Why I Am Changing Majors: Nursing to Pre-Medicine ☤

hey guys and welcome back to my channel it has definitely been a while since I posted my last video but as you can probably tell from the title this is why I held off for a little while because this whole crazy new change that's above happened so last night I dropped a complete bomb on all of my friends and family on my social media Facebook Twitter Instagram what have you on photos you guys who are new to my channel my name is Natalia I am currently a nursing student but tomorrow I am making the switch to pre medicine yeah it's out of the bag I am changing my major to pre medicine or biology to be more specific let me be more Pacific this came to me during this summer is when I was starting to change my idea of what I wanted to do so since the seventh grade literally I've been telling everyone this whenever I get asked you know why do you want to be a nurse this is the story so in the seventh grade I was outside playing and this cave is riding his bike down the hill and you know like kids do down hills a little kid he fell off his bike Wow cryptic of the engine his elbow Mel was there and so instinctively I don't know why I ran up to him and I say are you okay where are you hurt where was your mom and that that moment I just ran inside I grabbed my family's makeshift first-aid kit which was literally a plastic cup filled with bandages anointment and so I took that with me and I went outside with the cane and I just you know put a bandaid on it walk him home and that was it and so later that night my little seventh-grade self stayed up in bed thinking about what happened and um I thought hey I should be a nurse and so ever since then then literally everything I could in my entire existence to become a nurse literally from middle school to high school to even college I've done everything I could to accomplish that dream of mine because they was literally my biggest to him in the entire world I wanted that more than anything and I did everything I could to do it so I cut to nursing school or pre-nursing at my current college and I pursued well I wanted to eventually become in a Warner and I started looking two jobs you know what am I going to do Who am I going to be a CNA or what am I just gonna try to do to get further into trying to accomplish my dream and so I remember back during my high school internship in the operating room at proper Waukee I talked to one of the nurses who said that she did that right after high school she started working as a general technician and that I should get to so of course I did I applied and by God's favor again never fail I got in I got the job and it's been almost two years since I've been working at this job and basically I just sterilized instruments all day for the operating room and for surgeries and it's like a lot of fun I love where I work I love my co-workers and everything and on slow days this is the part that I love most about my job on slow days you get Tasha surgeries to learn more about how instruments are used in the surgical process and everything a lot of talking and so I noticed that in literally every single time every time I stepped foot into an operating room one of the floor and I stood beside the stair day and makes its crew and I look down to patient from the front again from the first cut to the last suture and I was just like every single time I am filled with this emotion that is unexplainable it's like oh man like an ecstasy like I'm happiness and like an overwhelming feeling in my heart and I realized that that was just like passion stirring up in my heart so then I started you know questioning is nothing right for me I'm supposedly you guys who know me I'm quite the overachiever when it comes to accomplishing my dreams you know I've done so much in a short span of my life to you know eventually become a nurse I didn't ship ships I did volunteer work you know I tried to go above and beyond but it wasn't entirely all means all God and um so this summer is when it all started basically happening at a whole questioning of ifs Nursing was right for me so I'm honest again one day and the suggestion pops up and it's this lady evening doctor cat beg of it I think that's how you pronounce your lesson and I started falling because I was like okay this is interesting and she's a board suicide full double board certified surgeon in Beverly Hills she's a plastic surgeon and it was that isn't that just seeing her all the work she does she's so inspirational she's constantly telling people to especially women and women of color to just strive to complete their goals to make your dreams come true and brother continue their education and I'm all for that obviously and so I started following more Plastic Surgeons and more Plastic Surgeons and even just regular dioz or pas and I suddenly felt like nursing the idea to me nurse was getting farther and farther away from me and I start feeling really discouraged because you know seventh grade this is what I wanted and to have this sudden change of heart which is really discouraging so I'd start praying a lot a lot and talking to my family members and friends and trying to listen to the Holy Spirit tell me if this is the right choice and so after a couple months I was just constantly praying and seeking guidance from my left phone even from the Holy Spirit I came to the conclusion that I'm going to switch to pre medicine in order to pursue an MD a lot to become an MD and hopefully a plastic surgeon I don't know that yet because knowing me I've always been a go-getter I've always wanted to go above and beyond I want to be better than anyone else I want to be better than myself myself I'm always trying to one-up myself and so yes this is my way of one-upping my becoming an MD anyway I decided to make this video because I just wanted to further explain myself and why I made this decision because I know a lot of people may have been really shocked with this decision or disappointed or what-have-you but um yeah um I hope that you get is supportive of this decision I am incredibly excited to start school I want to start school now so I could start some classes and get closer to becoming an MD or do that side to whatever God's besides whatever is part of his plan and I'm very excited I'm excited to do exactly what I want to do and not be stuck in a career that wasn't going to be meant for me they're looking and you know line up with my personality so yeah thank you guys for watching this video be sure to subscribe because because of this whole change I'm going to have this new idea to start filming my experience as a pre-medicine student to hopefully a medical student and on and I'd like to share that with other students who are you know unsure of their career path or want to know more about this whole process so yeah thank you guys so much for watching I know it's a really um boring very serious video but I plan to change that in my other videos so yeah thank you guys so much and I hope to see you soon hi


