or processed foods damages our endothelial cells regular consumption of these products increasingly diminishes the protective nitric oxide supply in our blood vessels this leads to inflammation and a hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels these can have life-threatening consequences like heart attack or stroke or cause arteriosclerosis years of research and personal experience have provided dr. Esselstyn with conclusive evidence that a plant-based diet can not only prevent the progression of heart disease but can also reverse its effects [Music] Esselstyn has successfully treated hundreds of patients with this program that consists of a low fat purely plant-based diet when you’re willing to take the time and have the patients understand the science behind this and they really realize that they have caused this disease by the foods that they beat they suddenly realize that you are empowering them as this locus of control to halt their disease they don’t have to depend upon a cardiologist or an operation or a drug that may have significant side effects they are being empowered to do this themselves [Music] the dr. esselstyn’s help Sharon Kent’s two completely restructured her diet doing away with all animal products she turned down the heart surgery recommended to her by her doctors Sharon Kent’s decided to use food as medicine I [Music] was on it for four weeks and the pain went away in my arms they were pain went away in my jaws and I had much more energy so I took dr. esselstyn’s program very seriously [Music] when Sharon Kent’s was first diagnosed she could hardly walk anymore and nearly two years after her treatment with dr. Esselstyn she is physically fit again and she has fulfilled one of her dreams in 2012 at the age of 68 she successfully took part in a half marathon for the first time in her life I know people are cramped for time but you’re talking about your health if you want to live a long healthy life and be able to contribute something then you have to take care of your body in order to do that you you have to in my opinion eat plant-based [Music] we also consume too much milk and the availability of dairy products continues to crub but do these products actually agree with us after all nearly 75% of the world’s population and 20% of Europeans are lactose intolerance in other words unable to properly digest dairy products dairy products contain no complex carbohydrates or roughage and very few vitamins instead they’re full of saturated fat cholesterol and animal protein when we are young and growing up everybody wants to try to see people dairy products and make sure you have milk every day but the science really now is at a point where that cannot be sustained there is ample evidence from wonderful investigators like T Colin Campbell who clearly showed that casein which is the major protein in milk is really one of the strongest promoters of cancer T Colin Campbell is a world-renowned nutritional scientist in a series of experiments he was able to prove that animal proteins casein in particular promote all stages of cancer growth [Music] in experiments rats were given carcinogenic substances afterwards half were fed a 5% casein and rich diet and the other half 20% 20% roughly corresponds to the amount consumed in Western diets with a 5% casein and rich diet the animals did not develop cancer with the 20% casein in rich diet however cancer growth was stimulated significantly professor Campbell went a step further every three weeks he altered the rats diet so the next thing we did we did some studies to start out with animals here and then just let the cancer start to grow with 20% casing and then we switched it to 5% it went off we gave the 20% back again came back again we put it on five percent it came off so we could turn on and turn it off cancer development just by switching the amount of casein being consumed these findings are also supported by evidence with humans we also know that there’s all the saturated fat and the casing and dairy helps to accelerate and promote heart disease and then we have this whole problem of fractures in the elderly so here we have this problem of increasing cancer increasing heart disease and increasing fracture not a good thing Dairy really should be should be out svw Badescu tiered thus via animation Nika Newton calcium of named calcium is really funny kanakam debilitate this is all osteoporosis wobbling about Onizuka informationally we were happy animation can emit productivity and sighing does dot the austere parole – at their figuring SS balance and dairy also has and there’s good evidence for this it has some allergenic properties it tends to be associated with allergies either directly associated or enhance any allergies coming from another source and so we see things like in the case of teenage boys we get this acne they get this acne sometimes the skin problem a lot of data to do to their consumption of dairy stop there goes away Gary’s a social with migraine headaches I know a lot of people you know have these migraine headaches it’s kind of analogy kind of thing as its acting as kind of an allergy kind of thing you stop that it goes away and it’s very fast the night used to say that was great reluctance because I was raised on a dairy farm I grew up milking cows and then when I went away to do my doctoral dissertation I actually did my dissertation on the idea of promoting more milk consumption so I’m not I’m not saying he said rather negative things about daring for any ideological reasons or any personal races I’m saying in reference to the evidence the data that’s what it shows the excessive consumption of animal products such as meat fish dairy products and eggs puts a strain on our bodies that was also what Frankfurt based physician latte event found in his research my father wrote I’ve entered a smartphone tumor at 9:30 does concept is organized by a Cronkite informally it does ambien in yarns beta by 10:00 because the current is allowed it does this to feel until I was in Danielle karma [Music] T Colin Campbell arrived the same conclusion he has been at the cutting edge of nutritional research for more than 40 years and in the 80s and 90s he directed the Chyna Cornell Oxford project better known as the China Study this is the most comprehensive nutrition study in the history of biomedical research to date it confirmed Campbell’s theory we tend to want to consume protein which means we want to consume meat because that supposedly is strong it makes us healthy that’s been an old story for a long time but in reality as we put more and more protein or meat into our diet we see these diseases start to appear the China Study as well as numerous other studies demonstrate one thing above all the higher the consumption of animal products the greater the frequency of heart disease cancer diabetes and countless other chronic diseases even small amounts of animal products can have a negative effect on our health [Music] the 53 year old electrical engineer Arthur ceteris also became a victim of his diet excessive amounts of meat fish and dairy products the consequences caught up with him my first health issues started about 20-some years ago about 20 years ago when I was about 30 32 years of age I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about ten years later propagated into heart disease my first encounter with heart disease was at age 42 what what I exhibited was just heartburn turned out to be a blockage I went to an emergency room and found out it was a blockage and then it required an intervention and stent that was my first encounter a stent is an implant designed to hold a vessel open Arthur ceteris needed to have five such stents implanted he repeatedly suffered from chest pain and a narrowing of his blood vessels finally he needed to double coronary bypass surgery so I was assured that about after doing the bypass surgery that I would be free and clear of any heart issues for at lease up there were upwards to about ten years that happened not to be the case with me about a year into that I developed in China again and what turned out not done to be the vein graft that they used in my bypass surgery had now blocked which then required another stent and then a few months later another stent so the frequency of those Stein’s then became just two weeks apart the quickly returning vessel occlusions baffled the doctors so Terris left the hospital without hope I weapon I cried like a baby because I wasn’t ready to die and I cried out to God for some options I think God save my life I think it was God’s mercy and grace that actually gave me options and set men put my hat straight and pointed me in the direction of plant-based [Music] you through a member of his church community Arthur Sottero slurred about dr. Esselstyn and his nutrition based therapy he consulted the doctor and with his help he