Why Physicians Should Screen Their Patients

Dr. Nora Volkow: because its not evident to actually
figure out who is abusing drugs or not, regardless really of age, physicians should be systematically asking their patients about the abuse of licit and illicit substances. They should not wait for the patient to
tell them that they are taking drugs, because in many instances the patient is taking the signals from the physician. The person that is taking drugs may be ashamed to convey that information because substance abuse is stigmatized in our society
as well as in many other societies. Patients when they are asked by their physician who they trust, are willing to actually convey what their pattern of drug use is, in many instances because um, individuals are afraid that drugs may be harming them. So they may be much more receptive to
admitting about their pattern of drug use that many of physicians that want to believe and use
as a justification not to ask the questions.

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