Why practice family medicine

What drew me into family medicine was that
I wanted to live in a community where I was known, whether urban or rural,
but I was slanted toward rural. As I grew and developed I became an academic
because I wanted to frankly change how we trained family physicians. So this department with eight residencies
is trying to make sure that the training programs are not only keeping up
but advancing the models of care. And we believe we’re at the cusp of those
changes. Residents can choose
from rural, to urban, to urban core, to suburban. All those options are
available as locations for the residents. Within each of those programs there are rural
rotations, urban rotations, sub-specialty rotations, all of which can
help that resident individually tune their experience so that they can land
in a practice and be well prepared for it. They might have to come from far and wide
in this country and beyond, but they have to be talented, optimistic, and
courageous to become a family doc. We don’t want anybody else. We want people to want to go meet the
needs of the public, have a balanced life, but be fully capable of
practicing whatever kind of medicine is needed in that community.

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