When are my Problems Bad Enough to see a Therapist? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

– Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday, and that means that I’m on Tumblr and if you’re not following me on Tumblr, then I don’t know how’d
you’d ask your questions. So if you haven’t, find me, Kati Morton, it’s pretty easy, everything, I tried to make it the same so it’s easy to find. But, if you’ve asked your questions using the hashtag katifaq, I’ve searched and found them. And there were bunches of good questions. And I know Tumblr’s very
popular for a lot of you, and I’m sorry that I can’t
get through more questions, but my videos are already long enough and I try to be faster
so that I don’t bore you. But I have five today, as
well as a journal topic, so I gotta get cooking. And my voice is back. ♫ Hello I can sing again, it’s amazing. That’s what antibiotics will do. So okay, question number one. “#katifaq, please answer.” “Have you heard of purging as self-harm?” “That’s what my therapist said about me,” “but when I looked it
up, there’s nothing.” “Am I the only one? Thank you.” No, you’re not the only one. And, To be truthful, diagnostically speaking, so, diagnoses, those
are two separate things. Self-harm isn’t even its own diagnosis. It falls under BPD, Borderline
Personality Disorder, and then an eating disorder. So, if you are purging, and if you are binging and purging, then most likely you have
bulimia, might be something else, I don’t look at purging
as a form of self-harm, unless my client started… they were self harming first. This is just my own experience with this, my own thoughts on this. Diagnostically, like I said, they’re two separate things. So, technically, what
she’s saying doesn’t exist. That’s why when you’re
searching, nothing’s coming up. But, I would say this to a client as well if they used to self-harm, so that was first, and then they stopped. Right? We worked on it and they’ve
slowly stopped doing it. And then instead of harming now
they’re binging and purging. Then I would think it’s a
replacement for the self-harming. To me, it depends on what comes first. Binging and purging in and of itself has nothing to do with self-harm. It’s more related to an eating disorder. But like I’ve always talked about, self-harm and eating disorder
are very closely correlated because we’re using them as another way to deal with emotions, PTSD, things that have happened and things that we don’t know
of another way to cope with. Makes sense? I hope that helps. Question number 2. “When are your problems bad enough” “to see a psychologist/therapist?” I get this question all the time, and you don’t have to have
bad problems to see someone. So, see someone. I know that that voice in
your head is really judgmental and tells you how to do all these things, and you have to be almost on
your death bed or so suicidal in order to see somebody, and that is just not true. I see a therapist. Yep, me. Kati Morton. I see a therapist. I’ve seen a therapist for years. And now, to be honest, I don’t see her every week, I take like, months off, then I’ll come back,
like recharge my battery, I go back out into the world, but seeing a therapist doesn’t mean that you have to
be at the end of your rope. It’s nice to have someone to talk to who has an outside perspective. It can help to vent, it just helps to talk to someone. And our friends are great. And Friends can be another great outlet, but sometimes it’s nice to
get a professional’s opinion. You know? So, go get help. If you’re thinking about it, chances are, you should be
getting some support. Okay? Question number 3. “Kati, while I was at
home for the holidays,” “I feel like all the work
I’ve been doing in therapy” “in the past year went out the window.” Did any of you feel like this, I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. “All my self-hate, guilt,” “just re-emerged as if it was never gone.” “My therapist left a message today” “asking when I’d like to
reschedule my next session,” “but now I feel like I’m
just gonna waste her time,” “and that I can’t go back
or even return her call.” “How do I deal with this set back?” Don’t let the negative voices tell you that all the work you’ve done is gone. Because it’s not. Something that we forget, and that, I even forget. When we go home, like if we’ve moved away, Like, so, I’ve moved away. My mom and my family
is in Washington state, and I’m in California. So, I’ve been down here for, Oh god, like, 12 years I guess already? How old am I? I’m old. So, 12 years. I’ve been here for a long time, so, when I go home, I like revert into like 18 year old Kati. Or maybe, Sean might even say like a
12 year old Kati, who knows, I could be a total brat, but I just turn into like
a weird version of myself, where like, my mom expects
me to check in sometimes, and I find myself wanting
to do the same things that I used to do when I was at home, and I act the same way, and like I turn back into
an old version of myself. And it’s very normal for us
to fall back into old habits, and the pressure of family
and the stress of holiday can make that happen even more. Remind yourself. Do some positive thinking
against your negative. Like that, you know how I do eating
disorder voice and healthy voice? Let’s do this negative set back voice and let’s fight with the positive. And Set an appointment with your therapist because not all is lost, I promise. You need like two or three
