Why Anna Akana Needs Therapy

(Anna Akana) Wow that makes me really upset no it
doesn’t well yet yes it does no it doesn’t okay what is up everybody this
is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
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I’m doing the video on Anna Akana today she just made a video about anger and
I’m like oh that’s cool so I want to kind of dissect her video and try to
offer you some tips try to unpack a little bit and dive a little bit more
into why Anna Akana is awesome but first before I do that I’m gonna do my little
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anger alright anyways I’m glad I get to do another video on anti Kona some of
you who’ve been subscribed for a while you know that I’ve been asking you like
who do you feel are the most like mentally healthy youtubers and Anna
Akana is definitely someone who keeps coming up and I was recently introduced
to Anna Akana and I don’t know much about it but I’ve
watched like quite a few of her videos trying to catch up and she’s amazing she
is awesome so overall our discord server huge shout out to everybody who helped
me out with this I said hey let’s enecon have been open
about therapy in any of our videos and I asked for some clips and you got sent me
some amazing ones like this oh hey do you mind if we talk later oh yeah of
course okay I’ve been in therapy for the past decade on antidepressants off
antidepressants and just fully immersed in the world of mental health for quite
some time so yeah one of the reasons that
anakata is so mentally well and that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own
struggles but she has tools to overcome them is because she’s going to therapy
and I hope this inspires others to try therapy by the way real quick if any of
you want to have fun with me in the comments watch how many people leave a
comment without watching this video telling me Akana does go to therapy I
saw that in my Gabi Hanna’s video that was titled similarly so I think it’s
gonna happen again in this video anyways let’s get started and if you’re like me
and you tend to have really bad boundaries you’ll often find that you’re
resentful of yourself and others because you’re often in situations you don’t
want to be in and the thing is we only have ourselves to blame I mean bad
boundaries are learned but good boundaries can be relearned and it
starts with taking responsibility for your actions and emotions so sexy right
there that is that is such a huge point okay it’s so big because there’s so many
things that can cause poor mental health right like we talked a lot about trauma
and abuse or just even biological conditions are clinical depression or
sometimes anxiety disorders or other disorders right like bipolar but there’s
so many things that are in our control and one of the things that I keep trying
to teach you guys is you know with so many things outside of our control when
it comes to our mental health we need to hyper focus on the things that we can
control so what an icon is talking about this house would probably cause a lot of
our own problems like for example in my book rewire your anger there’s another
plug for you I have a chapter called my quit making dumb decisions right like
what Anna’s talking about is that there’s so much we
due to ourselves that causes our anger issues alright and it’s difficult it’s
difficult to talk about this because some people who are just kind of passing
by not not at a certain place in their journey yet a lot of people take that is
like victim blaming right when we tell you to take accountability and
responsibility for you know your mental health people say it like you know like
oh this was my fault and that’s not what we’re trying to do people like Anna
Akana people like myself we’re trying to teach
you to empower yourself and realize how many things that you’re doing that are
causing different situations in your life because if you can identify those
and work on those I promise you I promise you that your life will get so
so so much better because what I always try to teach people is it’s a lot easier
for you to fix you than it is to try to fix the rest of the world around you
boundaries are these weird invisible and symbolic fences that are meant to allow
us to protect an assert or authentic selves and they’re in every facet of our
lives I know we fear being rude or people not liking us or being viewed in
a certain way so in the moment it’s easier to violate our own boundaries and
say yes to things we secretly don’t want to do so yeah this Clips right here and
it is explaining how our lack of setting boundaries is causing a lot of our
problems and I can identify with that a lot see so most of my life I was a
people-pleaser any of you who are children of alcoholics just so you know
one of our common symptoms is being a people pleaser a lot of people who had
abusive parents we can be people pleasers there’s a lot of psychology
behind that trying to please our parents from their love and all that kind of
stuff right so people-pleasing can typically mean that we don’t set healthy
boundaries we say yes a lot so what Anna’s talking about in the
point of this video being about anger is is that I know in many situations that I
would say yes to people I would say yes I would say yes the things that I didn’t
want to do right I would over commit that would cause me to be stressed
because I told everybody yes and my schedule will be packed and I knew I
just wanted to watch but I said I’m running around doing favors for
everybody right but the issue is is that we get mad at other people right and
that is ludicrous that is absolutely Chris think about for a second like
where do we get the right to be angry at somebody else because we have poor
boundaries you know what I mean and I get it and in a minute we’re gonna talk
a little bit more about why we don’t set boundaries but it’s important to at
least identify this so I want you to think about how many situations in your
life where you’re angry at somebody else because you didn’t set a proper boundary
with them and this could be friends family members co-workers it could be
your boss you know like I know many times I would get mad at my bosses
because I kept telling them yes and then I would get angry and say oh that give
me so much work even though they gave me the option and I took it right because
what I’m trying to let you all know and remind you of is many situations and
many situations you have a choice all right and and I had somebody tweeted me
something and I won’t dive into that but there’s always there’s always a choice
okay there is always a choice sometimes the choice might get you fired but there
is a choice nevertheless all right because sometimes you might have a boss
who keeps asking you to do something but really telling you but at the end of the
day you do have a choice on whether or not you work in that place so remember
like a lot of this is so you can empower yourself so you can start making
decisions that will improve your mental and emotional well-being I mean you’ll
