Why Silver is the Most Hidden Resource in Medicine

was killing myself with the food I eat toxic to my health got the news there's another path that I could use welcome to the new health conversation television show coming to you live from our Denver Colorado studios also streaming live on conscious evolution Mediacom and on Comcast on channel 56 I'm your host and moderator course Steve Toth and I'm here with as usual Peter Greenlaw who happens to be the world's most prominent health investigative scientists is that correct that's what they say they say that's right and our theme today is something extremely exciting and that is about how silver becomes a real natural medicine and why it is the most hidden resource today and who's going to give us a lot of information about that and show us delight will be dr. Gordon Peterson welcome to the show doc thank you glad to be here it's really exciting to have you and I'm just gonna say three things about you because if I spend the time on your on your bio I can actually do probably at least two three four hours show just on your back do that so I just want to make sure that the viewers know that you have you are a a research doctor you have a PhD in toxicology or you're also a clinical doctor about anti-aging and a nature paddock doctor and you also a member of the social social Special Operations Medical Association serving as a wound care specialist so I lied it's four things okay so welcome to the show and I'm really excited because I before before the show I basically knew nothing about silver other than that it's a precious metal and it's been doing really good lately but you know lately it's gone down in price and so maybe I am like most viewers right right I've represented the viewers and you guys are the experts and let's start with Peter how did you find dr. Gordon well hi dr. Patterson nice nice to meet you finally very good friend of mine dr. Gerry Katzman has a show called healthy strong and active a radio show he had me on as a guest I guess about a month ago talking about Tito syndrome and we've kept in touch he says oh my gosh I've got this really interesting man doctor that I'd like you to talk to and so he introduced me to dr. Patterson I listened actually to a radio interview he did and I was just fascinated as you were because I thought you know silver I mean I know quarters and half dollars and whatever but not really any you know thing as far as health and I think one of the things we're the proudest about this show we have so made people aware to what's available in the world alternatives to just you know conventional medicine and drugs and so dr. Patterson I think today is really gonna educate I'm so excited about what he's gonna share with us today so that's how I met him yeah okay great me too so yeah and our show is actually about letting the viewers know actually to make sure that everybody awakes on this planet and at some point becomes conscious and once they do then they would be interested in having information about what what are the natural products out there you could because all the other things that are out there on the market yes they really I I feel that they cause more problems than than healing us so actually I'm gonna give you a good example doc I just came from the doctor yesterday and last week I was put on an antibiotic for my cold and whatever I have I don't even know what I have some virus and it didn't work and I've had it for four weeks now so I went back yesterday and I got a new one and hopefully that will take but what people don't talk about and and I really want to start the show with that is like why is it that antibiotics are so wildly used in the medical community and we all know that it has lots of side effects why is that and why silver would be a much better product to use well that's a great question we see it every single day antibiotics are given when doctors don't know exactly what the diagnosis might be but antibiotics only kill about 22 of the bacteria out of six hundred and 50 that are out there so they don't kill all the bacteria when they don't kill all the bacteria our body gets where we grow bacteria and it becomes worse or stronger and then we have antibiotic resistant bacteria that gets where silver not only does it kill all the 650 pathogens of bacteria but it also kills the yeast it also kills the mold it also kills the viruses so when antibiotics only work on bacteria silver is much more broad spectrum got it well dr. Peterson I think – there's a real distinction between can I mean again like Steve and I were saying we were novices at least until I was exposed to your work by dr. Katzman that silver has really been around for a really long time can you just give us just a brief history about where it where it started and kind of where we are today and then also some of the differences because you know people are concerned about heavy metal accumulation like fluoride and mercury and things like that so I think if you can clear up some of those things that will make the listeners feel much more comfortable about why you're so excited about the prospects of silver and what we're going to share with the audience later about your major breakthroughs in Africa with malaria oh that's terrific opportunity to share the history the history starts out in our groundwater our water trickles through the the Bert and silver is everywhere well that's why pure mountain spring water is so pure is because of silver then the Pioneers a thousand years ago found that if they took a silver coin and put it in their water barrel