1. This is a very good talk by a cis doctor, but intersex isn’t on the gender spectrum like she said. Thanks for being a positive influence on behalf of the trans community.

  2. When One goes against what you have between your legs you know you have a Mental issue..these speakers learned how to speak but are confused themselves.sick mentally.

  3. These people should be Shot.they harm those poor gender confused sick people by saying they normal and ok.its others that must change……lololololo shame for these Idiots.

  4. When a trans(x) goes to the doctor just be blunt.. I was born a (x) with a thing but I got it removed or added and I got some work here and here… That's it.. Be clear… Makes it much easier; no confusion; only truth…

  5. God doesn't make mistakes. transgenders are mentally ill and drs aren't really helping them with their dislusions

  6. This doctor is mentally ill too, but transitioning is big business. The end game is to abolish the idea of male and female, or destroying the human body.

  7. Hello, My family doctor was male , I switched to a lady doctor who understands ME. ( with help from other nice women . . .

  8. There are no such things as 'trans issues'. 'Leah' is a man and will always be a man Stop lying to people.

  9. she did get some major things wrong about trans people but im glad someone is speaking up about this topic

  10. Because transgenders are sexist idiots. Doctors know more about the human body then you. get over it!

  11. Treat them for delusion like every other doctor would. This women is part of the problem!! Worst thing to happen to the world…. liberal women!!!!!

  12. People who believe they are a differente gender have a mental disease. I can't believe there are so many professionals who believe this is not being delusional.

  13. He she and it are the ONLY pronouns I am willing to use. Any offence is your own mental problem. It is correct English and given X and Y chromosomes it is also biologically correct. Feelings do NOT change facts…
    As an educator of English for over ten years I am offended by the disregard of facts.

  14. Fun comment section. 😒 I just really don't get transphobes (as well as homophobes) at all. Why does it matter to you if someone wants to transition? It's not your body. It's not hurting you. You just seem so ridiculous getting so worked up over this.

  15. I can totally relate to this. The first doctor I saw to get HRT wanted to give me estrogen. My second doctor is more understanding and wants to give me testosterone but assumes I want to go on full dose, when what I actually want is to start on low dose gel. We'll see if I can talk him down at our next appointment.

  16. Why? … maybe because if you are honest and truthful to your mentally unstable patients, you will get fired and publicly ridiculed?

  17. This is how. People are. Rude. Look, Doctors are meant to help them. I am one of them but. Why must they reject about it?

  18. I was told that many times .
    what do you need , I tell them in pain, busted bones that are obviously busted and the doctors would know I'm trans yet , he and she would say , what do you need , next , go get an HIV test.

    I have been kicked out of the ER and the police where trying to get me medical help after I was run down by a person that was trying to run over me do to they found out I was trans .

  19. Goofy stuff you can't change who you are. You can if you're delusional pretending to be something doesn't make you that the American Idiotic

  20. Are you only allowed to choose your gender if you have gender disphoria or can you turn into whatever you want because why not

  21. If you're reading this and you were let down by the medical field (as I have at times), just know that you're not alone. It'll be tough, but you will get through this hurdle (and many more) and find your peace. Please hold on…

  22. Only 2 Sexes and they correlate with gender. These people are no longer medical scientist they are emotional scientist.

  23. You are a wonderful human being. God bless you and keep you. A lovely voice that was so lovely to listen. Keep up the good work.

  24. we are made in YHWEH S image Male and female the female came forth from the man thats what makes her female and woman for she came from the womb, mother earth didnt say hey Im really male,,she keeps on reproducing as mother earth,,,,sodom and gamorah is what we are talking about here,,,,,,

  25. the doctors are so scared of me. many they ask me way too many questions when they realize i'm trans give me weird looks or just.. it's hard to explain

  26. It’s time for humanity to go extinct. God should let some other animal become sentient. One that doesn’t try to deny being male or female despite literally, biologically being male or female. Like…I don’t know…ANY ANIMAL ON EARTH EXCEPT HUMANS?

  27. What I am afraid of is being fooled by a trans person. Nowadays you can hardly identify who is a real woman or a real man, very scary when you're dating. Some of them "pass" and lie through their teeth to make you believe that they were born this way. How about telling the truth so that people can move on with their life and start a family? Very dishonest community!

  28. …for the same reason a auto mechanic will not try to fix a Boeing 747 that was fitted with Volkswagen engine….?

  29. People should focus on facing reality and not run away from it. I don't want to be old, I don't want to be poor, I want to be attractive. You want to get rid of an organ that regulates your hormones. Yeah that's not crazy at all. You can believe anything you want just don't count on people to your delusion. Is almost like religion. Don't force to believe in Allah or Jesus.

  30. Omg ted talks u are terrible. These people are sick this woman is pushing a sick idology and many psychologists would not agree with this woman.

  31. Exactly, I hear alot of 'look in between your pants if you're confused and you'll realize that your a female.' I haven't come out yet, but can imagine my dad saying that to me.

  32. What nonsense. A man is a man and a women is a women. You can't change it. Only a small minority are intersex, who can choose. The rest is people playing dress-up.

  33. So even tough you feel like the opposite gender, does not change your anatomy. She is obviously not a medical dr. As the great Ben Shapiro always says “ the facts don’t card about your felling”.

  34. Everyone is trying to blame physicians, both for the assignment of gender and bias in treatment. There is no evidence that physicians or the health care system is biased. Using correct pronouns is not medical treatment.

  35. You is she trying get convince everyone of dislusions destructive behaviour hope God forgives these people

  36. I think encouraging doctors to use the proper pronouns and educating them to feel more confortable with trans people is wonderful. However, an attempt by activists to compel by law every citizen to use these pronouns is scary.

  37. She did a great job! She's very good at explaining these concepts in a digestible way, I hope to see more talks from her in the future

  38. This theory that endocrinologist are prescribing hormones because it's profitable is puzzling to me. These are generic substances that are fairly inexpensive in the US, and doctors can specialize in other areas of medicine that are far more profitable.

  39. The doctors held her up and "based on her genitalia" she's a boy? Seriously? How dare those doctors call her a boy! That's crazy talk… Oh wait… That's not crazy. A boy thinking he's a girl, that's crazy.

  40. I believe the best think you can do to learn more is to ask the specific individual. Be honest and admit that you don't understand or are confused and want to understand the individual better. Tell them that they don't need to answer if they would rather not, and then ask your question. It's best to have that person answer than to try finding out elsewhere because only that person knows themself best.

  41. I found this video because I experienced something uncomfortable at a doctors office today. Not the one who is overseeing my transition but a different one. The office people were so nice and accommodating but the doctor was the one who said something off color. This helped me realize compassion for doctors as well.

  42. Is it because they are human and therefore make mistakes such as misgendering someone, and are afraid that a trans person will report them for accidentally misgendering and they will end up losing their licence?

  43. How is prescribing estrogen to men considered “HRT” when they never had elevated levels of estrogen? I’d like a rationale.

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