know when something isn’t sitting right with you don’t bulldoze over your
intuition because you’re afraid of a little confrontation it is possible to
assert yourself without being a dick I love that part I love that part right
there because so much so much of us not setting boundaries is that a fear right
like something that keep trying to teach you all its equipped caring so much
about what people think and what she’s talking about it’s like like set
boundaries without being a jerk about it like we could do that we can do that and
that’s something that took me a long long long long time to learn because I
get very sassy some of you who are familiar with tough love Chris I can get
sassy right but some of my sass is setting a boundary you know what I mean
so like for example if you didn’t want to do something you can kindly say like
no you know that’s just not really my thing
but you can thank them for inviting you you
what I mean like be you know a dad you know
sober dad I like to hang out I don’t like going to too many social things I
live in Las Vegas and hardly ever go out like people come to visit me in Las
Vegas like usually I try to stay away from the strip you know and I have no
problem setting boundaries where people like yellow eye that’s not really my
scene I don’t like doing that but especially as an addict an alcoholic in
recovery like sometimes I tell people like no I don’t really hang out at bars
you know what I’m saying so like we need to do those things but we always like
one of the ways that I personally balance that is I always thank people
for the offer like thank you for inviting me thank you for you know
putting that out there I really appreciate like I tell people I
appreciate that you were thinking of me when you invited me to this thing all
right and in most cases in most cases they’ll completely understand so if you
find yourself randomly upset check in are you needlessly over exerting
yourself are you saying yes when you really mean no are you letting someone
just take over what you want and if the answer is yes get excited to have a lot
of uncomfortable conversations because the rewards are worth it right there
right there I hope you guys rewind write that down and memorize it okay bye this
is a healthy checklist to keeping your in your brain I made a video a while
back about setting boundaries with people but it had like 10 or 15 things
this is a very short simple list that you can use right so in any given
situation this is why I try to teach you all to it’s like start meditating
practice mindfulness so you can pause right like I have a friend who over
commits so much and they get angry at people right but it’s because they say
yes immediately like they say yes and then they tell me they’re like oh my god
I got to do this I can’t believe they asked me to do this I’m like why didn’t
you like take one second to pause and ask yourself right maybe if you’re
somebody who is not great with time management keep a calendar so when
people ask you if you can do something like check your calendar and say yeah
like there’s calendars on every single phone might just check it out and say oh
I’m doing something that day or hey that’s a really busy day I know with my
channels growing I am trying to collab with a lot of different people
I love promoting small creators I love working with other Creators wom fan
and all of that right but I have to set down shoes with them like sometimes like
I have to say oh hey sorry I’m really busy that day hey sorry I can’t do the
collab that day you know what I mean there’s so many times that I have to set
a boundary like that and part of it is so I don’t over commit and I look at my
schedule and see what else I have going on here now when it comes back to the
fear the fear that we have right so not only do I tell you to quit caring so
much about what people think about you I cannot I cannot emphasize this enough
okay I made a video a while back that was called quit blaming others for your
feelings but I will repeat it right now you do not have the power to make
someone feel a certain way alright let me repeat that for the people in the
back you do not have the power to make someone feel a certain way alright so in
the same sense that we’re talking about how you know we caused our own anger
when we over commit the things and we don’t sit up healthy boundaries it’s the
same thing if we politely decline an offer or we always set up a boundary to
protect our own mental health and they get upset with it that’s all them that
is totally on them if we know that we’re coming into that situation and we have
the motives and the intention to be asked kind as possible because sometimes
you know we are fallible and if we came off like a jerk or if the other person
perceived it as a jerk go ahead and apologize right but as long as your
intention is never to harm right and you learn from your mistakes
you cannot make anybody feel a certain way so quit taking so much
responsibility for the way that other people feel right let’s think about that
for a second why do you think you have so much control over how everybody feels
if it was that simple why don’t you create world happiness why isn’t
everybody happy since you have the power to make people feel a certain way you
see what I mean like when we phrase it like that it seems a little silly so
just remember when you set up boundaries if somebody feels a certain way
typically that’s on them and they’re gonna have to work on that themselves
the same way you and I are trying to work on ourselves all right
but anyways anyways I love Anna Akana so so so much I’m glad I got to make
another video about and if you guys want to keep giving me
suggestions of like mentally healthy youtubers I think I’m gonna do jenna
Marbles sued maybe even Jenna and Julianne but a lot of great suggestions
have come up but in the comments down below let me know let me know how are
you with boundaries can you relate to what I was saying are you afraid to set
boundaries because of what people think can you relate to what I’m saying about
like are you afraid to set boundaries because you think you’re gonna make
somebody feel a certain way alright let’s have a conversation down in the
comments below because I guarantee I guarantee that you are not alone in this
situation alright and just a reminder just a reminder my ebook rewire your
anger is out but if you get any t-shirt or hoodie from the rewards so merch
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  2. What if you want to set a boundary, but you can't because the person you've talked to either always interrupts you, never lets you finish before they insert themselves, or just won't listen, or something like that. My mind would say, "Well, then you need to remove that person from your life if they won't listen," but what if you Can't get away from that person? Like, if they're a family member or you're living with them and maybe you're not old enough to move out or something, ect. Have you done a video on this type of thing? [Love the videos on boundaries btw, they've been helping a bunch. /) ]