weeks of venting time, where you can be like,
what the hell happened? Aaah, it was terrible, and then I did this and then oh my gosh, and then, we’ll get back on track. Right? And we’ll prepare more for next time, ’cause the thing about these set backs, is it teaches us what our triggers are that we didn’t even know existed ’cause it’s at home, right? It’s not something we encounter everyday. And then the next time
we have a get together with our family, we’re
more prepared, okay? You’re not alone, and we’ll
get through it, Right? We’ll get right back on
track, not all is lost. You still have all your tools. Don’t let that voice fool you, okay? Question number 4. “Is it normal to go into
therapy wanting a diagnosis,” “and if you do, is it better
to bring up the diagnosis” “you think you have at
the beginning of therapy,” “or just let it happen if
that’s really what you have?” Of course it’s normal. A lot of us, especially if we think we
have an eating disorder, we self-harm, or we wonder
if we have borderline, if you’ve been watching
a lot of my videos, I know many of you are
playing around with the idea that maybe you have some of the diagnoses that I’ve talked about, bring it up. First session, second
session, it doesn’t matter. Whenever you want. Whenever
you’re comfortable. It’s fine. I’ve had plenty of
clients come in and say, you know, I’ve just been really thinking that I’m struggling
with an eating disorder because of blah blah blah… And they just dump what
they’ve been thinking about and what they’ve been worrying about, and it’s kinda helpful for the therapist because then I’m like, I’m taking notes, right? And I let them see the notes if they want, and I’ll write down like, patient concern, you know, they may have bulimia or an
eating disorder of some sort blah blah blah. It gives me a structure to
know what you wanna work on, ’cause obviously that’s bothering you. Whether or not you get
the actual diagnosis, doesn’t really matter, but it gives us a treatment goal, right? Because you don’t want
to be doing that anymore, or you want to cope with
that better or whatever. So, bring it up. No holds barred. Therapists are, we’re
just there to help you so the more you share with us, the better. Question number five. “Who should be the leader in therapy,” “the patient, or the therapist?” That’s a really good question. “Sometimes I find myself waiting” “for her to ask more questions” “but it seems like she
needs me to say more first,” “and I just don’t know what to say.” “I’m just starting out. Thank you.” It can be tricky at first, right? Therapy is kinda weird. It’s like we’re meeting with a friend, but it’s not really a friend. We’re talking about things, but she’s not really talking about things, I’m the one talking about things. It can be really weird at first. I try to let it flow a little bit. The leader should, actually, in my mind, it should be you, the patient. Now, I’m like your tour guide, and you’re the one that’s like telling me what you wanna see. Does that make sense? I feel like that’s a good analogy. It’s like if you go to the LACMA, which for those of you not in LA, it’s like our museum of art. So, if you go to the LACMA,
and you have a docent, it’s like, I’m your docent, but you come and you’re like, I wanna see the romanticism blah blah blah I heard Degas was in, I wanna see that. You tell me, and I’m like, right this way. So, that’s how it works. If that helps. Let me know. Okay? Now, journal topic today comes
from one of our very own. So, thank you so much for giving this… ooh, I bonked my elbow
and shook the camera. This is a really good one. This is gonna challenge many of us, and I have an actual video on this called, I think it’s need for perfection that I did like, way back, back in the day when I first started. But this is challenging your perfectionism and the need to be perfect. It says, allow yourself
to make some mistakes. A lot of them. Right a journal topic of your choice. Your day, your goal your dreams,
your recovery, et cetera. Make spelling mistakes. Cross things out. Write a little sloppily. Maybe even send… I get so many cards, and thank you so much,
you all are so wonderful, but, you can send me a scribbled out, oops, I made a mistake. ‘Cause I know I get annoyed
when I’m writing a card and I make a mistake, but that would be awesome. I’d like to get some, oopsy mistake cards. Oh, I made a oopsy but
I’m still sending it, and it’s not perfect, right? And, if you haven’t been
perfect, let me know. Let me know how. What’d you do? Did you not line everything up? Did you not comb your hair
a certain amount of times? Did you not do something in the right, the a certain way that you normally do? And then, this is the good part. Check in with yourself after you finish and notice how you feel. Is your anxiety higher, or you have to change it, you have to go back and
re-do what happened? What happened? And what can we try next time, maybe a little smaller version and work in baby steps toward a goal of letting go of our perfectionism. I think that’s a good one. Okay, so it’s getting long, we’re nine and a half
minutes in, oh my god. Okay, tomorrow, Wednesday website and Youtube. So, leave your questions below, we’ll check them and I’ll see you then. Have a good one. Bye!


