Why alternative medicine fails with autoimmunity

Hi, I’m Dr Datis Kharrazian and I want to talk to you about why patients fail with preventive and alternative medicine, that suffer from autoimmunity. And really the main reason is because the practitioners that are treating them don’t really understand autoimmunity, and they simplify auto-immunity as just being leaky gut. They simplify autoimmunity as just being heavy metal toxicity, or they think it’s just
some random infection, and they then put a
patient on one supplement after another supplement
after another supplement, and then they try to
do chelation with them and they really, totally miss the whole clinical game. So the clinical game that’s affected with autoimmune disease management is first to figure out which autoantibodies are involved, where the target proteins are, and what part of the immune
system is dysfunctioning. It’s not all about leaky gut. You can have disregulation in T cells and B cells and regulatory B cells,
regulatory T cells. You can have a chemical binding two different target proteins. You can have dendritic overactivation. You may have intestinal permeability. You may have a combination
of these events. There’s a whole list of things
that are actually involved with autoimmune disease management, and the simple model of just
having an autoimmune protocol, or just having every
person as autoimmunity, just assume that the gut’s dysfunctional and have that treated, or assume they have chemical overload is a failing model. So one of the things that we’re
gonna talk about and teach in the Kharrazian Institute
autoimmune disease course is we’re gonna go into how to properly work up the
autoimmune disease patient, but also how different autoimmune
disease mechanisms work. So you cannot be protocol-based when it comes to autoimmunity. You have to really get in there and look at all these
different types of mechanisms. And then as the clinician that’s in the preventive medicine model, you have to realize what’s
realistic with prognosis. It’s so critical that you
don’t just give a protocol, but you teach them how to
recover from a flare up, and what our missions is for the patient to
understand the prognosis, to how all these thing work. The end of the day, it’s
a non-curable disease, and what we can do in alternative medicine and dietary and lifestyle model is to help them be in a remission state for as long as possible. And then also help them
recover as soon as they can when they get a flare up. So these are the key things
that are important to us. And this is one of the reasons why I think many healthcare
practitioners fail when they work with autoimmune disease. They really think if they
get their chemical load down that the autoimmune
disease is gonna go away, or if they just fix the leaky gut that the autoimmune
disease is gonna go away. And if that’s the clinical mindset, it’s 100% guaranteed for clinical failure. So anyways, hope you can join me in the Kharrazian Institute
autoimmune course, and we’ll be going over all these different
important clinical concepts and treatment applications. Thank you for your attention.

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