the water wouldn't go back get water or food poisoning from it then you've got the Romans who used it as silver milk cans so that milk wouldn't go bad all the time they didn't understand it was killing bacteria but they knew that they weren't getting sick then silver moved to about the to the nineteen about the 1900s and we started to see people using electromagnetic devices to manufacture colloidal silver and they mixed it chemically and we called that ionic silver and now we've got new forms of silver that are more potent safer and still all-natural we call them Hydra cells or aqua cells and now we have a silver that isn't an acid see all the other Silver's up until that point where acids with a pH of about 4.5 now we have a structured silver with a pH that's equal to that of the body so at 7.4 pH we have an alkaline system now you can take silver every day it destroys all those pathogens and you can see from all the way back to ground water through pioneers through Roman literature silver has been used medicinally silver is certainly a metal so can you just address that so people can feel comfortable about that why it's not accumulating yeah let's make sure that we also address are there side effects of yeah sailor yeah exactly oh that's a great that's a great point with silver the the Merck Manual and Merck Index are the the doctors Bible for scientific information and in the Merck Index you're gonna find that silver is the only one of the metals that is listed as not being a heavy metal because it does not accumulate in the brain and cause the heavy metal poisons so when silver is being used medicinally they recognize that it's not a heavy metal creating heavy metal poisoning in addition to that you ask another half of the question and guide me again on what that was well I just wanted to know what what's unique about it now that it doesn't accumulate in the brain and cause concerns with accumulation because of this structured water so maybe you can explain I understand now but I didn't before what's so unique about this structured water and how it attaches actually to the water molecule so it won't accumulate in the in the in the tissues yeah that's what happens with that is by structuring water we know that there's oxygen and hydrogen or h2o what we do is we actually break it down into individual oxygen an individual hydrogen so that there are no dissolved solids there's no impurities there's nothing that's a fluoride there's nothing that's a preservative we have it basically structuring perfect h2o then by attaching the silver molecules you're now getting a for every oxygen you're getting one silver ion now what that does is it creates a structure and that structure becomes permanently bonded with silver being a part of the water molecule now it will not fall out of solution see the problems with silver in the past was the only side effect it really had was that it could fall out of solution embed in the skin and cause argyria or this blue man syndrome or the blue skin syndrome well that doesn't happen with the new silvers that are structured because the silver is bonded directly to the water molecule it won't fall out of solution so it cannot leave the water to actually bond to the fats and cause argyria making it safer and at the same time in this tetrahedral structure it's able to kill more pathogens in a faster period of time it's amazing isn't yeah it's amazing so how come yesterday when I was at the doctor I wasn't prescribed silver well my doctors had on for a minute here and I will say this there's a formulary and it's a big book of drugs and doctors have to follow either those drugs or those procedures or those surgeries and that's it and if they fall out of that book and do a prescription of silver that's not in that book they could lose their license and some doctors did so 10 or 12 years ago and when they fought it they actually got their licenses back and they've actually opened the minds of the medical world where silver last year was the number one requested and filed for in America meaning there's more people trying to get a patent for silver in the medical world than any other patented item so silver needles that don't leave bacterial traces because they kill the bacteria and silver devices and silver implants all are becoming mainstream in the medical world and I hope you're seeing that that just because it's not in their book doesn't mean that it can't be used but right now most doctors if it's not in their formulary they're not gonna prescribe it well dr. Peterson also another important point which dr. Katzman made me aware of that when newborn infants are born they actually put silver drops in their eyes can you just cover that just briefly I thought that was fascinating yeah the first thing that we get exposed to in this world is silver nitrate drops what that means is when a newborn baby comes into the world within the first 30 seconds or minute that they're born silver in a liquid form is dropped into their eyes to kill the bacteria viruses or mold that could possibly destroy the eyesight of a child and a lot of babies used to go blind if they did not get this treatment so to protect the eyes from bacterial or pathogenic exposure immediately you get silver drops upon being born so if it's safe for a one minute old baby it's pretty safe for everybody else yeah great that's fantastic and I'm glad you mentioned that because you mentioned the eye and I like you to talk with us about your experience because you know we always say that we like all of our guests to walk their talk right so you