  1. #katifaq  Dear Katie, for the past 5 years of my life I have suffered from eating disorder like symptoms? Sometimes I will binge and purge and sometimes I will restrict. Lately I've been really crabby and tired, and getting sick a lot easier. I thought maybe it could be my maybe possible eating disorder? The thing is I'm too scared to get help because my mom is battling cancer right now, and I feel like If I try to get help my family will think I'm doing it for attention, and also I don't really think I'm sick enough to get help because it will only last for a couple months or so then go away and come back…please help. 

  2. #katifaq Hi Kati, I've been in day treatment for a while! The group I was in is now over and I'm supposed to be starting a new group next week. There'll be a bunch of people who in don't know, but they all do know each other. I'm so scared, what do I do?

  3. #katiFAQ I've been hiding my self harm from my mom along with my therapy, anxiety and depression because if I feel she knows what's going on for me I'm at more of risk of ending my life. I don't like involving my mom in my personal stuff but with the state I'm in I'm always at threat of my therapist calling her because they think it will help when I know it's putting me at more risk. What do I do?

  4. Around six years ago I was diagnosed with scoliosis and now I have recently been diagnosed with lupus. It's really hard to stay positive and right now I'm finding it difficult to cope, any tips on dealing with chronic pain/illnesses?

  5. #katifaq  How do you deal with flashbacks?  I am having them all the time.  It is so overwhelming and scary and I feel like I go back to age I was when the trauma's occurred.  I end up self-harming or using my eating disorder to try regain some control….this isn't really working for me.  Please help!!

  6. @Kati Morton just a note, when you were answering the first question, I noticed that you pretty quickly turned "purging" into "binging and purging." The person who asked the question didn't mention binging, so it's very possible that they only purge. I struggle with people making the same assumption with me, that because I purge I must also binge, but I don't. The two don't always go together. I just wanted to point that out.

  7. Could you possibly make a list of all the questions that you've answered on your faq's there are some things that I really liked but I can't find lol

  8. #katifaq  hi kati! I have ptsd and find that I hate talking to people anymore, especially my therapist, even though I do really like her. She can tell I have a hard time talking though (I always have), and has suggested that I might be more comfortable working with someone else. I feel like it would be just as difficult because it’s not my therapist that is the problem, it is the fact that I hate talking.. how do I know when it truly is time to try seeing someone else? Or if I would benefit from switching?

  9. You are so awesome and inspiring! I am in university to become an eating disorder therapist and seeing how much you are touching people was a perfect reminder of why I'm doing all this studying!:)

  10. what do you do when professionals don't think you have 'bad enough problems' to get help, it also doesn't help that there is a lot i cant talk about yet, but everytime i try to get help, i always get spoken to like im pathetic or get put on waiting lists, i've been waiting over 10 months now so i don't even think im on one :/

  11. #katifaq
    At what point do you think it's a good idea to consider I/p?
    I've never even been to Iop but sometimes I wonder if I/p would be more useful but how would I know when it's "bad enough" to need that level of care?

