Where Can Pharmaceutical Science Take You? Larry Tsui

After I graduated, I spent 6 weeks doing an internship with Ego Pharmaceuticals After that I applied internally for a position in the stability department and here I am. As a stability trial chemist, I spend my time analysing different products we have at Ego I test the physical properties and chemical compositions of the majority of products we have here at Ego. When I was in high school, I always enjoyed chemistry. It was one of the more enjoyable subjects. I just looked at the courses available at Monash and decided that Pharmaceutical Science was a course I wanted to do. I liked alot of the hands on experience with instrumentation, which is really relevant in the work I do today. I think that Pharmaceutical Science offers a lot of career opportunities .It’s not just focused in the lab, it also offers a lot of opportunities to work in different industries. I think the lecturers are more than just teachers at Monash. They definitely go out of their way to help you connect with alumni and set your path for the future.

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