Why is The Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) important?

a major challenge facing medical educators is to train current and future healthcare providers in the treatment and management of obesity the barriers we face however is the lack of comprehensive competencies that will guide curricular instruction for that reason Olmec was formed Olmec which stands for BC medicine education collaborative is an initiative of 15 organizations that came together to develop the first set of comprehensive obesity benchmarks and competencies to be used in as a valuation tool for trainees the mission of Olmec is to promote disseminate and improve obesity care along a spectrum of trainees of physicians nurse practitioners and physician assistants now we use the six ECG Emmy core domains as a guiding framework the domains include some competencies such as patient care professionalism knowledge in communication using this set of domains we develop 32 competencies they can be used for formative and summative assessments a free downloadable copy of the entire OMA competencies and benchmarks is available in the methods of how we developed it will be published in the journal Obesity this month the OBC society will be hosting two live Twitter chat as well as be active on social media to inform you more about omec please look for this information

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