  12. Kati my therapist want me to write down what the voice in my head is saying to see if it is truly my ed voice or sh voice. She said it is important I write down the conversations…should I be worried that something else is going on that she isn't telling me? Please answer!! Love your videos

  13. Hello i'm anorexic everytime i try to get better and eat specially during exams i struggle to eat anything or sleep and i throw out my all my food leaving me with just bananas frozen or nothing or coffee i feel trapped and alone i think i'm going to be greedy and lose control how do i get over this?

  14. I think therapy is a different experience for everyone, as different people need different things. Some need the therapist to lead the conversation, others have things already in mind that they wanna work on.

  15. #katifaq  Ive been offered CBT through the local metal health team for depression/SH. I've took myself off the medication I was given and have been feeling a lot better lately. I'm considering cancelling the assessment but I'm not sure if thats the right thing to do as I've only managed 3 months SH free before. and its quickly coming up to 3 months.. thank you!!!

  16. Hey Kati!
    There's something I've been wondering for a long time now. During the summer vacay I slept over with two of my friends and at one point I dumped a whole bottle of pop on my friend. Then I darted outside and I fell down and started shivering. Punched a wall and cut myself with a knife I found in her house. When I'm with my friends a lot of the times I burst out in a hysterical laugh without a cause. It's really embarrassing. A few weeks ago I was with my bestfriends and I didn't really feel that I was "there" I didn't know what to say or do as if my social skills were gone and now I don't talk too much anymore coz I don't know what to say. Also I burst out laughing and crying at the same time and it was really embarrassing, it also happens when I'm at school and I really get embarrassed. It's like I don't have control. Please answer because this is so humiliating.
    Love your vids 😉

  17. I have a journal topic thing 🙂 Be kind, thoughtful and considerate… to yourself. The ones who read that expecting it to end in "others" are often the ones who neglect themselves. Take time out of each week to celebrate your own existence. Go see a movie (by yourself), have a long bath with candles, go on a walk and go as far as you can go. Dammit, if you can get on a random plane and spend the weekend there! Be kind, thoughtful and considerate, to yourself- otherwise you will live in envy for the kindness you can only give and cannot take. See the world for what it is… the world with YOU in it. 🙂 

  18. My best friend asked if I could post this as well, so..
    This was her response.

    Hello everyone,
    name left this page opened at my computer, so it's not her talking, but me. I'm her best friend and I'm talking from her account because I don't have tumblr.. I knew she is going through a lot of things at the moment. I knew about her selfharm too. But I didn't know it was that bad.. When she told me about the self harm I told her that she could always talk to me, no mattter which time it is. And sometimes she talks with me, sometimes with my mom. Because my mom knows a lot of what's going on and is easier to talk to then her own parents.. But I feel like it's not really helping her and name is somehow afraid to talk.. I don't know what I should do and I'm scared of what I saw and read on her tumblr and I'm worrying about her.. What should I do??
    Sorry if my English is bad..

  19. I used to purge as a way of self harm too… I have a BPD and there used to be moments when I thoight I didnt deserve the food or simply wanted to punish myself taht way because I really hate anything vomit-related; I have no history of EDs so ur not alone :3

  20. #katifaq Dear Katie, I don't know if you had noticed one of my post on your site but long story short. A few days ago I had a dream that I cut myself really bad after a lover basically betrayed me. In real life I'm not a cutter but I'm a binge- eater and I was wondering if there was a psychological component to having mental health issues in your dreams that you don't have in real life? 

  21. im a boy age 11 and i like a little girl show its called my little pony sold i love my little pony or not once i tried to tell a frend and he diched me thats why im deprest and think about self harm alot more now 🙁

  22. Kati, what if I have a long lifetime of adult anorexia, PTSD, ednos, anxiety/panic disorder, MDD….and now physical medical problems from many periods of malnutrition,,,,and I make myself believe I am content in bed isolated & I never talk? BUT, I do not worry or think because I am numb?  But, I feel I should go to ER often because I keep a 95 degree body temp & freezing but I am too sick to go?…[email protected] 

  23. How do you see a therapist if you are socially anxious? I can type it and email them a long list about stuff, which then I'm very talkative. But in person, it would be very hard to go through my problems because I am not comfortable with that person yet. I can tell my Mom everything… Just not people I don't know well.

