Why Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

My name is Justin Fish. My field is occupational therapy, and I’m attending JCC. I love OTA. I love JCC as a campus. Why I chose OT … is because I love the health field, and with OT we look at people more holistically. We don’t just treat a disease, we treat the person as a whole. We try to keep people at home and work with them that way, and that was more interesting to me. The most rewarding thing that I’ve found in this field is working with an individual for just a short period of time and seeing the progress within them. It’s just so rewarding that someone can either do something new that they’ve never done before or learning something that they could do before and they can’t do it now and just motivating them to do it again and you get to work in a fun way. I think occupational therapy is an evolving field. I think that’s why males going into OT field is crucial because there’s not very many males and there’s different types of people, some that will respond to a male and some that will respond to a female. So don’t let it create a stigma that it’s female -based. The biggest thing is advocating for your career and there’s opportunity out there for males. That’s why I chose occupational therapy.

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