had an eye injury so talk about that for a minute yeah I received a blunt injury in other words I fell down and I hit my face on a large metal chest and I was cut from inside of my eye all the way out to the outside of my eye and this orbital bone was broken upon impact what happens there is that usually takes I can't go for a second I got to put this in this is important so don't don't lose your thought so I just want to point out to the viewers your integrity people would say the de box or whatever whatever happened hit my I tell you that I've noticed your integrity you said my I hit the box there it's embarrassing I wished I had a really great story to tell but I really didn't I was just fasting and my religion we fast once a month and I was fasting for health reasons and other and my son came up and said dinner's ready and I sat up really fast and jumped out of bed and the blood didn't get up with me and I fell on my face and hit my head on a chest so I was cut from here all the way to here and the irregular jagged and bone breaking cut well with silver going right into the wound then stitching it up it healed and the doctor who was the president of special operations Medical Association that that's the military's top doctor he attended this wound and he was the one that said this wound healed three times faster than any other wound he's ever seen now he's a match doctor for 14 years he knows what a wound is and because there wasn't any infection the wound healed better and because stem cells are secreted in the presence of silver the wound knitted better with less scarring than ever before so he took pictures every single day and published it in a medical journal so yeah I'm I'm heal thyself doctor that that was the one for me so so what are the other areas that you would like to viewers to know about in terms of certain illnesses that this natural silver could be used for as a as a medical cure well when you realize it destroys bacteria and viruses and yeast it's the best preventive agent we have for an emergency you can go grab it right now and stop a fever blister from growing or you can put it in a wound or you can help it to heal this is terrific but in addition to that one of my most passionate areas is malaria where I traveled over to Africa and I actually put this to work and we were giving the the children of Africa 1/2 an ounce in the morning 1/2 an ounce in the evening and in an average of 5 days they all were well from their malaria now you have to realize that over 50% of all the children in Africa where I went we're dying of malaria before they were 5 years of age so to go over there and literally be the Cure 100% cure is what the Medical Journal article accepted as proof we actually cured malaria in that area and this didn't require a prescription drug so it can be distributed at throughout all of Africa when did you do this this was published in the medical journal called Indian practitioner in September of 2010 so a few years prior to that 2000 7 8 & 9 is when I was over there doing this work we did the work in hospitals in clinics and in an Air Force Base as well in Ghana Africa and what we found is that you can cure anybody from their malaria 100% in an average of 5 days now dr. Patterson I want to clarify that that's very important this medical journal that you published it in is very very prestigious and is it not true that they allowed you to head the article with 100% cure for malaria maybe I don't have it exactly right can you clarify for the viewers because I think it's really important this isn't just some little thing that you published it in this is a major major medical publication respected around the world and for them to allow you to do that I think that brings pretty high credibility to this particular protocol yeah the name of the journal is the Indian practitioner now in India most people may or may not know this India is probably the country of the highest biotechnology anywhere in the world and they're doing drug research and drug production they're highly highly tested and produce high level biotechnology so we published it in the highest biotech country in the world India number one in their practitioners journal that's the same as saying physician and we found that the peer-review process took 16 months so they reviewed it for 16 months and they sent it out upon review they finally came back and they allowed in the title and in the abstract as well as in the conclusions 100 percent were cured from malaria in an average of five days is that my little ST and it is mind-boggling 50% of the children 50% of the children dying by age 5 can you imagine what a gift he's giving to I mean this is I think it's a remark it's AG of salt of life so how yeah we'll get back to Africa in just a minute but let's just spend a few more minutes and so how do people get silver here and what would they be looking for I mean what's how do you like if there's if this antibiotics is not working for me the second one I'm not going for a third one okay you can go to a number of websites and I'm not here to advertise any products I'm here to talk about silver but first of all let me say this there's ionic silver don't by ionic silver that's the chemical form of silver that causes blue man syndrome or argyria then there's colloidal silver colloidal silver has been good and beneficial I leave it I don't know how to spell those things I was going to write it now we have structured silver and structured silver or a hydrosol of silver is the newest and latest structured water that's bonded to a crystalline