    That's what's stopping me from seeing someone.

  24. Ive always wondered if i had an eating disorder, Because since last year ive just stopped getting hungry. My mom always told me i needed to eat, But i always said, 'If my stomache tells me to eat, Then ill eat.' And then i only end up eating up to four or five meals every week. What do you think?

  25. Hi, this is about the question When are my Problems Bad Enough to see a Therapist? That question always made me wonder a lot. I’m 21 now and since I was in High school I started to be conscious about these uncomfortable feelings from just nervousness to suicidal thoughts I have never told anyone about this, I always used to say that my life is perfect, I have a loving family I’m doing good at school then at college (that is true), therefore there is no reason for me to feel bad, I can’t feel bad for nothing, those thoughts kept me away from saying how I really felt and away from people that could help me. And one day I talked secretly to a Psychologist , she told me, I will summarize, that there are people which brains do not work chemically properly, It made sense to me, but I still got this feeling that just because I have no real bad situation I’m looking for one and that kind of stupid things, and I don’t want to take pills.
    Thanks for you videos.

  26. I can't convince myself that something good will happen I'm 11 years old and tried to kill myself and cut everyday what should I do kati please help

  27. I've told my step dad about me having anxiety and he told me I just don't handle stress well. I don't like talking to my mom or dad about it because they are the cause of it with their custody issues and they don't know when enough is enough and then I get in trouble for being irritable when my mom goes off about how horrible my dad is. I feel used and I don't know how to get it through to him that I need help. How to I tell him when I have panic attacks even thinking about it?

  28. I was wondering if anything I say in therapy will be known by my parents? (I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense)

  29. I just started middle school its a big change the rotations are so fast I cant make a single friend and none of my friends are in my classes, I ask my mom why are none of my friends in my classes she says because they make good grades and i make a's b's and 1 c in math i really try to be happy but this isn't the first time she has made me feel bad about myself and what i do I try very hard and do tutoring but if my own parents cant see my effort then what do i do? I feel like i just want to go somewhere better but… I don't know if i should have therapy I might get bullied or something and my parents might think its "just a phase" and what can talking to a therapist do for me? i'm only 11 no one takes me seriously and i feel lost like i have nowhere to go or to feel welcomed and loved but i feel like an outsider who is anti social and slowly losing inching towards a new life somewhere where i know for a fact i will be welcomed. Thanks for reading..

  30. The shortest possible answer to questions like the one posed in the title of this video is typically the best. In this case, it's YES.

    Try not to overthink that. If you're asking when it's time to seek help, you're really just asking whether or not you already in NEED of it now… and in bothering to ask at all you demonstrate that *yes*, you're struggling with something you feel I'll-equipped to handle on your own.
    If your problems are *serious* enough to SERIOUSLY consider that possibility, odds are that there is something bothering you that you can't quite pinpoint/ make sense of objectively.

    Everyone struggles with SOMETHING, and psychotherapy is ALWAYS a productive and healthy option for resolving it… regardless of how great or seemingly minor the issue. Deciding when that route is absolutely NECESSARY can be done simply by asking yourself if you even know what the problem is- and then, whether or not it is affecting life *OUTSIDE of your own head* at this point.

  31. If you're consistently falling back on specific behaviors that affect your quality of life negatively in ANY way (withdrawing from the rest of the world, harming yourself/ others physically and/ or emotionally, engaging in excessive substance abuse, etc.) then you probably need to consider talking to somebody in the know.

    It *will* take a while to work through the rigamarole and pin-point the true underlying issue(s)… but most professionals can and will get you there so long as you're as honest and forthcoming with them as you can possibly be about what's bothering you. It's far from easy/ painless, opening up to a complete stranger- your subconscious fear of judgement will see to that. You'll eventually find, however, that a stranger's perspective has a way of shifting YOURS. It makes seeing things as they really are and, as a result, what needs to *change* much easier.

