Why is Healthcare Unaffordable Except for Low Taxed Billionaires?

meanwhile we've got you know some shirt Brown came out last week and said no we can't do medicare-for-all yet let's start with Medicare you know for everybody over 50 well you know I get what he's talking about and he's talking political realities and things but you don't you know I'm sorry sure it he shot himself in the foot terribly with that we we literally have tried everything except Medicare for all in this country and we're the only country in the world the developed country in the world that doesn't have health care for all its citizens it's crazy 36% of Americans have high deductible plans where they can have to pay more than four thousand dollars out-of-pocket 36% of Americans half Americans keep in mind can't afford a $500 expense a hundred and sixty million people who are covered by employer sponsored programs have an average deductible of $1,400 and 2,700 for family coverage that's nuts too when most Americans just can't afford it so not only do we need Medicare for all but we also need to start soaking the rich I mean it's just very simple and the reason why is not just because they're rich it's because it's the right thing to do it stabilizes economies if you look back at the time when we had a top income tax rate of 70 to 90 percent that was from the 1930s until the 1980s we had the most stable economy and it was growing and middle-income incomes were growing that built the middle class that tax built the middle class and when Reagan repealed that tax he did so based on a lie that by cutting taxes you're gonna raise tax revenue it was a lie you know they Sam Brownback tried it in Kansas four years ago it destroyed Kansas Ronald Reagan tried it in America it destroyed America we now have a 21 trillion dollar national debt because of trumps tax cuts Bush's tax cuts and Trump's tax excuse me Reagan's tax cuts bush tax cuts and and Trump's tax cuts and now a Fox News sir II found seventy percent of Americans agree with Alexander Cascio cortes seventy percent tax after ten million bucks 70% of Americans 54% of Republicans agree with this Dan Crenshaw the congressman from Texas during the big game he tweets out should someone propose a 70% tax on the Patriots so NFL competition is more fair and equal just asking for a friend in Alexandria Castillo Cortez says she replies to him well the average NFL salary is 2.1 million dollars so most plura players would never experience the 70% rate the owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick however they would see it god bless you Alexandria at god bless you a OC she she really is the new spokesperson for the Democratic Party the rest of the Democrats haven't figured it out but she is the person meanwhile you know we've got this raising taxes then Bernie this is this is incredible Mitch McConnell Chuck Grassley and John Thune just rolled out a plan to eliminate the estate tax this would be a thirty nine billion dollar tax cut for the Koch brothers a sixty three billion dollar tax break for the Walton family and Bernie is having nothing to do with it in fact he's proposing an alternative he tweeted out he said instead of repealing the estate tax we should substantially increase this tax on the multi millionaires and billionaires of this country and induce doing so not only come up with much-needed revenue to address the needs needs of working families but also to reduce wealth inequality in America and that's what I'm going to do this week and under standards bill inherited states worth more than three and a half million will be taxed at 45 percent and if it's over a billion seventy seven percent now there's two tricks that the rich people are going to deploy their shills on to television and radio you will hear these two tricks being played really really big on right-wing talk radio and Fox News and in right wing blogs and things because this because it worked before right they did this you know during the Reagan time the tax cuts they did this when Bill Clinton tried to raise taxes they did this when George Bush was gonna lower taxes the first is cigarette they're gonna say that a 77 percent tax rate on Terrance's or somebody's 70 percent tax rate on billionaires is correct it's gonna take it no sorry if you're not leaving in a state worth more than you know you and your and your spouse 7 7 million bucks you're gonna see no tax zero and if your income is under 10 million dollars a year you'll never see that 70 percent tax rate so number one they're gonna lie to you about that they're gonna tell you this is they'll try to tax you know they're trying to tax the koch brothers and the walton family and second they're gonna say rich people earned their money i'm sorry these kids who are inheriting billions of dollars from their parents did absolutely nothing to earn that money there should be a tax on the money coming to them and if a kid is inheriting ten billion dollars from one of the walton airs and has to pay a seventy percent tax on so he only ends up with three billion dollars i'm not crying for that kid should you be I mean you know really this is you know the example here Megan Day gives a piece over a Jacobin magazine she says well what about Wyatt Koch the Koch heir he parties at mar-a-lago did he build a fortune to build his father uncles fortunes no he didn't and beyond that how is it possible how is it even possible for anyone to actually earn a billion dollars okay seriously think about that if you earn $50,000 a year and you saved every single penny every single penny after 20 years you've saved a million dollars after 200 years when you'd be dead you've saved 10 million dollars it would take you 20 thousand years to save a billion dollars nobody gets a billion dollars in exchange for work there it's just not possible it's not conceivable instead they get that billion dollars for owning enormous companies that employ tens of thousands of people and the and the labor of those people is what makes those companies possible and and the money that they're making is the difference between what they're paying their labor and what they're able to skim off the top which is why a high tax rate causes wages you know Labor's wages to go up and and and think about it if the CEO you know for CEOs went off you know went on strike like they did an Atlas Shrugged a high in rands book if the CEO is just every CEO in America were raptured tomorrow just vanished for two weeks how does that affect our economy it doesn't but if every employee at every company with a billionaire CEO was raptured for two weeks it would shut down the whole damn economy who is more important the CEOs or the workers there is no reason for billionaires to exist none and there's absolutely no reason for their children to inherit all of their money you