  3. Jacksepticeye did a few videos with Kati Morton, but my favorite is when they sat down and talked about burnout https://youtu.be/Ye8H81RZI1E

  4. This is like an end of the year recap for me. My therapist got me to learn that people aren't responsible for anyone's feelings. When I first applied this teaching after I had a panic attack from feeling ignored by my roommates, it didn't go over well. Even though I said it wasn't their fault I think they kept thinking they were responsible for my panic attack which made me feel responsible for their discomfort. It was an awful feeling. Once I realized this it made me a lot more healthier and more empathetic. I'm nicer, but not a pushover. I recommend listening to the podcast Unfuck Your Brain for more on this. She explains it so beautifully.

  5. Oh my God, YES!! How did I not think of her when you first asked?! She's a LONG TIME FAV of mine ❤ Her journey is just so amazing and inspiring. For anyone who doesn't know, one of her life goals is to be the "kindest billionaire" 🤣 💗 her

  6. I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE PART AT THE END where you gave advice for setting up boundaries! I confronted someone today about a small issue and then the whole day kept thinking how i behaved like a jerk

  7. How can you work on having good boundaries when you have social anxiety?
    I struggle with that a lot also while being in a certain life situation where I can’t be out and about whenever i want to

    The problem is that 1-it’s not a one time thing, my feelings could change from time to time, sometimes i get impulsive and think it’s okay but then realize i put myself at risk and moved forward in a relationship with a person I don’t really like that much or is not the kind of person i wanna hold close to me, and freak out because i let them in too soon
    2- or i get too anxious and mess it up with nice people, like feeling crippled while I’m with them or even cancelling at the last minute

    I’m in a better place now regarding this tho, i get to calm myself down better and actually have relationships but I’m still at the beginning of forming these relationships and i really don’t know what is the next step, I focus a lot on hanging out than texting or calling, which is stressful more than facing them irl

    what do you think?

  8. Regardless of the positive content of the video I really don’t agree with the title. I don’t know how to put it but it just makes me feel very off (sorry not very good putting this down with words)

  9. Love this one, especially the point about how everyone has their struggles, and by going TO therapy, we’re choosing to overcome them and improve our mental health.

  10. I set a boundary with my mom and I won't go around her and only talk to her when I feel well and not until then and I can only spend maybe five minutes on the phone with her and then I start to have a panic attic ..she triggers me so bad

  11. I get an F- on setting boundries I royally suck at it, and I think its mostly because I dont know how to deal with confrontations of any kind I get the same grade on those with a big dose of panic/anxiety attack thrown in just for fun….