structure of silver that can work throughout the body imagine this if I might just say this we measured the frequencies of silver we found that at 910 terahertz that is the frequency of silver a tiny particle of silver so tiny that 200 of them could fit inside one red blood cell and they resonate at 9 ten terahertz the frequency that destroys bacteria viruses and mold in fact if you go to a laboratory in a hospital they have lights these blue ultraviolet lights that kill bacteria they resonate at 910 terahertz so this silver is like having a light that kills germs inside your cell traveling wherever your body circulation takes it and killing germs as it goes Wow now where do you get it there's a number of websites look for structured silver or ph-balanced silver if you want the newest latest and greatest hydrosols now dr. Patterson one other thing I want to explain I love your cuz I'm a simple guy like simple answers okay but your explanation about the water balloon was like the most comprehensive because I'm sure people are wondering how does this stuff work I mean what does it really do now again back to the terahertz etc that's a known frequency correct like radio waves or whatever that's just a frequency that the modulation of the of the frequency within there within the cell or in this case within the silver but explain how this works and then also to Steve you'll love this it actually can increase the effectiveness as an antibiotic by ten times so it's not that we still don't need antibiotics we do but imagine if you can increase the effectiveness ten times with no side effects so please do the water balloon analogy because that really made sense to me as a layperson yeah that's a great opportunity to talk about this when you think of a bacteria think of a water balloon now this water balloon may be about this big and every twenty minutes it divides into two and becomes two bacteria then they divide into two and become two more bacteria so every twenty minutes you're getting that doubling effect now along comes silver and silver has the ability to steal one electron because of its charge electromagnetic charge it will steal one electron from that bacteria and it will puncture it just like a needle hitting a water by stealing one electron it ruptures that bacteria and the immune system picks it all up and takes it out of the body now if you have the ability to steal an electron because of the crystalline structure of silver you can also fire like a like a rapid-fire machine gun you can fire silver electrons from that silver water particle to thus rupturing bacteria viruses or yeast firing an electron or stealing an electron by doing so you have a rapid fire machine gun again the bacteria viruses and yeast and it won't kill the good tissues of the body because healthy tissues have a lipid bilayer a dual layer of fats this is water soluble and bacteria viruses yeast only have a single cell membrane easily ruptured that's why silver selectively only kills the germs that simple to understand yeah so you know there's three guys on the show here so I feel like we need to represent the women yes so you wrote a book I don't know how long ago but you wrote a book about women's health right I did and you mentioned yeast so I guess what I'm putting two and two together let's talk about there it is have it with me yeah let's talk about that for a minute okay the issue with women is very simply this women have a warm moist area in their vaginal vault area and this precious area is so sensitive that it will continue to grow yeast if it has if it doesn't get killed off it can cause endometriosis it can damage the tissues prevent fertility so we need to kill that yeast the problem is on the outside of the vaginal wall they usually get itching and scratching from bacteria and the doctors can't tell just by looking if the redness is bacterial or if it's viral or if it's fungal so the doctor goes well I'll guess this is an anti bacterial issue and they bribe and antibiotic well antibiotics only kill bacteria and only kill some of them now if the if there's a yeast infection yeast will over grow and become worse it feeds the yeast the doctor will then come back a week later give an antifungal drug and the antifungal drug will make the bacteria grow so women will go year after year infection after infection because they can't get it all under control at the same time yet silver can be presented to the vaginal wall in a gel form and it will kill the bacteria the yeast and the virus if they put it on the tip of a tampon if my fingers a tampon and you put a da butt gel about the size of a nickel insert it for the night take it out in the morning in three nights you can kill all the bacteria all the yeast and even the HPV virus the human papilloma virus that causes cancer of the cervix so women now have a treatment that will actually purify that really precious sensitive area not just get rid of a yeast infection but the yeast the bacteria and even the big problem we call HPV and this has all been documented correct I mean you you actually have documentation of all these things so this isn't just speculation on your part you've actually seen it clinically work clinically work 200 women out of 200 women in an OB gy clinic OB GYN clinic in Florida was taken in a blinded situation so we did the testing correctly and 200 women out of 200 women all of them reversed their human papillomavirus eliminated it and reversed all the precancerous lesions in two weeks time they didn't wear this tampon with gel on it just three days they wore at five so it