What's In My Nursing Clinical Bag?

hi guys so today's video is going to be on what's in my clinical bag this is the bag that I take to my clinicals to the hospital and I pack in here a lot of nifty fun things and important things and so I'm going to show you guys what I carried a clinical everyday well every day that I have clinical so I'm just going to go ahead and jump right in so first of all this bag that I have my clinical bag is from janu scrubs and if you haven't seen my new scrubs review video I will leave that down below just so you can check out I go and more into detail about what your new scrubs are all about and what this bag is all about so it's just this cute little bag it's a little clutch and what I love about this bag is it's tiny it's not a huge backpack it's not a big lumpy purse and it's just compact so I can fit everything I need in just a small little bag so I'm going to start by what's on the outside pockets of my bag so on this side I start off with I always bring a snack to clinical doesn't matter if I'm that clinical for only eight hours of a met clinical for twelve hours I always bring a snack or two so this is just a Kashi like granola bar and so I always bring a snack because you never know sometimes you might not be able to take lunch when you need to and so it's good to have something to munch on in case your stomach is growling the next thing I have are some little peppermints I always carry some mints or some gum around just because you know coffee breath in the morning and I actually personally don't drink coffee but sometimes I'll drink chai tea you know same thing so just I have mints they're nice and fresh and I keep them in my clinical bag on the other side I have as you can see a bunch of pens I always try to carry around a bunch of pens because it seems like no matter how many you bring by the end of your clinical shift you will have zero so bring a lot of pens and right now I only have three in here but usually I have about three or four that I bring with me and then next to it I have a Carmex I just always have chapstick with me wherever I go my lips always feel chapped and so I just keep it car mix in my clinical bag the next thing that's in this pocket is just my ID bag and I put this on before clinical but I keep it in my clinical bag so that way in case I'm running out the door I don't forget it so it's just my badge that I wear you know to clinical but I keep it in my clinical bag so I don't forget it next I'm going to open up my clinical bag and show you guys what's inside of it so the first thing in my clinical bag that's right on top is my stethoscope and again just like my ID badge I usually wear this for clinical but you know sometimes it's really annoying wear all day long around your neck so what I like about my clinical bag is my stethoscope can kind of fold up and just fit right in there you know after I do my assessments and it but there's nothing urgent going on and I don't need to wear it around my neck I'll leave ever put in my clinical bag or I stick it in my scrubs pockets so I always have my stethoscope in my clinical bag the next thing in my bag are my car keys again so in case I'm running out the door I know my car keys are in my bag I also keep my nursing watch in my clinical bag and just like my badge and stethoscope I put this on at the beginning of my shift but I keep in my bag just in case so I don't forget anything the next thing that I keep in my bag is this little hand sanitizer and I don't know where I got this you mean you can get them at the dollar store or Walmart wherever but I keep this in my clinical bag just because even though there's so much hand sanitizer in the hospital and you're constantly putting it on you know if you're going to lunch and you just want to you know put a little extra on just to be safe or you know after clinical shift your hands eyes feel gross so even though it's like all around the hospital everywhere I always have a little one myself just to keep in my bag you know in case after clinical on going to the store or something and want to just reapply just in case the next thing in my bag is um this little lotion bottle and this is a bath and Bodyworks lotion and it is scented so I try not to use this during my clinical shift I may put it on at lunch or put it on after my clinical shift because your hands get so dry from washing them and using the hand sanitizer and so I usually will put this on you know during lunch or after my shift just because since it's scented and a lot of patients can have reactions to certain things just to be on the safe side I don't want to cause them to have a reaction to my lotion so I need to find an unscented lotion that's in a little bottle like this but I have this one in my bag just the next thing I keep in my bag are some little ponytails since my hair's short most of the time I can just wear it down because it's not going to be like in the way of my patients but if for some reason it is I always keep little ponytails in my bag just so that way I can put my hair back it's not in the way if I need to put it back the next thing I have in my clinical bag is my cellphone and so I always keep my cell phone on me I think every person in this day and age has a cell phone and keeps it on them at all times so I keep this in my clinical bag I try not to keep it in my pocket of my scrubs just because you know you never know whose hands it's going to get into don't want it to get into a patient's hands and then they have access to all your information that can be a big issues I try to keep my phone in my clinical bag the next thing I have is just some paper I just printer paper I just fold it up I usually don't have like a little notebook or anything I just have plain paper in case you need to write down notes or especially you know when you go to clinical you usually have like assignments like care plans and stuff you have to do so I like to write down my information on here of course following the rules of HIPAA and not writing down any patient information that you can't take outside the hospital with you if I have an assignment and there's like directions that I can print off I also will put those in my clinical bag as well but I usually have some paper just in case I need to write something down or maybe I learned something and I want to share it with my other nursing peers afterwards and so I'll write down those things as well the last thing in my clinical bag is my license and my credit card so I keep my license in there I keep my credit card in there because when I'm driving and – sometimes I like to eat lunch at the hospital depending on you know if I packed a lunch or not so it's always good to keep either some cash on you or a card on you for lunch or just in case of an emergency so I keep my license and my credit card in my bag alright guys so that's what's in my clinical bag I hope you guys enjoyed this video as you can see by the title this is a collaboration with nurse nurses Channel and he is doing a video on what's in his clinical bag so if you want to get a guy's perspective on what he carries to clinical I will have the link for his channel down below so you can go and watch his video on what's in his clinical bag alright guys thank you so much for watching bye hey guys it's nurse murse I hope you like to ashley adkins video as much as i did if you did make sure to subscribe and leave a comment in the comment section below and if you like this kind of video you might want to see what's in my nursing bag um that my video is more like the male's perspective of how to prepare for clinicals and what to pack in your clinical bag or murse purse as I like to call it so make sure you come out and check out my channel and like I said subscribe to ashley adkins she's always putting out great videos great content and she's just a super cool girl so anyway I'm nurse murse I'll catch you on my channel talk to you soon


  1. Hi I am a new subscriber and I am looking for the clinical bag that you used for nursing school but I can’t find it on the jaanuu page. Please help!:)

  2. Most people: "ugh, I had a four hour shift… I'm so tired".
    Nurse: "…only an 8 hour shift today, yesterday it was 12…"
    Like seriously, people stop complaining. Nurses work so hard and a lot of people take them for granted.
    Thank you so much for what you do. I'm also gonna go to school to become a nurse and I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. I absolutely fell in love with the snake print bag but they no longer sell it 😫 I’m so heartbroken! Do you recommend any other bags?

  4. I know that this was a few years ago, but I LOVE THAT BAG AND I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE! Do you know where I could het it now??

  5. I see your husband is in the military. Can you do a video on military life and being a nurse (moving around, ect)? My fiance is in the navy and i'm about to pursue nursing school.

  6. Oh wow you're at ASU! We're neighbors 🙂 I did my undergrad at ASU Tempe, and I'm about a month in the UoA nursing program in downtown Phoenix.

  7. Love these videos of the clinical bag. Nurse Murse seemed sooooo laid back and relaxed in his clip at the end I started laughing lol. Good vid Ash

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