restructured his entire diet [Music] within 30 about 30 to 40 days from that point that in China that was experienced again and the facial numbness that I experienced during my heart disease it was gone and it was then by following this diet of going plant-based within about Florida I think it was five months from that point on when I was doing a follow up with my cardiologist and family physician who has been monitoring my diabetes said that my diabetes was gone and then I followed up at same time in October of 2010 with my optometrist the prescription glasses that I was wearing they looked at them and said why was I wearing these things that all I only needed was just reading glasses so then with the reversal of my diabetes my eyesight got better [Music] Arthur Sottero start condition has disappeared his blood test results are normal and he’s been able to markedly reduce his medication he also lost 20 kilograms of excess body weight I feel better now at age 53 and I did at age 30 [Music] through the years I’ve had lots of students a lot of colleagues plenty of money to do all kinds of research and I found out that what I believed early was wrong that a diet that’s high in animal-based foods is a problem a diet is high in processed foods is a problem many different ways the only solution is a whole food plant-based diet is that clear and when people use that they not only prevent future disease they actually are able to cure existing disease in people who have a disease [Music] if you heat in that sandbox 5,000 execs to diagnose alone clips in main stadium metastar happens iike builded the lymph node environment on there – more water and found the Olympic Norton even files the novel Amira and the chemotherapy and foreign Diaby opulent shut dozen hobby and asked console tear there the high Lama translation method before took which pins i notch laying a foiled open-hearted crepes 5 violation of 10 consume from the ocean for talking for safety harbor on dem consume from France taking photo contain for soccer game harbour over here in air cell indeed in all 100 and in the trouble Arsenal the influence in immersion warps or an ellipse metal Belcher niched a hit sphere on saw and maximum on the air stove and a fighter gave a quantum thus is that won’t minor my Nana probably heard of – fixed [Music] my wife Karen was diagnosed with a serious kind of cancer stage three melanoma she refused to Kate take two chemotherapy she refused to have the surgery then she got really strict about her diet now it’s about nine years later no problem [Music] the frontal him names metals in desert father huffed vanity perimeters of stance minute Halloween deviant additional names minute Omaha police in some bashful ballast of the order of Zika on Terrace lands Mustafa v10 emotions are fairly substantial funding Lansing sainted easy yet from advice hotel Asgard is equally unconscious of anything good thing I have lost our phones because of that are plant-based foods give us sufficient protein and healthy fats they are rich in complex carbohydrates and antioxidants as well as certain vitamins trace elements and enzymes plant-based foods contain what humans need for a healthy diet that’s a bulldog deflation I am in difficult for the idiot because is a human concern actually 51 is flawed we won oh so he wrote me no nutritional colorful after and anxiety keep this kinda interested scope the data of leaked the lower deserts by Bajada and finances president asteroid ozone plan keine the military industry dividend Darwin doesn’t allow therapy uncommon newer uncommon and the medicine industry parody of the pharma industry for the non-common moment we have a big big industry that’s obviously supports the livestock industry and the egg industry in the dairy industry it’s just a huge huge industry and unfortunately they have infiltrated the academic community they’ve also infiltrated the government and I know both because I am enacted a minute that’s been my entire life I see what they do maybe they bring some money to have some research done also in the policy area I spent about 20 years in national policy development you know I was on export panels for the government and so we were doing things and we have committees and unfortunately the industry is so powerful that they in many cases are controlling who’s going to be on the committee’s they have too much money for politicians does this flawlessly God about Fiat equal in football was his knee I was actually raised eating a typical diet and when I was about 22 years old I became a vegetarian and about five years later when I was 27 I went to a completely plant-based diet and that’s been 33 years now I’m 60 years old and it’s been terrific I feel great I have a lot of energy and it’s not just me people that I know who are also a longtime on a plant they started doing great as well [Music] the seismic revolution in health is just not ever going to occur from of inventing another pill or a drug it’s not going to come from inventing another procedure or an operation but the seismic revolution in health can come about when those of us in the healing profession are able to share with the public what is the lifestyle that would protect them from these chronic common and killing diseases and the way we do that really would be the top of the list is to show them about plant-based nutrition [Music] [Music] mmm mention pleasantly mummy a teal about him of mere mention say fly slice thinkin well it’s one second and there’s no fielder mention on Sophie the teal off the planet in the air design doesn’t even make a no-footer guys that’s lesson video at the car the worldwide human population will rise to 9 billion by the year 2050 the global livestock population will double to fifty billion it’s going to get crowded escaped event accomplished this is others beliefs that the same entities are hiding from the land itself once of the Leoben scored loud and sister the Borden’s have stolen the planet in a splint on the essent gonna fuckin finish the growing consumption of meat accelerates climate change and species extinction it damages the soil water and air and it Spurs global starvation appetising vacuum-packed portions of meat suggests none of this most of the grain that’s being grown on the planet is not going for food for human beings [Music] we’re growing plenty of food to feed everyone the problem is we’re feeding most of that grain and the legumes like soybeans to animals while people are starving worldwide 1.8 billion people are starving every six seconds a child dies of malnutrition that’s nearly 15,000 children a day a sign of poverty not for the poor but for the rich only 2% of the soya in the United States is being eaten by human beings about 70% goes for animal feed 28% is going for biofuel these will make them so happy so it’s meeting the hunger of profits not the hunger of people [Music] corne about 10% of the corn in the world is being eaten by humans most of it is going to torture animals I don’t say feed animals because animals did not want to be fed with green doesn’t suit their digestive system so we are talking about a system that is creating hunger on the planet in the name of feeding people currently one out of every three seeds of grain harvested in the world is used as animal feed however industrial nations can no longer produce these huge amounts of fodder themselves thus Europe already imports three-quarters of its animal feed including 35 million tons of soybeans alone mainly from South America the land used for growing this feed does not consist of empty fields but valuable rainforests forced to yield to the monocultures of the agricultural corporations [Music] one of the really shocking things about this desired more and more people to eat more and more meat and to eat it more and more cheaply is the awful effect that it’s having on the environment so whole forests cleared to graze livestock or to grow grain to feed livestock and it’s having a shocking effect on the environment because of this practice over the past two decades roughly twenty percent of the worldwide largest rainforests in the Amazon basin have been destroyed forever globally deforestation irreversibly destroys an area the size of a soccer field every two seconds and this although tropical rainforests are among the Earth’s most valuable treasures nowhere else is there such a rich diversity of species moreover these forests stabilized the world’s climate as enormous reservoirs of carbon dioxide that makes them more valuable than meat [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the operational weekly machete in kilogram flashes name among kilogram were in flashed and interest in it twelfth riots in kilograms see what’s why reminders Malaysia need an auto kilometer when he client pick away name Aaron Connie here Etra not kilometer farm has been stretched David kilogram green flash