  1. I agree with Tom on health care for all, instead of being the world's police , and invading countries and going to war that we have no business going into ! Its WE THE PEOPLE! Not WE THE RICH 1% ! Put our citizens first! "They earned it Yeah right ! "

  2. History always shows the ultra rich must pay either one way or the other. They can pay in taxes or with their heads. If Kings who claimed divine right and had the backing of Church and Nobility could be toppled what makes them think they can't. The smart Kings compromised and gave up some of their power and their descendents are still here. The unwise ones didn't and their heads ended up on spikes.

  3. I really don’t know how this US economy even functions day to day. So many people are hanging on by their fingernails and pray they don’t get sick or their vehicle doesn’t break down. I shake my head in amazement every day.

  4. Stop saying "Medicare for all" is the answer. US citizens deserve universal, full coverage health care. Medicare is basically bottom of the barrel minimal coverage with 20%+ co-pays and deductibles. It's actually so bad, recipients (if they can afford it) are compelled to purchase additional insurance sold as Medi-Gap coverage to help alleviate just some of the holes (gaps) with Medicare's glaring inadequacies. The insurance corporations of course absolutely love this fact, and do not want it to change.

    Medicare recipients are also required to purchase a private, for-profit insurance policy for prescription drug coverage from one of these capitalistic corporations. Even with these expensive add-on polices, patients still have large deductibles, co-pays, restrictive coverage limits, "doughnut holes" and wide open areas of zero coverage. Also, you're not going to find coverage in Medicare for dental, vision, mental health, chiropractic or alternative medicine.

    If you're rich, don’t worry, you'll still be able to buy luxury medical plans from your favorite profit driven insurance corporation. Wake up Americans! It's time to get into the civilized world with universal, full coverage health care for all. When the rich start paying their fair share of taxes (which is far more than what the average citizen should pay), there will be plenty of revenue to cover it.

  5. To hell with the greedy sick bastards who pretend we cannot provide healthcare for all of our citizens. People are suffering and dying, and we need a comprehensive compassionate government response funded by the money these predators stole from workers and elsewhere. My cousin died because of this bullshit. Let's try to become at least a decent nation.

  6. Low Taxed Billionaires are basically in control of America and don't care about others.

  7. Safe to assume you hated Trump wanting paid family leave and lowering drug costs. Hopefully, you will bring up those two points along with the democrat party wanting to kill newborns.

  8. It is as to say 'Let the Swine have the Run of the Farm; they will be good Stewards of the Lawn and Garden, just let the run without any Governmental Meddling" Ronald Reagan's Corporations Can Govern theirself, and Peoples was not remembering the Last Time Great Depression! 1980 NO SURVIVORS OF 1929-1938 DEPRESSION. The corporations and Bankers CAUSED IT, and NOW WE SEE REAGAN WAS A GOD-DAM<NED LYING BASTARD.Well, I can see it, I am 70 goddam years old, not some 'johnnie come lately!" I am also with MACULER DEGINERATOIN BLINDER BAT WOMAN SEEING NOT GOOD neith Eye works at all.m

  9. The billionaires did not earn that money either, it is just capital earning stock artificially inflated values, interest or dividends. None of them "worked for it".



    that was the dumbest argument I've ever heard.

  11. I am amazed by your show. Just started watching last night. I am pretty conservative when it comes to the economy and so while I may disagree with you on some topics, your depth and ability to explain your position is incredible. I typically use the Atlas Shrugs analogy in my head when listening to liberal media, especially with Venezuela right now, but your reference to it was a good point. I am so glad I found someone to challenge my thoughts in a non-divisive way. Thank you!

  12. Thom at least has the courage to say publicly that billionaires have no purpose in society. He's so right.

  13. I'll tell you way there isn't free healthcare for all. Most Americans get their health care though their employment. If healthcare was taken away from corporations and the power given to employees, it changes the whole dynamic of employment. The last thing employer's what is to give workers options. There would be MORE job competition by companies for talent and wages would increase. The government is complicit be perpetuating the system through tax policy the that gives breaks to companies that offer health insurance. The whole system is stacked against the majority of workers.

  14. What's scary to me is that given all the blatant evidence kicking in the door that conclusively proves the 1% are at war with the middle class, through their own well planned concerted efforts. Large parts of the population STILL won't stop worshiping the billionaires for being "job creating, self made enterpeneurs" in stead of the Robber Barons and sweatshop exploiters they are. Conservatives and fascists are literally ready to kill us for rising up against the capitalist 1 percenters that have us all by the throat.

    This ensures our collective oppression and deaths. Ecological suicide, automation, the end of democracy, you name it.

    Divide and Conquer.

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