    You WILL NOT LOVE IT at first… but you'll be better off, *at last*.

  32. I think I need to go into therapy…
    Warning: if you read something negative and don't want to read about my problem please don't click on read more.

    So, idk how to tell my mom if I need a therapist. My situation is that every night I worry a lot about someone coming in and kidnapping me. I have really bad anxiety about people breaking into my house and injuring me and my family. I'm young and I don't think I should be thinking about this and I've watched videos on how to prevent negative thoughts and I am really big into researching and the videos just tell me to say, "Is this useful?" But that won't work because my negative thoughts kind of are useful. If I'm thinking about ways someone could take me away from my home, I could be prepared possibly. I pray every night for my family and I to not be taken away or injured or killed and it's working, nothing has happened but now since the past two nights, my stomach feels weird and my head keeps telling me it's going to happen soon. My mom knows about my problem but I don't think she knows how bad it is. How do I tell her if I need a therapist??? Idk why but I guess I'm scared.

  33. I don't know if I should ask my mom if I can go to therapy. I know if I bring it up she will ask why, and the whole reason of why I want to go is to talk to an adult that I don't necessarily know so I know I won't get judged or looked at differently from someone I am close to. I could go to my school's guidence counselor, but I've already seen her once, and I'm pretty sure the only reason why she took me seriously that time was because a teacher sent me there (it was for something different than the reason I want to go to therapy now). Some of my other friends have told me that when they went to go see her on their own because of problems they had it seemed to be that she didn't really care. They had felt as if they were a waste of time. Even if I did go to the guidence counselor, what if the reasons of why I want to go are "not worth wasting class time"?

  34. Love this! Being a therapist might make me biased but I think everyone should experience therapy at some point. I just started a channel to share info and spread the word hope my channel finds some success like yours.

  35. I think there was a time that the counselor at school suggested I ask my mom to see a psychologist or a therapist. My mom flat out refused and I felt so horrible. Every time I try talking about how I feel to her, she gets upset. She brings God into it as well. I get how she was raised made her tough, but when I try talking to her, it just makes everything worse. Something weird is that she wants me to talk to her. But I literally can't because it never gets better. I'm glad I can talk to the counselor at school. The only con is during the summer when there is nobody to help.

  36. I've always thought of drug addition as self harm. I've had suicidal thoughts since I was 9 years old. I'm 45 now, the last year or two have been the worst times for this in my life. I saw a clinical psychologist last year and ended up with an autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis and no real work on my suicidal thoughts. In fact my diagnosis has brought me worst depression. I lost my insurance and quit seeing the psychologist. For the first time in my life I've found myself isolating from others, I made up lies to avoid friends and family over the holidays. Really not normal for me but I just couldn't do it this year. 🙁

  37. I have figured out throughout the 9 years of therapy and up to 13 different therapists that you should tell them what you want to work on, that’s why you’re there, right? If you’re stuck, tell them and you both can figure out what to do from that point on. If the therapist isn’t working with you, BE HONEST and let them know. Because the more you work with them the longer you won’t be getting the help you need and maybe the more money you’ll waste. Thank them for helping you out but just tell them you need someone different.

    You shouldn’t feel bad about telling them that because everyone is different and all therapists are different. Some I only saw once and others I saw for a few years and some had to move buildings.

  38. I thought I had a factitious disorder because I really wanted to know what was wrong with me and I had a idea of what was wrong but then I was second guessing and idk where I am now

  39. What you said about reverting back to a younger self when you are back with family really struck a chord! I've been on my own abroad for the past five years and recently had to move back with my parents, and it's so frustrating and confusing to find myself acting so much more dependent and scared to do things!

