Why Cognitive Behavior Therapy

why should someone consider getting cognitive therapy well the answer is that cognitive therapy is the most highly researched kind of psychotherapy in the world and it’s been studied all over the world by researchers who have found that it’s effective for a whole range of both of psychiatric disorders medical problems with psychological components and for some psychological issues so the kind of psychiatric problems that it’s been shown in study after study after study to be effective for our different variations of depression anxiety disorders substance abuse eating disorders personality disorders even for severe mental illness usually coupled with medication such as cognitive therapy for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder so those are just a few of the psychiatric problems that are addressed effectively with cognitive therapy then there are certain psychological issues such as procrastination family problems relationship problems and so forth third are the medical problems that have a psychological component such as chronic pain fibromyalgia HIV depression hypertension irritable bowel syndrome health anxiety and obesity and we come across more studies almost daily where a cognitive therapy has been applied to other problems other conditions

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