Which Books To Buy : 2nd Year MBBS

so you guys are infecting your engine I know man I need to check in here people are mostly confused why which books should buy and they generally don't buy I hope forgot your item not water because this video would be that useful to you then alright so you know there are always three categories of people not the top world average and below average kind this in second year I will classify the people in three kinds thank you for the guys who are starting from the first day of school in a college school and then push out after like Forza honeymoon period that sounds people are but I said media to people go for like move naked eyes outta here now then we are going to start after a few months like two to three months so small gaps and then the people who actually start off just before exams of visa for exam two three people the key kind of people who are unwell and then just now I realize that I have booked my three books for almost every subject except pharmacology because Islamic Lodge so first we are going to start with pathology a favor I'll and emotions are ingesting subject if you are able to understand it the first books I happen to show yourself a philosophy by Reuters and Tobias Robin this context actually is like the guidance for pathology but it has a girl good language and it is readable but a kind of lyrical turn into an ETA this book requires dedication a gaffney Yabuki to soothe a benign if you bookbinder half with me for now and it's missing notes banana funny you can't be like one day you came just one day before ending before example in Paralympian I will study pathology from robben know that a water filter water so this is part of the only one I am never taking the courage to take vol.2 after now in France control this is the most popular group for pathological area and motorized most of you guys might all also have spotted can handle language but needs to be studied you see it needs to be studied for example I will be perfectly here for liquid soup but pain and I don't know how to really word menu try kata and Bacharach bTW and I got to the shield a book say for n bondage run last night my recommendation and it sounds table please this is actually a pretty nice book with many nights I go hands-on with all some other song Romans it is a so many like it's not like the cable does for you item 6a c VD Joshi is not like VD Joshi it is question answer type but better then like you have so many nickel yoga up now yet but ok Robin's motion already di and it is quite a thanks book to read follow through nice diagrams but here I grab some journalist there's only noting things a member a net which you have examining daughter attiny chip would you be Nagato s v8 models at I just remember this okay if you are getting any answer than just blood making it again at least I hope the people are the quanta passion so next comes which let Megan Alger honey let's define Mataji it has only two books I have unable to fit a hash three boxes oh this is now more similar Katie the particle and pharmacology and then this actually reversed one and sorry about that this is efficient back to shun bound is actually sampling them for Katie tea party a gap is closing using a singular but only Apple mm universe society much busy if properly remove it so Melanie Elizabeth both end up putting a person like you have to leave you two to three times the language is quite difficult but then there is a book called Sharma and Gemma which languages I hold it is pretty good and you guys can check it out from the library as much as a explanation and trivia here classification Italia as if you want to do classification you can do from you have you should do from KD to the party it is pretty easy then rest of the things and then sandbox way through you can if you are going to study from the file taken I actually come in both the books look it up first you can read the topics from the genre and get an idea what the points are and then go for Katie to the party lastly some stage will be nodes granite with ie10 nodes second it is all about Norfolk you can insured then coming like revenge it has people actually I have spoken generally people need more people who knows devotion so questions I am NOT I mean if you have bought it well and good please Studies on this song as a because is very dry I don't like this book I bought a link and kept it for a very long time you don't even get and then the student favorite Savita is measuring for me language a short maybe VII which to listen the other day leader give me what maybe I and I jumped off a chain so Bob ISA is showing favorite book on the mind walking by and what and then there is my people these adventures of Medical Microbiology by a pooh-bah Shastri because actually used by our micro value staff in SVD and it's unbalanced we bar if someone else is watching this video other than a somebody's willing to pay whatever it is it has color so dialogue so you don't have to buy the tip of a jar micro bag is affected by a minor evaluation all notes are a fixer but that is there is a book called practical microbiology of a visa that at least one English would have energy to so really example anthem is cleaning and it is pretty important open everything so this book has not a question at the moment it has a so many commonly it is a given waiting actually and I is absolutely detailed in alignment so here this can be studied even one bit for example examination but one day before examination with a body that accumulated and if you are if you want a big detail a point-to-point Quique with the veneer studying viruses or the bacteria then they have points morphological inductor scar pathologic pathogens or points or subscribe blood lab time versus point data so you can do that some yes this is that or pessimal cube only okay credo e-book that you were like it till pi t bind or just go through this once and la veta let's be able to stratify at anything if you are so much interested in buying books just go get will angrily American Nativity Papa Melanie hum go actually make minnerath either so you know then there comes forensic medicine never ever ever buy this book this is too worst kind of nightmare we market a give up inevitable this be exactly equal balance because nobody actually is bad into empty but if you are interested then to go like this book this would be liable for the people who are going for MD will become a millimeter width of the determination to allocate the the same strength even it is vitally and I've just got X on a friend and going try to read it straight from a typical it is a fair a pretty readable book with diagrams leather couch photos mania everybody's eyes like photos purchase name look it clip standard array of six eight ten to close cut the photo scar ratio computed at the bookmark Excel about the data but forensic medicine clearly best okay is using also the staff comes so if you want to study foreign simulation like a if you're studying forensic medicine two to three weeks before the exam then it's okay but one day before exam please Eskimo typical menu would be homogeneous being a fire McElveen final value life cycle with Bernal this is the exam shaver is SKL SKL des indes s single so this is the book is the point to point their arrest to the back saying that IPCC so IP here anyway you have to you should keep the book handy bhai PCs are liked by back across so you can buy them again


  1. One book I recommend you for microbiology… That is "clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple". This book is more student friendly and easy to retain than baveja or ananthanarayan. Please check this one also πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  2. I bought apurba shastry after watching this video. Thank you. It's very good. I finished my second year now. Can you suggest books for 3rd year?

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