  40. I like all my letters to look the same way but I’m on a medication that makes it hard to write nicer. It give me a lot more stress when I look at my papers from school and only see scruples with no real form

  41. that judgemental voice in my head just echoes everything my parents ave basically everybody else says around me.. ugh

  42. Please guys, go see a therapist!!! I used to think that my problems are not big enough. But my diagnoses are: bulimia, self harm, anxiety and depression… so.. seeing a psychologist was the best thing i could ever do!
    Love you Kati<3

  43. You don't need to go any faster, your speed is perfect 👌 imo. I appreciate any video you post 💕

    And congratulations for feeling better!

  44. My family keep telling me I need counselling but I don't think I need it despite having depression which I think is controlled well enough with my medication. I'm not sure who's right.

  45. Kati I was born with a brain injury and depression. I have no appetite or very little. I have bad self esteem and issues about all the young family members who have either overdosed or hung them self. I don’t get attached with family members and friends because I am afraid of losing them. Most of the young males have died in our family. My friend overdosed and I tried getting her help but the ambulance didn’t get to her in time. My older brother Chris died of phenomena . So I have had a lot of lose in my life. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist and counselor now. I’m trying hard to hang on but I am really depressed and addicted to painkillers and other medication. Thanks again for letting me share.

  46. 05:50 THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M STRUGGLING WITH RIGHT NOW THANK YOU SO MUCH. It's been like a dozen sessions and i still Didn't bring it up but i'm positive I will in the next session!

  47. Hey Kati, would a eating disorder mean like binge eating and not throwing it up as well? Like your feel bad in yourself and binge eat and the depression gets worse. Is that like a thing? #KatiFAQ

  48. Hi, new to your channel and I've got a question. I've had multiple life changing "things" all happen within a three year period. Each one by itself is a reason to seek therapy. So in other words, each one has so much involved in it. I've placed the call to set up therapy and waiting to hear back. I've reached out because I'm at the point that I'm really depressed, full of anxiety, finding myself mentally detaching from my body & have been suicidal. Sorry this is so long but my question is, where do I start?? I'm assuming they'll ask "so what brings you in? " and even just thinking of that question causes anxiety, crying and physically a cross between my body feeling extremely weighed and punched in the stomach. Do I do time line even tho the"issues" are unrelated? Do I start with the major end results of depression & anxiety? Help. Thanks.

  49. What if my mom keeps telling me that my problems aren't bad enough? I have acted out on my impulsives and it has costed me a lot

  50. I think I should probably see a therapist. I have this habit of shutting myself off from everybody in my life for periods of time, and some other unhealthy habits, but I seem to be unable to open up to anyone, be they strangers or people I've known for a long time. I always hide parts of myself and I don't know why.

  51. Hope I find a therapist like you. You are amazing! I’m on my journey to find a therapist and psychiatrist. I really need it!

  52. Yeah, its great that there are people who get money for listening to you. Because otherwise, nobody would give a damn. At least thats my experience.

  53. i sent an email to my school's counselling service about half a year ago and cancelled the very same day because i felt my problem wasnt serious enough and i didnt feel bad enough to warrant getting help. i just want you to know (if you are reading this), that this video has pushed me to send an email to them again, and this time i really hope i dont back out.

  54. I would probably be closer to the end of my rope if I was seeing a therapist. Professionals are some of the last people on the planet I like to talk to about my problems

  55. So helpful. That horrible voice just prolongs the pain, thank you for the positive outlook on going back after making mistakes, it really helps!

  56. How do you convince someone that depression isn't another word for 'crazy'? My mom has this cousin who talking mess and going to therapy and she and the rest of the family says she's crazy and that I should avoid her. I've been depressed or six years and I want my mom's support but I don't want her to think I'm crazy, or worse, that it was her parenting that made me depressed.

  57. You're old? 😀… you're Beautiful. You can be both though 🙂
    This really freaks me out about therapy… I'm the kind of person who don't initiate a convo… I don't like about myself to stragers… so I prefer someone asking the questions… like that person us determining the steps we'll take to the goal… like an interrogation.
    Creepy 🙂

  58. Wow, it‘s wonderful to see your enthusiasm in all your videos. Seems that you’ve really found your passion and you‘re living it, it‘s so inspiring!

  59. really my psychologist tell me that have to in imporo my self but i really dont want to course my promise never ends

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