When should you chose alternative medicine over modern

– Hi everyone, my name is Ray
Maor and welcome to my channel Now, as most of us live
our very complicated and stressful lives, when someone
finds themselves sick, one must really make a decision that most normal people are actually facing. Which path should I actually
take back to my wellness? The western medical approach,
or the alternative avenues. Now, I personally have
taken both of those. I’ve made some serious mistakes and I’ve learned from them, of course. There was a point in my life
where I simply understood that I no longer need medication
or alternative treatments, but that was really only
after I had a very serious step-up in my spiritual
and personal awakening. Now, we all heard many
many different stories about the failure of modern medicine or that the pharmaceutical companies are only interested in our
money, which is type of true and are not really making us
feel better or for our health. It’s very true and we’re
more and more aware of this. However, there are times
where we have no other option, but to give into modern
medicine, of course. In this video, I would like
to dive into the differences between modern medicine
and complimentary medicine and alternative medicine. The advantages and disadvantages and which one to choose, when. So, stay tuned. (lighthearted music) So many people take complimentary medicine and alternative medicine
to mean the same thing. And, although they are
often grouped together, they’re actually very different. Both terms refer to treatments
like herb or acupuncture that are out of the
medical mainstream, but complimentary medicine is
when these therapies are used alongside with
traditional western medicine, while alternative medicine
is when these approaches are used instead of traditional
medicine completely. So, not many people actually
use alternative medicine and most known experts
actually recommend against it. But, more and more,
traditional doctors actually excepting complementary medicine, which is something that is happening
in the last years. In many cases, the two health
systems actually overlap. For instance, many
traditional medical doctors also practice acupuncture and many major medical centers now offer different complimentary approaches. Some of them are even covered by insurance in different countries. Now, if you’ve seen my
video about adaptation of society called How society
judges, you probably see that a lot of alternative
medicine right now is in the period where society
is fighting it a little bit, mocking it a little bit
and this is just prior to the adaptation of complete acceptance. For instance, if you’ve ever
talked about other approaches with your doctor, you
probably notice how much they make fin of anything that’s not scientific, or anything that
they don’t actually know. I even tried telling my doctor
once about breatharian path and how I dry fast most of my life, even than I ever eat or drink
and it didn’t go good. But when my blood test results came back, they were so remarkable and
it was so much in her face that it didn’t make sense to her. This was too contradicting to
the things that she studied and she was simply unable
to un-program herself. So before we go into the
concepts of left-right, true-false, black and white,
dual type of thinking, let’s compare the different approaches and see the gray areas in between. As a rule of thumb, a more
spirit based individual will look for a holistic
approach to health. Alternative medicine
treats body, mind, spirit and emotions as whole, one package. And a more scientifically based individual will actually trust western medicine and the many 21st century
technology based advances. Today, we see a new type of person. This is a person that is a combined one. Both of them together. Alternative medicine was actually invented hundreds and sometimes
thousands of years ago, like in China and it’s
been around the block. It’s been tested a millions of people and some of it was probably channeled and brought by very powerful higher selves back in the day when society
acted a little bit different. However, modern medicine is at it’s peak. It’s very well invested and
has been proven to save lives. It’s true that it’s more materialistic and therefore takes more care of the side effect itself
than the root cause. Let’s take a simple example, dental. In the alternative, we
hardly have anything to take care of our teeth, the only option is to take some herbs to take
care of the pain itself. In this, for example,
modern medicine prevails. However, to take care
of back pain, instead of just taking the pill,
the right way would be to take a massage and
then on the long term, to take up something like yoga. Which, again, are both
considered alternative or complementary, heal the
actual root of the cause. In some countries like
United States, there’s also the consideration of insurance,
most alternative medicine treatments are not really
covered by insurance these days, although that is slowly
beginning to change, as modern medicine is giving
into different pressures of open minded people that
clearly see the advantages of using alternative or
complementary medicine. Alternative medicine
offers that ability to heal the entire body during
the treatments and at home and without the use of medications. Now, the answer to which type of medicine, one is better can actually be found in how people perceive
their individual worlds. Sometimes it simply comes
down to spirit versus science. We can also see that
spiritual people would prefer a more holistic approach, but will give in when there is no other
alternative, for example we will postpone taking
antibiotics as much ah we can and most will probably not prefer to inoculate their children, even due to strong social pressures. However, if we need a surgery
or something like that, we probably won’t be able to find this in the alternative methods. We’ll most probably do
what the doctors say, even if we don’t like it. And other drawback of
alternative medicine is that the practitioner is not guaranteed to have a certain standard. In other words, like it
or not, doctors learn for almost a decade and get three
degrees to become doctors. In alternative medicine, we
have to hear about someone then we have to test them ourselves, only to create our opinion. The standards and quality
provided by holistic practitioners may be variable and in the
modern health industry, they’re most consistent
due to federal law. And other thing to note
is that the supposed goal of western medicine is to
intervene with effective measures of eliminating the source of the disease. Medicine in the west
breaks down every aspect of the disease or condition that may be occurring in the body. Therefor, it directly targets the disease and encourages rapid healing. This of course is not
true for some diseases where we notice that
pharmaceutical companies arew actually making more money out of keeping the sick sick. This can be said about cancer, that even doctors and
nurses when you ask them they refuse to take chemotherapy or radiation therapy and there are few more examples of this. But of course it’s not black and white and western medicine does aim to kill the disease in most cases. It can also be a challenge
to find a practitioner of western medicine who’ll
actually look at the whole body as a unit and not
just treat a single ailment. In western medicine,
it’s encouraged to spend less time with a patient
and you are less likely to form a relationship with them, which may in due time aid
in healing in some way. In overall, western medicine focuses more on pathology and curing disease, when alternative medicine
focuses on the health and the healing of the whole person. For both treatments
the majority of concern comes from general misunderstandings and a lack of compromise from both sides. In other words, we’re a little bit extreme and dual thinking. To summery, I created the following table that compares both methods. You can also download it form the YouTube description itself. We compare between
modern and alternative or complementary medicine and
in the following fields. The insurance coverage, the goal of the treatment itself, the
different approaches they take, the healer or the doctors themselves, different standards and
quality, the variety of hidden agendas, the seeker or the patients attitude and the price. So my friends, thank you
very much for dedicating your time for the
uplifting of the humanity, for learning about your health and self awarness. You can always find more of my material or the schedule of my
life changing retreat on raymaor.com. Namaste and I will see
you in my next video. (lighthearted music)


  1. As a nurse for 26 yrs I have become so disappointed in western modern medicine, I have seen most doctors treat the symptoms, not the root cause, if a person was truly to stop & listen to their bodies, it would speak loud & clear to them! You are what you eat & drink, so you reap what you sow into the body, simple as that! I am now rewiring the teachings & things I have learned in the medical field, to a holistic approach, I have rarely been sick in my 58 yrs, but 2019 has started me on the pranic, breathertarin path of living, for a full life, not some sub standard way of living existing day by day! There is a way to live, thrive & walk this earth time by Spirit, calling & purpose, I'm on the path, just don't know where it's going, but I'm ok with that! Thanks Ray, keep putting out these videos, use your platform wisely, you will see how far & wide it will go…💜

  2. Excellent video! I appreciated listening to your analysis because you did a very good job presenting facts without too much of your own opinion. Please do more videos on health topics like this! Loved it! Namaste 🙏

  3. Hello Ray, thank you for this wonderful video. How can we communicate with ambitious, achievement oriented people as love and peace oriented people in work environment? I just dont understand. Being nice and having good intentions not important for some people in our lives. maybe you can make a video about it, i wonder your perspective.

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