took a few extra days to do so but because the broad-spectrum activity of silver and it's complete killing of all the bacteria and both forms of viruses and the yeast they were able to clean that entire area out that they had not been able to do four years prior very cool is that I mean you that's why I'm so excited about our show that we get to tell we get to tell the world this that they get to be exposed to it to someone as brilliant as dr. Patterson and his research now you know I have two sons and when my kids were little they'd have a sore throat they'd go to the doctor and they'd get an antibiotic just like you as a matter of fact amoxicillin oxacillin which you're on right now is what they used to take okay but correct me if I'm wrong dr. Patterson the problem with that is that antibiotics are completely useless against viral infections correct you're correct if you give a child an antibiotic and it kills the bacteria that's all yeah I I'm going crazy here so I went to the doctor yesterday and she just asked me a few questions okay how can you determine what you got from a few questions help me out here doc that's the pill the doctors cannot they look at the wound do they see if it's red and or small and they she looks in my ear she looking like throw out what they should give and then they played it out well if they take a sample of it and they grow it in a petri dish it takes three days to tell what it is by then your infection has already spread and gone on so it doesn't do much good to plate it out so what happens is silver gets cuts right to the quick and if you feel a tickle in your throat you can either take a mouthwash of the liquid silver and rinse it around in your mouth or as I do I pump gel on my finger I put it in my mouth and rub it around inside my mouth it stays in place and in six minutes we'll totally kill all the pathogens now that's important to children who usually get like you said earlier amoxicillin to kill their ear infection did you know that two years ago the Centers for Disease Control put out a pink sheet notice to all physicians quit prescribing amoxicillin or any other anti bacterial or antibiotic it does not kill all the bacteria and only serves to make the infection worse so they suggested to give pain lemurs anti-inflammatory yet anyone who has a two-year-old child screaming through the night with an ear infection knows they need to do something why get a prescription if it's not going to work immediately go to your closet take out the silver fill the ear canal and let it stay in there for a few minutes it's going to go in and destroy the bacteria the yeast and the virus whatever the case then you turn the ear over and fill this ear canal do it again in the morning and I've never seen it have to take three doses to wipe out an ear infection why the silver comes in contact with the germ wipes it out in a matter of six minutes now you understand Steve why I was so excited to have him on our show is this is a big deal this is a big deal this is a big day my dog my god I was just dealing with her son and her son is just a year old my my grandson and and he was suffering from ear infection mm-hmm and so I know exactly what what the doc is talking about I mean it's you stay up all night long and then you take take him in and it doesn't work there's you know the kid has to suffer through it well what's so amazing this is so simple I mean when you understand that you're rupturing the membrane of those the pathogen the bacteria the virus the mold well of course like a water balloon is gonna burst and I mean that's it's not like science fiction it's just amazing now because silver was used right dr. Peterson back in the early 20s I think he said there were 46 different in the physicians Desk Reference basically drugs that were silver based so why don't you bring us up to speed on why did they go to antibiotics and abandoned silver when in fact obviously they knew before that it was very very effective against these things you know 80 90 years ago yeah simple answer is that formulary the book that doctors go to to prescribe from used to contain silver drugs or drugs that had been made from silver there was 48 of them and in these 48 different medicines they had cures for virtually everything but in 1924 along comes penicillin now penicillin was the Wonder drug and here's why in the laboratory they could take a petri dish full of yeast or bacteria or anything they wanted what they would do is they would take bacteria and they would kill it with this penicillin and they could do it in a minute and a half while silver took a full six minutes so they said oh my gosh we've got something that kills the bacteria faster and immediately out went penicillin it worked so rapidly that it was so accepted that it's spread everywhere the problem was that it only killed about twenty two out of the six hundred and fifty bacteria that exist so now we have this bacteria that's getting stronger and stronger because we don't kill all the bacteria we just put some of it under stress and it comes back even stronger yet silver because it took longer got abandoned yet silver is a much broader spectrum product and it destroys the yeast and the viruses as well as the bacteria so it wasn't because it wasn't more effective it was because it was slower in the petri dish but the exciting and there's one other nasty issue here and that is the politics of money it wasn't patentable because Silver's been used for ever and ever there wasn't a patent that was available see the medical world spends money on research then they