  12. Listen mate I know you are trying to do this for the greater good but I’m starting to feel that you are overstepping the boundaries of the privacy of these YouTubers I think you should either ask them
    For consent or give them anonymity to some extent. As someone who has suffered with mental health issues I can think of nothing worse than that to be broadcasted to the entire world. just my opinion and I mean you no disrespect

  13. I think I have an unpopular opinion about therapy. I was started in therapy as a 4 year old suffering from some serious trauma, as a punishment for regular childhoodbehavior. I think since then it makes it really hard for me to be honest in therapy. I normally learn as many skills as I can from classes and therapists when I have gone, but I have always needed to apply them to my own life alone. Is anyone else like that? Are there any other alternatives I can try that might work better for men? Any ideas would be helpful

  14. When you said that people cannot make other people feel a certain way and explained it with great examples, I was finally able to understand it. I first heard that from my communication professor this semester and I did not get it at all. I thought that if you say something, how someone else reacts was caused by what you said, but you made me realize that the way they interpret what is said is what causes their emotions, not the content of what you said. People are in charge of their own emotions. And it really hit home for me when you talked about the intentions behind it, because that makes all the difference.

  15. i have definitely had the worst boundaries ever for most of my life. The past few years i have been learning to assert myself and not immediately jump to compromising my own well-being to serve others. I do have some glaring blind spots and that would be my boyfriend and my brother. My boyfriend has anxiety and plans not working out really upsets him. When he gets upset i get really worked up and feel like it's my job to make him stop feeling anxious. And when i can't i get angry. It's fucked up but i can't seem to stop doing it. I try to stop doing that but then i go too far the other way and just say, sorry that's happening. And then he gets angry because i don't care enough.

  16. I have very poor boundaries (working on that) But I have a question; I got married recently and I wanted my best friend to be there with me from the start (You know, makeup, and hair) she refused because she wanted to sleep more and would hate to carry things around, also telling me that my wedding was not as important as I was making it to be. I cried for a whole day, but I wonder if I was the one not understanding her boundaries

  17. I made a small post in the FB group yesterday about boundaries. As someone who has constantly let their boundaries be violated for most of my life, actually setting boundaries and holding onto them has made me feel like crap. It's just a part of breaking that conditioning and remembering that boundaries are good for me, like my therapist says. Gonna go check out Anna's video now because I think it'll be super helpful.

  18. I just found your channel today. LOVING IT!!! I've been learning psychology, self help and spirituality for a long time to cope with childhood traumas. It started when I wanted to jump off a building when I was 17 due to a loss of a loved one. Since then I'm doing my best. Anna Akana is also a good role model of mine. I feel her. We both keep teaching ourselves these things, yet still have complications coping with it as well.

    The suicidal thoughts came again this year, after 11 years ago. I completely took a break from office jobs and try to freelance from home, and moved to another less busy city for my mental wellbeing. I think that's the best decision I made so far this year, surrounding myself in a less chaotic environment. It's scary financially, but I do believe, if my head is at a better place, I'm more likely to find better options to make a living.

    I'm glad I found this channel, because you're that voice that reminds me of what I already know, but maybe forgotten. I truly appreciate that. And I have learned to accept that it is okay to relapse every now and then. I just don't have to make it worse, and respect myself enough to know what's good and what's not good for me. Thank you. : )

  19. I don’t know why, but every time someone asks me for a favor or anything I usually just say yes as more of an instinct than an actual answer and when I actually think through what I just said I’m too embarrassed to take it back. Like, I literally do it without even realizing it. Pretty often I found people with my stuff and when I ask them why do they have them they usually answer things like “I just asked you for it and you said yes”. And even if sometimes I simply don’t want them to use them I already said yes even if it was by accident and I can’t take it back. It’s like when someone asks you something but you didn’t understand and you already asked them to repeat it twice and you don’t want to ask again because maybe they’ll get pissed at you or just tell you to forget it so you just answer with “uh huh”. I mean, I know it’s not my fault if people get upset but it kind of is if I’m coming out in a disrespectful way, and even if it’s not on purpose maybe I am coming out as rude to other people? How do I know if the other person won’t take what I’m doing in a bad way?

