Whitney Calkins, MD, Family Medicine Physician – South Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

(inspiring piano music) – Hello, I’m Whitney Calkins and I’m a Family Medicine Physician. (inspiring piano music) I think the patients benefit
in an academic medical center because of all the access to
the brain power, honestly. We have so many specialists; we’re all working together well. There’s lots of research going on. It’s a constantly growing,
evolving, changing environment. No one’s allowed to get stale here. We all are on our toes;
we’re all up-to-date. (inspiring piano music) My relationship with
patients is definitely one of a team approach. I can’t just tell them to
go out and do something, ’cause I’ve found that doesn’t work. They need to be engaged in it. They need to want to get better as well, and then things will work well. (inspiring piano music)

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