Why should I become a College of IST student?

♪♪ The College of IST explores
where people, information, and technology intersect. For me, it’s like the bridge
between the people that produce technology versus the people
that actually use the technology. Technology, and how it relates
to people, information, and general things going on
in the world. And, helping people in the
program present those ideas to businesses. And, it’s involved in everything
you do. Every company can use someone with a major
in IST. It’s this perfect medium between
technical and non-technical that really provides a lot of value. You get your technical side by
learning a lot of programming, but you use all of those
technical skills in order to figure out how to complement
what a user will need and what a business will needs. So, why come to IST? ♪♪ Because, technology
is the future. That’s how I looked at it. It’s ever-changing. You’re not
just sitting behind a computer focusing on coding. You really
get to be involved with people. A degree from the College of IST
is very unique in that it is constantly adapting to the rapid
growth of technology in many different industries. It gets you the practical
hand-set skills to be able to solve problems in various
domains, whether it’s in the sciences, in the social
sciences, medicine, history. It was best catered toward my
learning abilities instead of having tests every three days.
It was group projects where we work together. Technology is constantly
changing and it’s definitely an environment that you can
continually learn in, which is something very
important to me. It’s one of the most versatile
fields you can be in right now. There’s so many different types
of research and employment opportunities you can do
with it. There are over 80 companies
coming to recruit students and the opportunities
are endless. We’re a very collaborative and
close environment and it’s– It’s like a family here. Everyone involved in the College
of IST is all under one roof: the Westgate Building.
Advising is here, Career Services, your professors are
upstairs on the 3rd floor, your classes are on the 2nd floor.
They have tutoring in the building. All the clubs
meet here. Technology is becoming more
prevalent in the average person’s life so we need more
people in IST. You should choose the College of
IST because you get the small university experience in a
large university.

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