  20. setting boundaries is something i struggle with a lot. same reasons – alcoholic and abusive family, ptsr and etc. but it's not the fear of upsetting people or of them not liking me – i finally have no problem with being mean/people thinking that i'm mean. it's just the whole "deep down you know when something isn't sitting right with you and just scared to say so" isn't true for me. maybe the habit of supressing my own needs and emotions is so deeply integrated into my skin that most of the time i genuinely don't know how i feel until maybe days later and that is the frustrating part! sometimes it's like "if i say yes is it me being spineless or do i geniunely want to? and if i say no is it because i just don't feel like it or is it just an attempt to isolate myself like i used to do?" and the answer is "dunno, we'll see in a week when you'll get a sudden wave of rage at 1am because you've found yourself at the situation you just realized you didn't want to be in to begin with and now you're somehow upset the other person didn't know you better than you do yourself". sorry for rambling it's just i've made a huge progress in the last 3 years or so but trying to reconnect with my emotions feels like a dead end.

  21. I think I have solid boundaries for all of my newer friends because I’m more mature and self aware now than I’ve ever been.

    With my childhood relationships that I’m managed to keep up until now, I have boundaries that I’m aware of but my friends are not.

    I’ll be somewhat dishonest in my explanations for why I’m hard to reach and “busy” because when I was younger, I was more resilient and less knowledgeable of why I found socializing so exhausting or whatever. So I would label it as whatever I thought was a fitting reason not really knowing why, otherwise, I’d force myself to be social.

    All that to say:
    Now that I know myself, I find it difficult to suddenly explain who I’ve discovered myself to be…
    For my boundaries to make sense, there has to be a reason as to why they’re in place. —So I don’t expose them even though I should. I owe it to my childhood friends…

    but it’s so easier to shroud the boundaries in a fog, whilst they’re still visible, what they protect is invisible.

  22. There's an ad on your video from someone called "the people's chemist" who is telling people to get off of their antidepressants because they cause violence and suicide and that depression isn't a chemical imbalance of the brain. He's promoting a book called "over the counter cures"

  23. Definitely need this video today. The place I work is constantly pushing boundaries. I have taken steps try and establish and enforce some new boundaries between management and my department and I have yet another boundary to establish. My struggles is following through on things like this because I’m afraid of the fallout. But this video helped me to remember that I need to protect me and mine despite what may come because if we aren’t okay, then the place I work won’t be okay. Whether management recognizes that or not is up to them.

  24. I was a people pleaser when I was younger, nowadays and after years of therapy I've discovered that I'm terrified of people not liking me and abandoning me. So I usually say what they want to hear and if I have to turn them down or disagree with them, I feel a big sense of fear and dread.
    I don't yet know why this happens but it's something I'm trying to work on, even when someone has done something bad to me and I get mad at them, even if I have a legit reason to be mad, my brain somehow tries to turn it around and blame me just to check myself in case I'm either going to make a full out of myself or get hate from this person. And this happens with everyone, even people I don't even know well. It's extremely annoying because it's so hard for me to just not care if someone dislikes me and since I deal with black and white thinking (even when thinking about myself), I often feel as though people will think in black and white when it comes to me.
    The only people I know will be there for me even if I turn down an invitation or even if I disagree with them or get mad at them are my best friends who I regard as my chosen family. They are amazing human beings who support me (while also holding me accountable for things and being honest with me even if I don't like it sometimes) and I love them to pieces. So… yeah, I'm going to try and find videos of you talking about this issue with fear of abandonment and how to deal with it and with not caring about if people like you or not (not in the sense of being an asshole but in the sense of being free to be yourself hahaha) and if there aren't, please please please make a video on it. I'd love to hear your thoughts and tips on how to manage this thing, because more often than not I find it hard to control. Thanks!

  25. My counsellor taught me HALT. If i seem to be upset stop and check myself.. Am I hungry angry lonely or tired? If so.. Take care of myself and then go back to the situation 🙂

  26. Just seen ur video for the first time damn where u been all my life? Thanks for bringing everything to perspective! Gona binge watch your vids; ps I just applied two boundaries today.. spoke up for myself got the point across but still being tactful. I'm so glad I did rather than sit and let it stew for days.

  27. yep. this is KEY. Not feeling OBLIGATED or what have you makes things all the much better.
    Life's short do what you have to sure. But do what you want to.
    Other people often have their own motives in mind & you have to be able to learn to block out certain things/energies

  28. I am HORRIBLE with setting boundaries!!!! Accepting and doing shifts at work even though I had a night shift and in general (as you said) doing things I dont want to do. I would get so angry because I had the feeling that people are stepping over me or using me even though it was my fault because I let them. Its such a self destructive behaviour. I‘m so thankful that I can go to therapy bc it made me realise that I‘m a people pleaser and why I am a people pleaser. I love your content so much! You give great advice coming from someone who is diagnosed with depression u helped me a lot 🙏🏻

  29. This guy deserves so much more followers. The amount of education he provides on mental health and emotional awareness is insane and needs more recognition. So many people could benefit from this.

