Why Primary Care: Aspiring Physician Davis “Mac” Stephen’s Perspective

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[Headline: Why Primary Care: Aspiring Physician Davis “Mac” Stephen’s Perspective]
[background music] >>Davis “Mac” Stephen: I think we all develop
some interest in primary care based on the experiences we have growing up. Now that I’m
here and we talk about primary care in a more academic sense, in a more theoretical way,
I get to see why Dr. McGowan back in Arkansas where I’m from was as amazing a physician
as he is. I can remember times thinking that Dr. McGowan is as much of a family member
as he is a physician to us. And so if I could emulate his style and emulate how important
he’s been to us, then I’ll be very satisfied with the career I have. You get to know a patient like you would your
own family in a lot of ways in a relationship that’s much more longitudinal, much more meaningful
than most other specialty positions can offer. And I think with the innovations that are
being brainstormed right now, are being tested right now, we’ll see that the physician is
able to practice that kind of medicine more and more in the future, a more personal intimate
relationship with patients. In the current system, probably more accurately
the older system that’s on the way out, primary care was a big hassle that didn’t allow physicians
to practice the kind of medicine that they really wanted to, but we’re lucky to have
primary care physicians here at Harvard who see the direction that primary care is going
and how much potential the field offers for anyone who enters medicine. [Harvard Medical School logo]


  1. It's always interesting to hear someone's perspective on why they chose a certain route in medicine. My brother is currently in the process of deciding what to specialize in.

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