What's Cocaine Addiction Like? Intense Stories of Use, Addiction, and Recovery (feat. Brian Cuban)


  1. you are an amazing interviewer and this interview is very educational and very interesting. thank you for sharinf

  2. Great content! Your channel is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx_V4QMgAq0, (Jaunt) is very artistic and her stories are incredible. You should correspond with her! Interesting how there is a "recovery" niche, hers is geared more twoards opioids and MMT and recovery.

  3. Man your channel is great 👍🏽. One of my friends I grew up with, he like a brother to me. He struggling with these drugs and your helping me learn a lot about them to help him.

  4. What a pleasure to listen to this man…👍🏻awesome story and he’s seeing life is so much better now👌🏻

  5. Thank you very much for sharing. That takes a lot of courage and I’m really glad you got clean.

  6. CG, you were leading this conversation so beautifully. You allowed this smart guy to speak for himself, yet you asked the right questions.

  7. Drugs are not the answer, they just make you forget the question – in the short term at least.
    I had a huge problem with cocaine after a breakup. I did 3 years of multiple gram a day usage. Almost cost me my life. Fortunately I've turned around and now I'm 1 week sober 😊

  8. You’re a really good interviewer. You’re calm and you listen to your guests, I’ve seen some interviewers and they just talk the whole time. This was a good video.

  9. 2 8 balls a week? I did more than that over a 7 year period never had any issues. Amazes me how people get strung out on Coke, i get the fact everyone is different, but still amazes me.

  10. I've always known the so called Coke is never good for you stuff, but I never heard anyone telling so many detailed and subjetictive information like in this interview. No wonder why it's such a powerful and popular drug. It's so subtle and psicological harmless! To me it feels like smelling carbon monoxide: even though it's killing you inside, you won't believe it cuz you're not even having so much fun out of… 😂 Ive already used it but now I see how pointless this drug is, and I'm not even talking about their anesthesic effects… Man….

  11. Have you ever done n bomb (25i) it’s a ‘psychedelic’ research chemical, if you have what are your thoughts!

  12. I am an M.D., and I have a great deal of respect for Brian. He is a beautiful person. Courageous, honest, humble, and highly intelligent. God bless you sir.

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