drive the price of the product way up to pay back what they spent on research silver was not patentable because it was already out there yet penicillin was so they could charge two thousand times more than it costs to make while silver they couldn't do that well I understand though you're really excited about these new breakthroughs in silver technology this bonded silver to the water explain to us so now because I believe the kill time has dropped dramatically for silver with these new structured waters at least I think in laboratory experiments I don't know about human trials you could maybe fill us in on that but explain that big leap forward now in the last couple of years yeah the simple answer is that silver has always had the ability to fire an electron or steal an electron thus killing the passage but in the ionic and the colloidal forms it took one particle of silver to kill one bacteria and then you kind of ran out of it well now with the structured abilities of bonding a crystalline structure of four parts of silver with four water molecules you can fire an electron and it will recharge itself and then fire again and then fire again and so you've got millions of ability to kill millions of pathogens with one of those crystalline structures I call it AG 404 or for parts of water for parts of silver now with that you've got the ability to not only destroy bacteria viruses and yeast but you have the ability to do it with a tinier amount of the silver thus never risking the probability that it will develop argyria plus in a crystalline structure it won't fall out of the solution and those are two big breakthroughs put a safe and much more effective silver on the market than ever before and what about the time the kill time kill times actually in some cases are down to as low as 15 seconds most of the time I suggest that people use it in their home whether it's a gel topically on a wound or an infection or orally expect six minutes for total kill or complete kill to take place even though we know that it's much quicker for instance you can take four drops of liquid silver and put it into an 8 ounce glass of water that came from your river filled with bacteria and in in 1.4 minutes it will totally kill all the bacteria and purify the water so in a minute and a half we can see it purifying water right before our eyes so in Africa I would assume that's an enormous thing with the problem with the polluted water let alone the devices that you've created up we want to talk about those in just a minute but is that part of the theory that this silver can be so effective to take what is basically undrinkable water which causes many other diseases and other problems and by adding the silver to it they can you we have a simple method to purify the water right in their houses without any complicated filtration systems or things like that I mean to me this is one of the most exciting breakthroughs that we've had on our show so far and we've had some really really great guests we've been very fortunate but this is I mean this is just mind-boggling it sights me so much that we're able to bring this message to the world because our show does go all over the world and people are watching this so wow this is just it is amazing amazing and do you feel that this new the new structured silver are there now clinical applications that they've tested it on not just in a petri dish where does where does that stand so that we know that what we're saying here is it's been backed up by science that's you know been been proven well I personally have published in peer-reviewed medical journals on a dozen or more topics I have published on em RSA the bacteria that's resistant on strapped on staff I've done when people go into the nursing home for instance and let's say there's sixty-seven years old and all they can do is lay there and they're debilitated they get bed sores every bed sore that we found had over four different bacteria in it and usually yeast or a virus as well and so no drugs were killing it and they were laying in bed for year after year with this wound that got worse and worse yet along comes the silver and I've published on diabetic wounds and on bed sores that it will heal it and usually a very short period of time maybe two weeks why it kills the germs that prevent healing and then stimulate stem cells that will knit the wound shut in addition I published in peer-reviewed journals on influenza not only can we help with influenza we have I myself have published an article on h5n1 the nastiest of influenza is called the bird flu that if you have this silver in your body and you have it in once in the morning once at night just taking two teaspoons it will prevent the bird flu from killing you I did it in a mouse model and actually tested mice that were alive we gave them a fatal dose of the bird flu yet those who received a pretreatment of the silver survived while those that did not they died so you actually have something that's really revolutionary we have the prevention of the bird flu and it's published it's available it's out there and it's credible so yeah we have the flu we have bacterial infections we have yeast infections we have all of these published in peer-reviewed medical journals so doctors will be getting on board very soon and especially with Obamacare the way it is if it gets difficult to get access to your doctor you want to take control of your own health and wellness by having it available right now to treat your own throat infection or your child's ear infection or a vaginal infection and by the morning