Where Can Pharmaceutical Science Take You? Jeremy Shonberg

I graduated and then did a year of honours
in research in the labs I subsequently went to Canada to be a ski
instructor for 6 months as a bit of a break and came back and started my PhD in Medicinal
Chemistry I then went ahead and finished my PhD and
went to Germany for a couple of years doing a post-doctoral degree there and continued
doing research in the field I was interested in and while I was there, I was able to go
to a number of conferences around Europe and all over the place and manged to get a Alexander
Von-Humboldt fellowship which is very prestigious in Germany for research Since then I’ve come back to Australia and
I now live in Canberra. I work at the Therapeutics Good Administration,
where I’m evaluating new chemicals and generic drugs to come onto the Australian market. When I was at school, I remember thinking,
I want to do something that involves problem solving At the time I was very interested in chemistry
and I was really curious about chemistry and how it interacted with the world around us and ended up coming into the Pharmaceutical Sciences area just following those two interests
of problem solving and research really followed that interest tremendously. Coming to work everyday to work on looking at new drugs for cancer is a real thrill and pleasure every day. To think that I’m directly helping the Australian
public. It’s a degree that enables you to go wherever you want because there are so many different paths of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Its not just synthesis in a lab, it could
be modelling something on a computer, modelling a new drug. It could be anything, it could be looking at regulation of current medications. There’s lots of different possibilities and
you can do it in all parts of the world. This sort of research is happening in Australia, it’s happening in the states, in Europe and all of that is open up to you.

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