by the flu which wine is any question distant 20-kilometer di new kilogram Shriner flash to go through five inch by him the in one diluted island at man by taeksoo not come doesn’t a sedan compact kilometer nor does it mention V Flemish really its entity t Haltom is all we offer you commercialism and flash what says as when he was with Kim at wound will told you not to leave Innoko Auto fun iris Ortega now so or vinegar flashes among the side effects of the meat and dairy industry is the production of methane gas it is primarily generated in the stomach’s of ruminants like cattle experts estimate that methane is 25 times more detrimental to the climate than co2 [Music] an even greater concern than methane is nitrous oxide which is nearly 300 times more harmful to the climate than co2 it is released through the use of synthetic fertilizers these and many other factors make animal agriculture a catalyst for climate change there are increased reports of a new drought of the century or a new flood of the century a new storm of the century or the progressive melting of the glaciers and the poles intensive animal farming doesn’t just stink to high heaven the excrement produced is also polluting our soil for each kilogram of meat produced roughly 6 kilograms of slurry are generated among other things slurry releases ammonia which poisons the surrounding air and causes long-term damage to the soil not only that slurry and it’s nitrates also threaten our drinking water of which we need in ordinate amounts to make animal products for one kilogram of eggs 3,300 liters are needed for one kilogram of chicken meat 3900 liters for one kilogram of pork 4,800 liters for one kilogram of cheese a whopping 5000 liters and an all-time high of fifteen thousand five hundred liters are needed to produce one kilogram of beef plant production has a much better track record cultivating one kilogram of grain requires one thousand three hundred liters of water a farmer needs just 900 liters for a kilogram of potatoes and a kilogram of apples barely requires 700 liters of precious water [Music] this entire meat industry has today become a scandal on the planet it should not exist in the form in which it exists to force everyone into destroying the Earth’s resources is a crime against the earth and it’s a crime against our bodies because our bodies weren’t designed for this kind of time [Music] altogether this is a recipe for biological disaster by diversity disaster what a disaster climate disaster health disaster these are from the Lantis of divisions anger is Khatami I didn’t as in the next functional decent is a form least hard part does connect good game he didn’t comfort from NAFTA there are lazy over not so well devised us went emotional take one not oh man we were made to believe that meat based diets are superior to plant-based diets a lie that has been exposed by medical experts again and again and again so what do we need to do we need to bring diversity back into our farms we need to bring harmony back into our farms if to celebrate diversity we have to work with farmers with two noble farmers [Music] is to start realizing food is what keeps the world going food is the energy of the world and we have to know exactly where in that chain we entered so that we don’t do more harm we reduce the harm and in the process we celebrate food is life and life is food [Music] through its way of life the Langer Horst family in Upper Austria exemplifies the practice of farming without monocultures and intensive animal husbandry it’s been running a vegan organic farm with mixed cultivation and permaculture for more than forty years the family grows vegetables fruit berries and nuts and avoids animal-based and chemical fertilizers using green manure plant-based compost rock flour mulch and wood ash [Music] the flattery language of Tatanka taiked the Sui alpha 9m Klein and wolf and Stratton and growth of live in Conan will be verge of nutria hype Ekta on the phone lab and we are in Florida on simply cliche Otunga dusty smoothly and are practically [Music] the man’s a Mook list of a Provost and even wilden’s Altima naturally new Christine Francia cost sweet name eggwin annotate this on annotate Natalie Cole Aleutian provocative awards were done return who negotiated [Music] nature shows us how to solve our problems our personal problems and the ones that involve the whole world we just need to take action if we look at the chances according to human possibilities human intelligence human longing for good decent food I think the chances are extremely high that we could all live on a good healthy organic plant-based diet [Music] [Music] we love the notion of romantic rural life happy animals in a healthy environment well provided for by mother nature it’s really quite tempting to get this meat on your plate but let’s face reality nanotech holder the support in chicken feed cooked items thousand for the holiday the hosta say is a bit too chunky his new motto is he such a lacuna beauty new memory meat is less expensive today than ever before a cheap product about 98 percent comes from factory farms where conditions are beyond imagination rarely in the past has the term industry smacked of a contempt for life as it does today in the intensity a kind of the hot dog vendor tyranny chaos in the video when cuisine so non-explosive product zones middle flags and replace those outer as that style whether ladies they ask about our take admittance earhook smoothly him economist play severe traffic events chickens are by nature social curious and intelligent animals but in the merciless factory farm their lives are reduced to short and joyless agony chicks hatch not in the maternal nest but in the incubator as soon as they can stand they’re sorted vaccinated packed up and sent to enormous feedlot [Music] in these animal prisons they reach slaughtering weight in record time never seeing daylight and under extremely crowded conditions [Music] the normal life expectancy of a chicken is 20 years broilers only live up to 42 days during this brief lifespan they must gain roughly 2 kilograms no organism can withstand such brutally rapid growth ETV names or schnell and give a su thus also the and Vikram des collects can admit con con on living than others of all the mass to know the optimist and under or must first known of of I didn’t post while the Greek masters to name the Greek with Erica [Music] some animals don’t survive this abnormal growth they can’t drag themselves to the feed and water troughs others die of breeding induced cardiovascular diseases they succumbed to stress or fall victim to cannibalism [Music] all these are facts we are often not aware of when eating meat and which the meat lobby is glad to keep concealed [Music] this is a mother sow this highly intelligent and extremely sensitive animal spends most of it’s life in crates in cages hardly any larger than themselves instead of straw they lie on bare concrete seasoned dbms idiotic Angus LinkedIn’s oven and chafing does he Noah 20 presented the middle fold glossy 50 centimeter to work super villain cyst finding and Amundsen Susan strengthen the za one in the modern trine Haltom City and AM such finding passes in the circus [Music] in nature mother sows build big soft nests for their offspring in factory farms however this isn’t possible the showers Farrow in gestation crates confined they are neither able to protect nor care for their young [Music] not long after birth the piglets tails are doctors a precaution against cannibalism in addition male piglets are castrated by ripping out their testicles everything without pain relief because an object’s pain doesn’t matter [Music] [Music] many animals are born weak and capped or sick it is not economical to keep them alive their fate and undignified and cold death [Music] in the agonizing lack of space the immobilized mother cells sometimes crush their own offspring [Music] at the age of three weeks the piglets are separated from their mother what follows now rearing and fattening although pigs can live up to 25 years they are slaughtered as children a mere six months old they spend their brief lives in cramped quarters bu norms require a minimum area of just 0.75 square meters for a porker of up to 110 kilograms [Music] as many as 10% of the animals do not survive these conditions in spite of this only a few people are willing to do without a porkchop or a schnitzel and cattle fair know better many animals spend their lives in narrow stalls the lucky ones in open pens many however vegetate in tether stalls one step forward one step backward that is all the freedom of movement they have a life expectancy of 30 years that something industrial age cattle can only dream of [Music] [Music] our tsutago gives us a reason reason hadn’t antivenom aggressor and mekt convention even a new Congress has met on my sister not make butter