  30. Anna's point about boundary-setting actually changed my life a little… it's amazing how just a small realisation about the various freedoms you have as an adult that you may not have realised before can really improve your outlook, your happiness and your wellbeing. in the past few weeks, whenever i've been in an uncomfortable situation, I've just reminded myself that there is nothing forcing me to stay there other than my own fear of appearing impolite. And that's not worth my discomfort and emotional turmoil. It honestly makes you feel soooo powerful, calm and self-possessed when you finally realise that NO ONE can make you do something you don't want to do. If you don't like where you are, you CAN walk away. It's completely up to you.

  31. Love Anna's channel for this reason, i think i need to check in with myself a bit more. Just discovered your channel i think just in time

  32. I like what you said about setting boundaries with parents. I try to with my mum but I find it so hard, especially because she's a single parent and I'm the only girl child, she relies on me a lot and a lot of the time I just do things to please her because I'm scared she'll stop loving me or I'll be a disappointment. In the past she used to shout at me a lot and tell me I'm not doing enough as her daughter and still today I get anxious that I'm not doing enough or being enough. I don't get shouted at anymore but there's other stuff she does that I think is quite emotionally manipulative but I'm not sure. Anyway, thanks for the video! I love Anna Akana loads and I'll sub to you now 🙂

  33. My best friend's fav phrase- "Awesome! I have to check my calendar" I'm so thankful I learned to not overcommit from college psych. I'm terrible with time management & was a fearful person.

  34. I know about clickbaity titles n all but I think using that as clickbait for the people who come for drama is discrediting the people who already are in therapy and working on themselves. Anna in this case …

  35. I don't know if Anna would even agree with the assessment that she is one of the most "mentally well" YouTubers. She just recently revealed that she was having suicidal thoughts for months and didn't even tell her therapist about them despite all the therapists she talks with.

  36. I watched the video because I was like "really? Even someone like Anna Akana gets criticized?" but now that I see you agree with many things she says I'm like "that makes sense now" 😂😂.

  37. One time, I was working retail and having a bad mental health day and tried to do my job avoiding most people because it was really draining and they kept calling me up to do a thing that wasn't really my job and I told the assistant manager I was having a bad mental health day and couldn't do it.
    She literally told me I didn't have a choice. So I clocked out and left. I quit the next day.

  38. I unsubscribed Anna because her videos became about her mental health. I'm not interested in being a therapeutic outreach for someone. I don't think its healthy to publicly display all your health issues on a regular basis. It's a kind of narcissism that seems to be more prevalent. I'm glad she encourages people to seek help. That takes one video.

  39. I have a classmate who is very nice and friendly, but very touchy feely. I hate being touched but also anxiety disorder so it's hard to assert myself. I tried to indirectly tell her to stop, I mentioned that I hate when people touch me and she responded with "I know right? Why do you have to put your hands all over someone." I was dumbfounded, how can someone lack self awareness that hard?
    I'm gonna tell her to stop when school starts again

  40. Oh I love this! I have watched Anna Akana for years now and not holding yourself responsible for others feelings when you set boundaries is such a relief if you think about it.

  41. Hey she makes funny video gets alot of views I bet she making a boat load of money and laughing all the way to the bank in therapy who knows maybe just says that for the videos if she is ok fine

  42. My mom needs to watch this. (I’m not being rude to her, she really has a problem with boundaries and anger related to that.)

  43. Anna lost a sister to suicide; that affected her DEEEEEEPLY (anger, hello) and she talks about it quite often. She basically HAD to go to therapy to deal with it; add that growing into a young adult after her sister died, just dealing with life. Life can be HARD. Great videos, sir.

  44. My therapy includes chopping wood with an axe, punching bricks with muh peenus and having hardcore sex while wearing sunglasses in a room full of mirrors.

    Don't need no sissy talk about emotions!

  45. I don't really see what I gained from watching this video. It feels like he's just saying what Anna said but just adding on some blabber. It would be nice if he made his videos more scripted he keeps repeating himself. He didn't add anything useful onto what Anna said at all. On top of that the title is so negative as well as the thumbnail all for a boring ass video

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