Why maintain independence from the pharmaceutical industry?

Why maintain independence from the pharmaceutical industry? The color that symbolizes health? White, like the doctors’ white coat! But who says white does not necessarily say transparent. The pharmaceutical industry is, with the bank, the most profitable in the world. In the budget of a pharmaceutical firm, marketing is now the first cost center, ahead of research and development Big money to create and stimulate good relationships with health professionals… It must be said that with 18,000 representatives employed in France, the industry knows how to maintain contacts 333 visits per doctor on average each year ie a cost of € 25,000 per professional. a record in Europe! No wonder alarmist words are heard: “The influence of the pharmaceutical industry is out of control. Its tentacles infiltrate at all levels, doctors, patients, regulators, researchers, charities, universities, media, caregivers and politicians. Its multinationals plan, sponsor, orchestrate and control publications on all drug trials. His reputation is very bad today. It requires big changes.” This extract is taken from a report of the British Parliament included in the Lancet one of the most famous medical journal in the world! This not reassuring situation is explained – among other things – by the lack of education provided to medical students and other health professions to guard against the influence of the industry. A rather unfortunate conclusion … Fortunately, in 2009, the WHO published a teaching manual to remedy the situation: translated by the French High Authority for Health in 2013 But when you study medicine, you do not necessarily take the time to read a 180-page manual that is unfortunately not even on the program for the exam. As a result, WE – a group of medical students called La Troupe du Rire summarized and adapted the famous WHO report. It gives this booklet small but sturdy : it fits in the pocket of a white coat analyzes the main techniques used by the industry and seeks to determine their impact: Conduct of clinical research, funding for continuing education of physicians to 98% opinion leaders recruited from among the most influential medical professors, gifts, travels, financing and advertising in specialized magazines and many other ways, to create links of interest with health professionals! It also provides resources for self-training and getting informed on an independent way (Yes it’s possible!) The booklet makes concrete proposals to deal with situations where one is directly confronted with this influence, at the university, at the hospital or in one’s office. We are still waiting for a real education to be given to future health professionals on these influences contrary to the interests of patients. To fill this void, we must inform and train ourselves. If like us, you want to put on the agenda the questions of the health professionals’ education in the face of the influence of pharmaceutical firms, help us to finance the printing of this booklet to make it known!

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