that an investor does to make a license or gate or the under machine in act under snitch totally off cut resin varnish and so that you out you know Vegas here doesn’t hear what our military constant infections are one of the biggest problems in factory farms the crowded conditions promote the rapid spread of bacteria [Music] overbreeding a lack of Hygiene and ignoring natural needs put a huge burden on the health of the animals the only antidote the industrial meat producer knows is the massive administering of drugs up to three-quarters of all antibiotics end up in factory farms the sistema theöto missile cranked as st the antibiotic insufficient Venuti will demand is antibiotic erection ability at are taking must not can quench them the sightless fanservice team is in the i gleefully conquer the routine and improper use of antibiotics in factory farms presents a big health risk not just for the animals because more and more bacterial strains are becoming resistant which renders antibiotics in effective if these antibody resistant bacteria infect humans we get sick too but often medication no longer works globally more than 700 thousand people die from infections because the bacteria they have consumed has become resistant to antibiotics [Music] but the animals are not only affected physically industrial farming harms them on all levels scientists in dementia are this kind dear etiquette smash antique Pella ia given being on the other side the skills of all to the quantitative offered intensity [Applause] [Music] having once seen um pigs in one of these intensive farms I was so shocked it’s it’s unbelievable to me that people could treat animals as though they’re just things without feelings and so many people say to me over there they’re being bred to eat so it’s okay but it’s it’s not okay [Music] there’s a lot of animal abuse in research in education in circuses and rodeos and zoos the factory farming is the worst if you summed up all the pain that we caused animals the pain and suffering from industrial food preparation is far greater and all of the pain in any other venue combined so it’s really the worst its it brings out the worst in human beings and it makes animals suffer greatly they not only suffer their own pain but they also feel the pain of other animals at these horrible factory farms [Music] not only our meat consumption promotes the suffering of animals but also our growing demand for milk cows are forced to achieve higher and higher outputs in the 60s a cow produced an annual average of 1500 liters of milk today that amount has risen to ten thousand and more I have quite a few vegetarian friends who consume dairy products and they believe this false idea that their that dairy products are a benign animal product that there’s no harm connected to milk because they figure well once a cow starts giving milk she just gives milk and they don’t realize that cows can’t give adequate amount of milk for production unless they’re pregnant and cows have that same gestation period as humans nine months they’re pregnant hymens give birth within 24 hours maximum 72 hours to take the calf away from your table because you need the milk for production [Music] you know it’s a terrible business I mean there’s more suffering in a glass of milk and you can find just about anything [Music] the Cavs will you know ball and ball ball the the cows will just they look for them cows will often mourn their children for days or weeks they do miss their their calves calves miss their mothers [Music] it’s really it’s a heartbreaking thing to watch [Music] in factory farms calves are being born constantly but they serve no useful purpose and are soon put two different use that say a cow is alive for four years she’ll have four calves just genetic roulette two are gonna be male 2 are going to be female the two males that are no use to the dairy industry they’re gonna go to auction within a day to two or three days after birth you only need one female to replace the model so three out of four calves go to slaughter [Music] we know in our bones that harming mothers who are just giving birth to babies and nursing those babies and nurturing those babies is something that is against our own compassion and kindness and so when we’re eating animal foods eating dairy products that’s exactly what we’re doing we’re paying people to impregnate animals steal their babies steal their milk and then kill them [Music] [Music] I always say to people especially women imagine that imagine that you was pregnant you got your breasts ready to give milk and somebody took your baby away and then you know another animal came and took your milk it’s almost for human beings it’s almost impossible to imagine but that’s what many animals go through and some people think Oh goat’s milk is better than cow’s milk well the goat is also a living thing the goat also produced milk not for human consumption but for the consumption of a little baby goat and that’s who the milk should go to [Music] people wonder whether animals including farm animals have emotional lives and the science tells us that they do if people read and understand what Charles Darwin had to say about evolution he said that the differences among species are shades of grey not black and white so if we have something then they have it too they being other animals so the science tells us that many animals including farm animals have very rich and deep emotional lives [Music] the main thing is that you know these farm animals when you know them as individuals they’re just wonderful I mean there’s nothing like hearing the Wicker of a horse when you come and he’s pleased to see you and the cows chewing the cud and the the sweet breath that they have out in the fields and pigs well pigs are as intelligent as dogs and more intelligent than most and when I was a little girl I used to want to have a little troupe of pigs and train them and go to a circus well now I know services are bad but when I was a little girl you know pigs are amazing just incredible [Music] people want to think that cows are stupid that they’re dumb then there’s slow and all they do is eat grass no they have community they have social structures they babysit for each other they they mourn for the lost of loved ones you know there are their community just like any human community oh they just look different you know that’s all it’s the only difference we just look different they don’t speak their language it’s the only difference we know for example that chickens display empathy they feel the pain of other chickens we know that cows and pigs are very smart they miss one another they love to be around friends cows and pigs are extremely intelligent they can learn very complex tasks so I like to say that the animals who we eat are very smart and they’re very emotional it’s they’re not what we so if there’s an animal on the plate or at the end of a fork it’s who’s for dinner not what’s for dinner because when we use the word who were referring to an animal who has a very strong inner life and subjective life [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so for example when pigs and cows and dogs and cats and wolves play it’s very clear that they enjoyed themselves that they’re feeling happiness they’re feeling very gleeful that feeling a lot of pleasure [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Sheila’s admit Keshava teal is in labor vessel digger fuel up to you I’m sayin venison good kid you see this until around on Saturday keen on commodity like ornaments in good get the teal can’t even come outside / / meeting wrong again [Music] katya kat for every leak of the Milky Way is amana concentrate Hui flash of an atomic Perseid disaster home this fee a mammoth devoid of historic week a void of an elk of a Tony Hawk modest inflicted field organ teammates care the missing an operation is done L Callisto son had some piece monochrome of absolute instant on and if Tracey touch on oxy touch on there’s a kind my dearest TTY function T tonality all this and so no angst example Futaba they liked Osaka red Conoco shrine event and in one back its own Boeing then for the warned the trade name it’s allow from crew for an oil target played the nozzle ring by Boeing fire iron hat pennytrader boyens an event so humble a tacky now as a fast moon or a jacquard for the wait estimated he ever again unless it’s Alice Mitch max does it snitched on us which Turkish Nazis are but that is comma need on a smoking sweetness escape definitiveness Mohammed Ali Javed mass into dealing all to bring its median breaking couldn’t shouldn’t of material for the first rows or the condition of funk is continued me this email Oh Todd this is [Music] everyone is aware that animals have to die if we want to eat meat but very few want to know what actually takes place in a slaughterhouse slaughterhouses have their reasons