you'll know if you need to go to the doctor or not and most of the times not and you'll be using an all-natural product in the process a couple of points that follow up on that in my upcoming book the tea dose protocol I talked about the head of Medicare and Medicaid and ahead of Coogan clinic basically saying that the current system that we're using is imploding because we're relying solely on procedural intervention what you're talking about here is what I reference as preventative interventional technologies which it seems like this structured silver this whole approach is radically different I guess my point would be hearing you say this what kind of pushback have you gotten from the traditional medical community and/or the drug companies because obviously this is something that I'm sure is going to cause a lot of controversy however if you've published in peer-reviewed journals there's not a lot of argument that you've proven what you're saying well I've been a keynote speaker at both of the major Chiropractic Medical conventions presenting silver I presented at the AMIA of anti-aging medicine multiple times I've presented for the obg why an association many times all of them are associated with a medical study published in a peer-reviewed journal and the doctors actually gave me standing ovations several times because of this opportunity no pushback whatsoever except one when I tried to get funding to fund the saving of all the Africans from malaria the funding of that was resisted because most of the funding over there is pharmaceutical in nature and they pushed back by not funding helping the African people because it would take away from the pharmaceutical products sold over there but in America it used to be a push back ten years ago in my lifetime it's already becoming mainstream doctors are regularly recommending it they're not sure how to dispense it because it doesn't require a prescription well so that's right up your alley there were huh the world is changing which is a good news thank you thank you for that so we have choices and you know we are able to make the right choice for ourselves when we're awake and conscious and we ask the question is is what I'm about to put in my mouth is that fort of my highest and best interest right Steve a very another really interesting point that I found out and dr. Patterson you can follow up on this but am I correct that the polio vaccine that Jonas Salk invented was not distributed by conventional pharmaceutical companies am I correct about that doctor dr. pepper you're absolutely correct and I was I was the only graduate student of Jonas Salk when he was doing a number of research projects at the University of Utah and as his graduate student I would meet with him every single week and talk about what new inventions he might have and Jonas Salk saved the world he saved the world from polio and I asked him what is greatest what he wants to be most well known about other than his family and he said not patenting the polio vaccine and I said what do you mean you did something that you didn't do what what is the issue he says I didn't patent it because I realized at a patent on this vaccine the pharmaceutical world would have charged two thousand times markup third-world countries would have not been able to afford it only the only the countries that could have afford it would have gotten well ten years later the polio virus would have mutated and come back and killed us all so he said I couldn't give it to the pharmaceutical world so that it could be afforded and guess who saved the world a network marketing organization called the Rotary Club – thus a their greatest achievement is they took city by city organizations of normal human beings that were interested in saving their community and one city at a time they saved the entire world from the polio virus and it was because Jonas Salk had the insight wisdom and and graciousness to donate that to everybody free of charge well that story in that a great story amazing story so is there such thing doc as being allergic to some antibiotics I'm still thinking about well there is a lot of people are allergic to antibiotics in fact you'll realize and what's the consequence rarely given more than two weeks at a time what happens when you are you develop resistance and it makes a huge damaging effect to your digestive system and to your immune system so people that take antibiotics for a long period of time develop a lot of problems that are called autoimmune disorders and you might have heard of fibromyalgia and you might have heard of numerous problems with lupus and other diseases have been directly linked to a long-term antibiotic use not only that in one day an antibiotic will wipe out all the good bacteria in your intestines and you'll have chronic diarrhea chronic gas your body won't absorb normally foods and if you don't put enough probiotics back in there to repopulate it correctly you may go a lifetime with diseases like irritable bowel disease like inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease and so the antibiotics can develop more than just an allergy but the side effects are so so broad that you want to take one of these silver products way before an antibiotic and then then if silver doesn't work in a very short period of time or the trend isn't positive you can mix it with your antibiotic and it makes antibiotics tenfold stronger at killing the pathogens because the antibiotic only kills 22 or 23 out of 650 but it still has to have activity against all the rest when silver kills all the residual