Why Alpert?

I came to Alford medical school because of the community I distinctly remember coming during second-look day and just meeting so many warm and inviting people it's a pretty special place in that they do not foster this kind of stereotypical cutthroat environment medical schools it's a tough long experience the staff and the people and the students here are so engaged and warm and happy and genuinely interested in like all of the various things that could be going on with you besides your medical school training I particularly love my classmates I think Brown does a great job of crafting a class from people who've always known they wanted to do medicine and students like me who weren't quite sure until later on in their careers and that brings such diversity to the class everybody has different backgrounds different interest and I learned so much for my classmates Rhode Island's unique where it's easy to meet a lot of people and people are actually collaborative truly collaborative not even within the school but across schools – I think the scholarly concentration is one of the biggest assets that Albert Medical School has because it really allows students to find their their home so for me I'm very interested in health disparities in caring for underserved populations so I'm part of that scholarly concentration everyone who comes to medical school really wants to succeed academically I just thought that the medical students that I met here really were invested and passionate about serving the larger communities really caring about societal issues this is a place that wants you to follow your passion and if your passion is research or just making sure that the culture of health and well-being and wellness is maintained here at AMS there's support for it I came to medical school I didn't expect to have time to like the city I was in that Providence you can take full advantage of we call this the creative capital of the US and I think that's really true you can really get out and see a lot of things between RISD and the art performances downtown a lot of really great restaurants and breweries it's a lot going on a profit I've been able to take advantage of a lot of things on the University campus I mean one of the fun things that we do a lot is participate in intramural sports the med school were really big competitors and we and we love our sports we get to sort of mingle and meet people from throughout the university a small point that I think gets undersold Brown is the only Medical School in Providence that gives you a lot of access to diverse patient communities all the faculty who have endless experience and advice to share with you and they really do have the time and space and of course interest to be able to share it with you so here like Apple Medical School there's definitely competition but it really is a competition within yourself you feel like this is a place that's pushing you but it's not pushing people against one another I wanted a place where I would really be excited to go into this career that I had chosen something that you can enjoy and really revel in and the quality of education was just extraordinary when I walked in to the building I really realized that it's so genuine that they really believe in nurturing me as as a medical student as a future professional but also in allowing me to explore how I feel about my commitment to medicine and this is a very value driven place I know it and I know that other people share those values too for what it means to have a better future and I think here at Brown we can do all that you

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  1. Are they interested in the pigs being killed? Alpert Medical School of Brown University is using pigs to teach invasive procedures to its emergency medicine residents, in violation of federal law. The vast majority of emergency medicine residency programs in the United States and Canada use only human-based methods.

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