for not welcoming visitors in large industrial slaughterhouses pigs are often stunned by machine an electric shock triggers a kind of epileptic attack this leads to unconsciousness in smaller operations stunning by electric current is generally done by hand before the animals are suspended from a conveyor and their throats slashed – docklands ich is a though Shirish alpha dimension why did you sign on and the shrine owner and the third son is having flu amongst artists mechanic in no shrine for my clinic in know the answer but in [Music] enlarged meat factories gas chambers or standard practice the pigs are herded into a gondola and lowered into a chamber where they are gassed with a mixture of carbon dioxide in air leaving them unconscious the total is Bolivia’s upon certain hotel beyond Rica’s the total does miracles i capital n canonical tinnitus under eyes they are totally after the services other things does the theater and the Coonskin can safely inside ROM harmful Sunday’s fantasy cool so angular rotation autumn not the terror stream of neuroma hurt nozzles right once they have been stunned the pigs throats must be quickly and properly slashed otherwise the animals wake up and land in the cauldron of boiling water fully conscious this is no uncommon occurrence since the whole process takes place in Jewish find a fish doesn’t sob not to stay here see me you know from second sight at this is Messer Indian heights in such taking that’s who’s of the shrine ah – ah – and father by an sousou-sama imposes you’ll see a moose dismissal I was there I told it Neiman want done since is a popsicle now should like a bio sized a half cock an implicit and analyzer to curriculum I know is hot can occur wasn’t if I say I wish to their prophecy fulfilled that has thus his seizure I am proclaimed through the effectivity tend to drop their off cuz in the key of A mish-mosh rhetoric tryna Lucas relief loans and what I wish poems and for the time house to come for encapsulation grandness and not Mina Eisenstein not matter all fear the society standard as Spanish mama [Music] all pigs can meet this fate animals from organic farms are no exception once it is cut into pieces the animal has finally endured all the agony the industry has to offer [Music] chickens are processed fully automatically and at a high speed on average 10,000 animals per hour can be stunned killed cleaned and cut into parts in a modern slaughterhouse Europe’s largest poultry slaughterhouses in Germany it can handle up to twenty-seven thousand animals an hour that’s 432 thousand chickens a day [Music] the slaughter of cattle starts with a captive bolt stunner which has been standard procedure for decades the animals are driven along a chute into an arab box not every animal goes to its death willingly [Music] anticipatory Box palette we are detailing with animal to have also true spirit is also known as Isis is Wilson you shouldn’t take it to his treatment some party associate on depression that in the later support seasonal won’t sink also in second book time there was loss from play Mataji is as being the truth in history thesis with the spirit in is expand that esteem let’s mimetic evict the number so we not the fish recently tear isn’t in middle life mechanic to talk on the spot even Seattle critters by tan despite associate an eponymous masses of my community built I do feel a capsule from our latest release included I’m a centrist istance packages English guitars so does is done that’s a hit implement Lincoln as T effective to the term when homelessness and dementia and cultivating from Rockman eviction it is so rich degree at home they can operate this product on new direction but in Baker keeps a curriculum of our history keeps constantly the that motion is only to show Wranglers and merciful talisman I don’t forgive with this [Music] no comment on an event aluminum zahana vitamin E vitamin E Mary grant ahead birth wish must kibosh laughing when a tactician destroyed by my income on yeah gotcha cheese nuts at one bar and voted him the trainer was my older mom said she’s a pod in a loft approach awesome music but when I’m I’m chef oh boy rich off this was a hard in the Untied work Nakazato parties even ecologist off talk skill of total the desert no field if we only differences in the desert now to ask you a question Phyllis 2020 vision to Matisse produced initially after [Music] [Music] humans are creatures with many contradictions what is especially paradoxical is our relationship to animals we can adore a pet and at the same time we let other animals be killed without the slightest compassion dr. Melanie joy calls this phenomena carnism carnism teaches us to place animals in categories in our minds some animals we love dogs and cats are our companions our family members our friends for instance other animals we eat carnism teaches us to see animals as object so we learn to refer to the turkey on our plate as something rather than someone and carnism teaches us to see animals as abstractions as lacking in any individuality or personality of their own and instead simply as abstract members of a group about which we’ve made generalised assumptions a pig is a pig and all pigs are the same [Music] carnism says dr. joy is a belief system intended to prevent us from recognizing the violence and cruelty of the system behind eating animals we suppress and deny we ignore our head and our heart when it comes to animals that we classify as edible chews in one animal to eat and one animal to be a pet it is just some people call these speciesism it’s just an the kind of racism the kind of favoritism and it’s a kind of just following a particular culture now what we have to do is we have to build a culture and tradition is based upon compassion [Music] the highest form of living the highest value is compassion and when there is compassion we met maximize well-being after all what the word wealth comes from well-being it did not mean money in the hands of you it meant well being shared across life spectrum [Music] [Music] I think once we admit that we humans are not the only beings with personalities minds and feelings once we realize that we are part of the animal kingdom then it becomes quite as important how we treat animals all animals as how we treat each other and so only when we show respect and consideration and concern for other living beings can we imagine a world that’s more peaceful than the one today [Music] we are at a threshold where across the world people are seeking the liberation of life from this stranglehold of objectification the view that the earth has dead batter and our beings are just objects we have to rise in subject hood of an interconnected subject hood where no life is less important than any other life and human beings are definitely not the Emperor’s over the rest of life are just one strand in that web of life [Music] I think the reason that so many people don’t change their behavior is because they feel what’s the use I’m just one person and so what I do actually can’t make any difference and nor would it make any difference if it was just one [Music] but more and more and more people are coming to understand what the problems are and what they ought to be doing [Music] never ever think that one person can make a difference we tend to focus our energies on looking for leaders say like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi but they were just one person they didn’t set out in life to be a leader and they were very humble people it’s just that circumstances in history drew them to the front but if we’re looking for leaders all we have to do is go home and look in the mirror because each one of us can make a difference and we do it’s just making a conscious decision that we are going to make a difference in our lives we’re not on this planet for a long time so we need to do what we can in a time we’ve got to make a difference [Music] Jimmy Valmer visa be tremendous via artifacts honor alla’ formulators int the default function condensation mechanism a filter and photos I’m so non via well as former genome science from Kingdom science from Havana from : – Schwartz London on elaborate easy Tata that’s real as forbidden on very low tone starts motive earrin dispenser for baby fire [Music] every one of us can make a difference every one of us eats at least two to three times a day and every act of conscious eating of knowing what the consequences of your eating are knowing what you’re eating is an act of changing the world [Music] I think the most important message that I have is to remember that you and I’m speaking to you watching this film you make a difference you as an individual make a difference what you do each day actually is affecting what’s going on in the world each day so your life matters you matter and use your life wire wisely [Music] you [Music] you [Music] I you [Music]


