Why Are Brain Tumor Second Opinions Important? — the Penn Brain Tumor Center

– If we go up a
little bit higher, what you can see is. – I’m a big believer
in second opinions. There are very few
things in our field that require an
emergency intervention. Brain tumors typically
occur with a seizure, or a headache, that
can be managed, and you’ll get an
initial opinion, but you want to get
a second opinion. Maybe just to confirm what
the first doctor said. But maybe to hear about
what other possibilities are available to you. We look at the imaging
that you have already, and the diagnostic workup. We might be not confident
about the diagnosis. There can be situations where
what looks like a tumor, is actually not a tumor. We may think there are going
to be more imaging tests that are going to be important
to make a better decision. – We’re gonna be looking
here on the side. – [Donald] If you wind up
hearing the same thing, then you’re really reassured. And that’s important. Even if you don’t get
another recommendation. But maybe there is something
that’s available here at Penn, that might not be available
at another institution. – Not every place has
every option available. You may start at a place
that has limited research, or has limited clinical trials. You go for a second opinion,
and you may find out, wow, that’s a clinical trial
that really fits my needs, and something I wanna
get involved in. – We’re gonna
get you in fast to get that second opinion. It’s not gonna be a process
of waiting weeks and weeks. Because we understand
how anxious you are about this kind of condition. – If you come to Penn,
we will take your situation very seriously, analyze it, share it with my colleagues
at the Tumor Board. Look to see if we
can get a solution to a specific problem,
based on all that’s here, and all that’s available,
and our expertise. – If you’re diagnosed
with a brain tumor, you want to get it
right the first time. If it were me, I would
definitely want another opinion. (gentle orchestral music)

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