What’s the difference between Indica, Sativa & Hybrid? – Cannabis 101


  1. What kind of cannabis that have a golden brown strains? It taste like a menthol and has a soft smoke.

  2. I have good medicated weed very high THC content, the King Tut, it's the highest THC strain ,,, then you can take moonrocks as well which is a combination of king Tut flower bathe in live resin and rolled in kief dust contact +1 339-200-9534

  3. **but you can never rely on the consistency and effectiveness, except for the damn munchies, of course**

  4. I've never been a believer on indicas being more relaxing and sativas being more uplifting.

    For me it's more to do with cultivation and the indica/sativa/ruderalis labels being a better marker for growers than the end consumer who would be better off with a cannabinoid profile, especially as many cultivars are hybrids and mixes rather than being a pure indica or sativa.

  5. My favorite strains are sativa, Sourdiesel, Durban poison, and candyland but I do like grandaddy purp and biscotti

  6. I prefer the Hawaiian bud from the late 70s. Sativa I think. It is the kine bra. Good for chillin to music.

  7. Though I prefer sativa, I love all kinds. There's a time for everything 🤙
    Currently cultivating-
    Strawberry Snowcone
    Orange Tangerine
    Blue Moonshine

  8. Its Kind of sad how everyone just trinks that sativa and indica are different things. Sativa is everything. Its like the „the“ before the noun. When you say „the tree“ you dont describe the tree more than saying it is a tree. So Weed is called „Cannabis Sativa Lineus“, which means nothing more than it is a Cannabisplant. So there is „Cannabis Sativa Lineus Indica“ which means it is an Cannabisplant from india, but there is also a Cannabisplant from America, which is called „Cannabis Sativa Lineus Americana“. This is the sort of plant called sativa, but everything is sativa. Please dont trust them. They have no clue. Its Biology, Trust me…. Its not hard to understand

  9. Funny thing is everyone thought there was a difference…but due to all the breeding for indoor grows so that cannabis would survive they are all hybrids and we will never know if there ever was a pure sativa or pure indica…indica and sativa are just descriptors of what kind of high you may or may not experience. People that still use these terms today are laughed at for lack of knowledge

  10. It’s like DayQuil and NyQuil the way I see & won’t get confused 😐 🤭🤣😂 I’m kind of high right now 🤭😂

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  13. Quick helpful tip , don’t take sativa if you have paranoia, sick , at night time because it basically tweaks you out and makes you not want to eat or sleep which is two things I love to do

  14. I love Leafly and love the video BUT I have new concerns in regards to sativa vs indica. Does anyone know who the neurologist Ethan Russo is? He is just one scientist who think we need to get rid of the words sativa and indica because the plant does not always behave or even look like sativa or indica. Just google this topic so you know more of what I mean. I am still waiting on my medical mmj card and will be starting from scratch as to what will work for my health issues. The scientist says the CBD:THC ratio is more important and each individual will have to experiment until they find what works for them. Does anyone have any other info on this topic, if you know what I'm talking about? One can get lost very quickly as new studies come out contradicting what we know as of today. I'm happy to learn as I go. I appreciate any input. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Are there autoflower/Sativa plants? A Sative to grow at home without it teaching great heights? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace ☮️

  16. I prefer indica for nights and sativa for mornings on a typical day. I like sativas for crossfading with alcohol the best. I prefer hybrids for gaming, conversations, movie watching, and TV watching. I like indicas whenever I just want to sit back, relax, listen to music, and do virtually nothing else.

  17. I don't give a frenchman's fuck what strain it is…I just love getting stoned….gang gang….RIP Billy Conforto

  18. Unfortunately billionaires control with misleading information man when people trusted the Government bad things happen!!!

  19. I smoke INDICAS some days all day long you get a tolerance for them but I do try to keep the sativas for daytime use.

  20. Different types of hybrid as well. There are sativa dominant hybrids and indica hybrids. Depending on which has more percentage qualities of.

  21. Indica all the way when I do grow any sativa everybody bitches don't even bother growing sativa's anymore besides I personally prefer indica half century of smoking and still going strong lol

  22. Here's the difference — Indica is….. tying-up your shoes; Sativa is….. imagining the shapes of celestial constellations. Rock on.

  23. They don’t even know, it’s all just what they think. If you think I am wrong, the. What category is A Kush in. (Not an OG as most are not even Kushes anymore).
    What category is A Haze in? Seems to me they will be either admitting they don’t know what the hell they are talking about or they will be adding on a lot more categories in the future.

  24. I realy love who you amercans and canada are make weed legal its realy good . I am from the netherlands here its legal since 1976 but its legal but its ilegal we can have it but cant have it . Under the tabel law . The coffeshop can sell the weed but cant buy the weed for sell the weed . So whare do the weed from the coffeshop come froms . Its beter not to ask haha

  25. Unsubbed because you assholes took black market dispensaries off your app. You're just a bunch of greedy corporate sycophants 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  26. Nope! While Cannabis Indica is originaly from the Indian subcontinent, Cannabis Sativa just means the plant is cultivated. Since Cannabis has already been cultivated in acient times, every Cannabis Indica (even wild growing) has to be labled Cannabis Sativa. The effect of Cannabis has nothing to do with it being Indica or Sativa.

  27. There are three varieties beside hybrid.
    Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis.
    Then the hybrids between those.
    I hate when people don't know shit but talk anyway.

  28. When I was young, we had three basic weeds: Mexican, Jamaican and Columbian. Does anybody know if what we called Jamaican was sativa or indica? It had brown, mottled seeds, it was enjoyable and made you laugh, and was my favorite.

  29. I’ve always preferred indica absolutely love it. Nothing like coming home after a long day at work in the sun to packing a bowl of some GMO then jumping in the pool

  30. Thank you for presenting this type of information professionally and as normal humans. I'm sick of the stoner, tie-dyed looser trying to "educate" me on a subject matter. I can't and refuse to take them seriously.

  31. Indica or Indica dominant Hybrids are my favorite…. Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, & Happy…
    I rarely EVER smoke Sativa but being for the Northeast Sour Diesel is everywhere & effects are happy, euphoric, relaxed… 3 out of 4 of my favorite effects…

    INDICA #1🏆🔥⛽💨

  32. There is no difference u find a uplifting and energetic cerebral creative indica too and a sleep relaxing couch lock sativa
    That's a arbitrarily cateorgysation

  33. In the legal age of Cannabis the only technically correct term is Cannabis sativa.
    Sativa being the latin term meaning cultivated.
    Narcotic Cannabis is now a legal regulated cultivated crop, and shouldn’t be considered Indian/indica Cannabis anymore.

  34. I mostly smoke indica and CBD 💨🖤

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