  1. We are very grateful that you shared our documentary with your community! Let's change the world!

  2. Flavor wise, going vegan just isn't an easy choice. And what dressing do you put on your salad? I don't like salty tasting vinegarette

  3. It is not the first movie I watch about veganism. I am amazed of this documentary that made me feel so much 😖 I will become vegan from now on even if I am scared of not having what or the time to prepare my meals 😌 wish me luck!

  4. This is so very sad. I feel sick watching these animals treated this way. I want to hug them and save them all. I’ve slowly taken animal products out of my diet (both for health reasons and because I despise factory farming) and am trying to reduce animal products in the diet of my kids. I hope people will at least consider eating LESS animal products, at least reduce them, as many people eat entirely too much meat anyway.

  5. I had no idea dairy could be a trigger for migraines. No doctor I ever went to told me about that. I really hope eating less/no dairy can help me. Love that these documentaries can always teach me something new.

  6. I am an animal lover I own a pet care company and I’m ashamed to say that I became a vegan after watching this video. Growing up in Poland and then coming to US living with my polish family meat was a natural part of every meal but I cried my eyes out watching this documentary. I feel like throwing up and this has really changed my life and my view of food.

  7. Thank you so much for putting this up. Until a few months ago I was your meat and 3 veg kinda guy. That has changed as I am now a vegetarian approaching vegan. This has cemented that decision. After seeing the cruelty that the for profit industries and government don't want us to see, our table fair will never be the same. Thank you so much for sharing, I have done the same

  8. Wow this documentary is brilliantly done! I've been vegan for over 15 years and I still learned so many things. It is heartbreaking that this is still going on and only getting worse. I love living the plant-based vegan lifestyle and my only regret is I didn't do it a lot sooner in life. Thank you for making this film!

  9. The vegan plant based diet has been a bullshit scam from the very start. There’s no proof that high cholesterol causes calcification in the heart valves. Calcium causes calcification. Sugar and high carb intakes is what kills us, the food pyramid is what made people sick by telling the world to eat 11 servings of carbs a day. Lies lies lies.

