Why Primary Care: Practicing Physician Somava Stout’s Perspective

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[Headline: Why Primary Care: Practicing Physician Somava Stout’s Perspective]
[background music] >>Somava Stout: I’m an internist and a pediatrician
so I have the privilege of meeting people before they’re born, sometimes with their
moms and I get to take care of them their whole lives, and often I’m taking care of
sometimes up to four generations of a family and there’s something really incredible about
that. I’ve always known that what I’ve wanted to
do was to make a difference in improving the health of underserved communities. And, it’s
been an incredible privilege to be a part of the development of the Revere Family Health
Center. One of the things that we’ve done is that center has now become one our patient
centered medical home practices. So what that means is that it’s a primary care system that
sees itself first and foremost as meeting the needs of patients but doing it in a way
where we work in teams where it’s not the primary care doctor alone who’s overwhelmed
with all of the needs that a patient has, but where the whole team sees itself as caregivers
to the patient from the front end person who checks them in to the medical assistant who
checks them out. I actually feel like my job is not only doable but sustainable and meaningful
because we can make a difference in the lives of our patients. The reality is that we are at the beginning
of our understanding about how to create health in patients. We’ve made a lot of developments
and I think the patients centered medical home is one incredibly important step forward,
but we’re in a moment in primary care which is ripe with innovation and for medical students
to be able to contribute their vision, their understanding and often they’re much closer
to the ground view of what could be different based on what they see as happening around
them. It’s an incredibly exciting moment to be in primary care. [Harvard Medical School logo]

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