Why Physicians Love Working For Vohra Wound Care

(gentle piano music) – Becoming a Vohra wound
physician has impacted my career in a very meaningful and profound way. My name is Dr. Kalwar, and I’m a physician at
Vohra Wound Physicians. Since first joining,
it was very clear to me that we here at Vohra
take a clinical approach to wound care. Having the ability to see
your patients at the facility and on a consistent basis
provides a significant benefit to the patients’ healing
and their overall outcome. As a Vohra physician, I’m on
a fee-for-service schedule. This means that I have the
flexibility and autonomy not only to choose my patient load, but also to tailor my weekly schedule. This includes option
to treat during the day or nights and weekends. In my experience, not many companies can
provide their physicians this level of flexibility and
still afford them full W-2 and employment benefits. Whether you’ve been a physician
for five years or 25 years, you’ll find that Vohra Wound
Physicians is a great place to work and grow professionally.

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