  10. Thanks a lot to make this documentary and open my eyes! There are always some facts which are always hidden from public. Thanks for showing. It made me cry. I want to become vegan immediately but my family may not accept. For me, I rather die than creating a demand which will suffer an animal beyond imagination. I hope I can get rid of animal products completely one day. Thanks a lot!

  11. Oh yes. Ripping living breathing plants out of the ground who have scientifically been lroven to feel pain for DAYS after their harvest is so much more humane than just killing an animal. You do realise that they cut down JUST as much environment to plant your soy beans and your veggies and your macha right? And the health issues with meat are because of the chemicals the food industry has laden ALL your food with. pesticides are the #1 thing put on vegetables and other "vegetarian" foods but it's the #1 reason the honey bees are almost extinct. It doesnt matter what the hell you eat because it was all living tissue. You need to have self control and moderation. Dont eat fast food all fucking day and you wont die of cardiac arrest. Learn both sides of this coin because one is NOT better than the other. You really want to put an impact on the message being sent in this video? Stop goinf to the grocery store and buying your shit there. Stop supporting these massive company's who bulldoze carelessly through everything to plant your shit and cover it in chemicals. Plant your own food and raise your own meat. Always ALWAYS know where EVERYTHING you eat came from. If you grow it up yourself there will never be a question.

  12. I wish all these evil farmers and greedy money earning humans who set up these disgusting establishments, just spend even one 24 hours in the same living conditions, in one crate. They wouldn’t last. One step forward, one step back, sitting, eating and excreting waste. All in one place. They wouldn’t last. I hope more people wake up to the cruelty 😭💔

  13. This documentary has woken me! I’ve been pescatarian for 9 months now. I found this film when researching “whole foods plant based” diet, and I’m eager and ready to be vegan.
    For the better being of my own health, all the animals, and Mother Earth ❤️

  14. I'm going to show this documentary to my students. We've been talking about the connection between nutrition, health and animal welfare and this is so enlightening!

  15. I must say this documentary truly touched my soul ❤️
    But after my delicious dinner of baby goat and osso bucco stew. the feeling as I pushed out a few farts and dropped a log in the dunny was so EMPOWERING! I could almost smell the hellish screams of horror of those poor little fellers coming out of my arsehole!

  16. Im so sorry for being non vegetarian til now might be bcoz i did't knew it……but no more from ryt now……..god bless everyone who has put so many effort for des documentry…….

  17. I’m sorry guys But when I eat meat I don’t think of the animals, But when seeing all the awful things they put up with it’s very sad but I’m still eating meat.

  18. No, why, just watching the scenes with the pigs made me so mad and I started to tear up, wow, just wow.

  19. @1:02:29 Dude it already has happened! During an era when a group of humans (resembling yourself) weren't seen as human but property. Families were separated and children taken from their parents. Women who recently had babies were forced to nurse the babies of their owners. This documentary resonates with human suffrage.

  20. Have you guys watched this video or only came here to talk bullshit? I mean fuck, you are freaking told why you get sick and you still rant about wanting your bacon

  21. I'm not vegan or anything but seeing animals treated like that is disgusting. We are the smartest creatures on earth yet we choose to have no compassion for other living creatures just because we can't regulate our growth. We deserve to get hit by a asteroid quite honestly the damage is irreversible to this planet.

  22. These animals should not be breed to die as a food. Our planet cannot sustain chickens and cows in order for them to just exist. Make them extinct and the cruelty stops, and this ‘food’ will no longer be available for humans.

  23. You must blame the Western industrialization for creating this factory farming phenomenon, a spin off of #WhiteSupremacist #Capitalism of Slavery
    The parallels to slavery are so striking

  24. Thank you making this available. Add one more person who will choose not to be a part of this consumption any longer.

  25. If you want this suffering to stop but don’t have the first idea how to go vegan (I used to be the same) this video has solid tips https://youtu.be/YmFO5BHO4YE

    If you’re worried that it’s unhealthy to be vegan here’s a link to the British Dietetic Association saying it is perfectly healthy https://www.bda.uk.com/news/view?id=179

  26. I watched this on October 31st 2018.
    Since that day I became vegan,Heart Disease & Cancer are in my family and I suffer with so much illness, Since becoming vegan I have found my pain is manageable, my inflammation much better, I need to stop the processed foods. I am trying, I couldn't ever drink milk I was sick because of it.
    I'd like to thank this documentary for making me see I was killing myself! it's disgusting that people don't realise because there's No education!

  27. Omg I watched most of it but had to stop when the slaughtering started. My heart is completely broken for these animals!!! The suffering is unbelievable. I was crying so much!! I had to go to the bathroom to throw up!! I never want to eat meat or drink milk ever again!!! I’m thoroughly disgusted in humans!!

  28. i have two friends who started to left meat and eat just vegan. both are much thiner now, both are sooner tired, both are often ill, both are freezing in shadow while i take my shirt off, both can't drink more then a half a beer – otherwise they are speaking languages we others don't understand and both got some sort of spiritual. so far, so good – still my friends.
    what you eat matters – and now watch the premium documentary "what plants are talking about" or "the secret life of plants". you are plant killers (plants who grow indoor in rows or oputdoor on fields sprinkled with pesticides) and you feel nothing because they can't scream, can't cry and don't have those big and round eyes … but they are alive, are fighting for survivor, communicate, think, react, arrange coalitions with other plants or insects, etc, etc, etc. get the fuck off … you ALL are bigot assholes. right?

  29. This is a wonderful message, I took it much more to heart than if it had been yelled at me by a militant vegan. Let this be the lesson that if you want to be heard it is better to talk than yell and show hatred or contempt. I heard you and I now will no longer eat animal products, and I will forever look at them as fellow travelers on this good earth.

  30. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I have been trying to reduce my consumption of animal products (for health, environment, etc), this documentary just encourages me to go even further. Plant based food is the future whether we want to accept it or not.

