Why Choose UCLA? | David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA – Shaping the Future

I had a patient who had never been to a hospital had never seen a physician never even been to a medical clinic he had no exposure to healthcare so seeing me he was really I was his doctor these moments billed over time this kind of feeling that you're getting closer to having someone's life in your hands the typical student that comes here is someone who is passionate about patient care and wanting to help but they also have high aspirations we love that because you can create opportunities for them to gain skills and leverage that enthusiasm and launch them off to do amazing things I chose UCLA because I wanted a strong research institution that had a really wide variety of clinical opportunities both to work in the county setting as well as in tertiary care center like Ronald Reagan Hospital I decided to come to UCLA basically because of its commitment to social justice they're just an immense number of volunteer opportunities to really get yourself out there in the community and kind of gain exposure firsthand a lot of the health disparities that many people in LA face the sense of community I think was one thing that drew me to UCLA the faculty here the administration the students they're all very dedicated to your learning experience and everywhere that you looked I felt there was some source of inspiration our students are some of the most energetic and they bring to that environment and enthusiasm that really does invigorate the environment as soon as I stepped foot in UCLA med school like there's an extremely strong community I feel like on the whole they're just incredibly interesting people over time you develop a really good core group of friends in medical school they've really helped me grow as a person help me get through Medical School but also help me just get through life you'll be hard-pressed to find a more supportive environment there's so many people that will help you get to where you want to go it's so easy to find a mentor to it's so important when you're in medical school to have someone to look up to someone who you see the way that they practice medicine but also the way that they live their life I was involved in a lot of research over the past three years and I really credit the UCLA staff for finding out what interested me and then connecting me to the people who be best able to facilitate and cultivate that interest for me it was a clear importance to kind of take the summer to do a research program that also addressed issues for healthcare disparities and underrepresented communities in medicine they're out there they're in mentors lab the lab could be the community the lab could be someplace here at UCLA big lab could be a number of different places where the student is out there working in the place where work is being conducted we get to have our rotations through Cedars which is a private hospital and then Reagan where you see the most unique patients that you probably won't see anywhere else and then all of you and hardware which give you more of the bread and butter of Medicine having patients that were homeless so you know patients that were reading The New Yorker it's just like how could these two worlds be so different and you know having a role and being a medical student and medical professional in both these settings is really cool and just mind-blowing we different Los Angeles is an amazing city and it was exactly what I was looking for when I was choosing for medical school sometimes people say that you actually never have to leave the campus and I think it could possibly be true you have a variety of places to work out there's also plays that you can come watch nearby there's a museum directly on the campus so really if you didn't want to leave you don't have to the new medical school building is really exciting we have some really interesting spaces in the building we'll have clinical skills practice areas will have problem-based learning classrooms and to the students delight a wonderful student lounge area on the top floor the thing about the David Geffen School of Medicine is that we know we are the best Medical School in the known universe but we also have a hunger to try to go beyond that to make a difference in our community to really go beyond what traditional academic health systems have done I think if students are looking for an education that provides them with kind of the best of all worlds this is the place to be you


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  2. I imagine the students of this school will be very disappointed to discover that UCLA Hospital only cares about profit and does not care about patients at all. I'm sure that's not why most of them decided to become healers.

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