  1. Stubbled across this when debating my (nursing) major. I related with this video a lot, I’ve wanted to be a nurse for so long, but lately there’s just been something in my heart that has been pulling towards pre-med. I hope you do put out some videos about the journey! I’ll be following along with ya haha

  2. How was nursing school for you? Was it difficult? I'm currently a pre-med student and thinking of being a nurse! So I'm inspired by your new journey. I pray that you go really far! Amen

  3. If your doing a BScN degree why don't you just use that for pre medicine. I know a lot of people who were nurses and applied to medical school, and because of that they achieved great things (due to their nursing knowledge). That way if Medical school is too time consuming or challenging you can always have the back up plan of becoming RN or even NP which is pretty much a masters (NP's can assist surgeries, do minor surgeries, Diagnos, prescribe medications, etc. Pretty much same scope of practice as a GP).
    Medical school is something that you must put a lot of research into, especially if you want to be a surgeon. 4 years college, 4 years medical school, 5-10 years of residency, 200k+ in debt, 100k+ in malpractice insurance, and social sacrifice.
    A great way to honestly see if you can handle the stress of Medical school is Nursing school. And yes BScN can be used for pre med. (Might have to take 2 or 3 more classes but thats it).
    Then again, if you want to be a surgeon you need very high marks to match with a surgical program.

  4. Hey love your videos! I was looking to work in hospitals possibly as a sterile technician and was wondering if you had to get any sort of certification beforehand. If you have any advice for applying for jobs in hospitals I'd love to know! Thanks

  5. Pre-med, biology? Ok, yes I need you to be more specific, haha, that is confusing, I've noticed in United States nursing it can take between two years to six years depending on the state, same with medicine, and how do you change your major? here Is too simple, you either study nursing which is 5 years and a half or medicine that it's 7 years, just for a basic bachelor's degree, then if you want to study further you can do it, will take some more years

  6. I'm in a similar situation as you, but not in nursing. I at first wanted to do engineering, but then after volunteering at a hospital for the summer, wanted to switch to medicine. Where I'm from, we do medicine in undergrad, so my school subjects weren't the appropriate ones. So I have to change subjects to get into medicine too!

  7. Hi how r u? I have done my bachelor degree in public health with internship and i want to go through medical school for bachelor holders (4 years not 6 years) which country has this type pf programs can u help me please! Im from arab country and i want study abroad

  8. Hey! How do you become a sterile technician? Is there an qualifications you need to have before hand?

  9. Girl, your story is mine! I was a second-degree nursing student who realized where her passion really was after volunteering at a community clinic and realizing I enjoyed my prereqs more than nursing classes lol The journey's gonna be crazy but we can do it! Good luck to you!

  10. Just wanted to say thank you for being confident in yourself and posting this video as an inspiration for others.

  11. I had the same feeling at first I wanted to do nursing my whole life but then I started to think that I wanna do more and want to go into medicine and I would research on everything I could think of to do with the human body and learning more about it made me so happy like I felt like I didn't need anyone to make me happy cuz I get joy in researching and reading and watching videos about the human body.

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