  31. 12:05 they forgot to mention Milk is full of sugar. It may not have complex carbohydrates, but it definitely has carbs from the sugar. It is a blood sugar spike…

  32. Factory Farming, Meat Eating, it's what the world requires . Factory Farming feeds the world in more ways than anyone could think of, if anyone is thinking of reducing this world's diet to a vegan one, they are truly blind. Sure, it's cruel, but think of the people who are living off scraps of food everyday, taking away the choice of meat from them might as well be their undoing. If you have such revolutionary thoughts, amaze everyone by stepping up and chanting shit out loud like everyone else.

  33. Powerful message. Horribly sad what has become of our food supply, all driven by greed. I am going all plant based foods now.

  34. meat is not cheap lmfao at least not here in canada… the cheap fake meat shit like hotdogs and deli is too processed to eat without consequence, and once you only eat unprocessed meat is where it really costs an arm and a leg. quite litteraly too.

  35. This ill treatment of animals in the industry has been going on for years and should come as no surprise to anyone especially given that profit and production are the only concerns that matter! This does not emphasise the worst of it either, not really by half, when taking into account countries globally. There is far too much food now and far too much food waste as a result as well as health issues that arise from food consumption. It is out of control and there is no stopping it now.

  36. I notice that fish are not mentioned in this film. Presumably fish lead a pretty normal life in the sea until they are caught and so dont suffer the way factory farmed animals do. Excluding farmed fish of course. I wont be eating meat again but fish probably. Factory farming is sick, evil and inhumane. Animals are just wonderful, Gods creatures which must be treated with the utmost respect.

  37. i feel its the carbs and processed crap that is causing dis-ease along with the way we eat meat,yes i am a meat eater.i hate the profit driven mechanised system of the meat industry. i know my meat personally before i eat it and after its had a happy life i give thanks and after slaughter i eat every eatable bit of it,shins,tongue,cheeks ect.i will not buy meat.we now know fat does not make you fat .im a high fat meat eater and a very hard worker and im a lean muscular woman with low cholesterol .i would like to see a world where if you can't kill and dress your own meat then you don't get to eat it full stop,hahahahhahahhaha 90% of the world would suddenly be veggie or vegan.

  38. I this is so inspiring……… I have really learned a lot which I think would help me improve upon my work in my next video at FTY’S NUTRIMEDS. Thumbs up 👍🏾 I love the intro in this video

  39. To enter this world and leave , only ever knowing suffering and "mans"? cold cruel hand is horrifying . Our fellow Animal are healing to our souls if only that can be recognised x

  40. Not all animals live like this before they are made to food you just have to by your meat from the Right places

  41. This touched me. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. And to vegans out there, my question is what about leather products or wool…isnt it the same as milk or cheese or meat, as it comes from these same poor creatures? I'm asking to get educated not to provoke. Thanks

  42. After meeting this wonderful person with a big heart and love for mother Earth she opened my eyes to this we both love animals and i made it my duty to myself to stop eating meat God bless and thank you

  43. it's sad but really? pepole have there opinions and so do I I dont agree the way we use and to this day kill in some parts of the world animles but craving something isint bad or mindless its your body saying "yo……I need some danm meat or greens in here" it's also not bad to be vegan but I hate it when I see vegans attack pepole that eat meat just bc they don't agree with it

  44. God, I want to vomit. This makes me vomit the meat out, I have eaten in the past 20 years. Thank you, thank you so much for opening my eyes. I can't handle it, the chicken, the pigs and the animals at the Slaughter. I want to go plant based now.
    God, I'm shaking, even crying a little. Help the humans see what the are causing.

  45. Stress and a bad diet puts people in the grave or take years off a person's life. People act like I'm lying when I say this. I'm getting myself together a day, a week, and a month a time.

  46. @20:40 – "I think god saved my life" – Religion is nonsensical; it dismisses the hasty intervention and methodology of modern medicine and technology even though it is this that is solely responsible for saving this man's life. God is either malevolent if omnipotent, or an impartial bystander that couldn't care less if you still wish to believe in him/it.

  47. To think, Africans lived comparable lives during the slave trade. I am utterly disappointed at these industries and also myself for being so ignorant. Today I'm changed.

  48. Those dying are the ones who contribute to the horrific and unspeakable torture and pain of animals by eating them. They burden society with their sick bodies. They pee their damn medicines into MY groundwater. With their behavior they destroy the environment.They don't care about anybody else, except their sick and demonic addictions. So, good that they are dying off. The sooner, the better!!!

  49. So powerful. Thank you very much for your work. So many people should watch it to be aware of what's really happening in this world. They'll know more about all the pain behind a piece of meat in a supermarket.

  50. Children should be taught veganism right from the childhood. Let's start a new era of veganism.❤️❤️❤️

  51. What do I do with all the animal products in my kitchen? Give it away or throw it away? No longer will I support these mass murderers and animal torturers. I was a vegetarian when I got married, but my spouse loves meat. I can't do it anymore. I feel physically ill.

  52. I'm vegetarian, And now I refuse to drink milk eat cheese and feel like taking Woolworths th court for rolling me because of products like yoghurt to biscuits and soap. I would be surprised if animal products were in toothpaste!
    The evil bastards.

  53. Wow. The suffering. This is practically worse than what Hitler did to the Jews. Actually, no, it's even worse. The world needs to wake up to.

  54. They are pigs from the meet industry. The goverment or the system is guilty to. How you can have compassion for yours and yours interest only and ask respect. When you don't have it for the rest. Go ti hail!

  55. Ich würde mir wünschen, jedes Tier könnte eines Tages Rache nehmen an den Menschen. Dieser verbrecherische, mörderische, rücksichtslose Umgang mit Tieren müsste sofort verboten werden.

  56. I went complete vegan for less than 3 months. I couldn't do more than that. I lost too much sleep, muscles, and weight. Although it was a great learning experience, my body or brain couldn't stop craving the meat, eggs, etc for its vital protein rich source and juicy taste. I wish I could live my life without meat based products etc, but I can't endure it forever. Sorry, for letting all my began friends and family all down.

  57. I agree that eating animals is not the best way to eat. But these films just turn me off to the message. I WANT FACTS NOT GRISLY EMOTION. ASS HOLES!

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