bacteria the antibiotic becomes 10 times more effective because it only has to kill a certain amount a much less number of a specific type in other words it does its job better without interference I know that 15-20 years ago I know that I was allergic to an antibiotic and I cannot tell you the name because I'm not into these fancy names but the symptom that I had is I couldn't create yeah so bad symptom my doctor asked me yesterday are you allergic to any anything and so I remember it and she she looked up my file and it's a good thing she says it's a good thing I didn't I didn't prescribe that one then huh right said yes and let's be clear dr. Patterson's not saying we're eliminating antibiotics he's saying that there's still a great need for them but if you do it in conjunction with silver and you can increase it by tenfold and the silvers gonna kill the other bacteria that the antibiotic isn't killing then we're really on to something well in addition to that this the newest latest and greatest piloting of that research indicates that we're actually reversing people's resistance to an antibiotic so you for instance might have a situation where if you take the wrong antibiotic you're Swope your throat swells shut and you can't breathe and you could die it's called anaphylaxis actually silver is reversing that situation in a number of antibiotics it's early to tell you that researches is definite but it's definitely showing signs that that will be the case awesome so there's a before we go back to Africa there's a couple of things on your on your resume here that I I gotta mention so you were co-authored you call it one of the world's most read books called the Chicken Soup for the end reaching soul talk about talk about that for a minute well my best friend's dad was dying of brain cancer and he refused to take any medicinal help so we had to sit by and try to keep things as positive as possible in the process we gathered one or two page stories that were happy that were uplifting and to sit there and read by his bedside uplifting stories was something that we did so he gathered them together and Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield wrote the original Chicken Soup for the Soul and I was lucky enough to be brought in on other Chicken Soup for the Soul book simply because of that issue helping people in a lost cause be happy and help them be healthy because we realize if your attitude is good if you have a positive attitude if you're laughing and happy and healthy maybe and just possibly you can turn the energetics of wellness in your behalf and even eliminate some of these terminal diseases so what it turned out to be his book after book after book of happy healthy stories awesome and lastly you were an expert research and development author for the world's most read magazine the Muscle & Fitness talk about that for a second well I was hired by Joe Weider to be the vice president of research and development and I started writing scientific articles in the sports science arena and I was the one that published the very first article on protein supplementation though I don't know 30 years ago and Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the subjects that we trained and so I got to help with all the mr. Olympius of that time period and got to write the scientific articles for the original science on protein supplementation and how it will increase muscle strength and muscle size and I was a part to a lot of very popular people at an early stage in my career great alright so back to Africa I asked you to question early on the show how do I get silver and I know how and I'm gonna get some but if I was in Africa and I had two kids and they were dying of malaria what what would I do well I had that situation many times and and if it were me in your situation I would take an ounce of liquid silver and I would literally put it in their mouth one or two drops at a time because when they get so sick from malaria they often throw everything back up and they get sinus infections and everything's green and congested and diarrhea and all these problems are going on they have a tough time breathing so literally a few drops at a time and in a matter of six or ten minutes they start to calm down and breathe a little clearer in addition to that you're gonna want to do that probably three or four times the first day the second day you're only gonna have to do it twice a day the third day twice a day the fourth day twice a day the fifth day they'll probably be going back to school that's my experience now if you're here in the States United States or Canada you're gonna want to take a nebulizer or a humidifier that you can buy from any of your major marketing stores like Walmart or Costco and you can buy one of these ultrasonic humidifiers and they put out a cool mist now instead of just putting water in that humidifier I'm going to put in silver the liquid silver then gets sent out as a cool mist over your face at night your children will need to have one of these right over their face and by morning they'll have inhaled enough of that silver mist that it can destroy the croup it can kill the pathogens of pneumonia sinus infection eye infection and on the skin as well so what you've got for you and you self as well as your kids is the opportunity to do preventive treatment by putting liquid silver into a humidifier and inhaling that cool silver mist it goes down in where drugs can't no fantastic well the me I'm still stuck in Africa I know know know what up what I'm saying dr. Peterson and I'm very thrilled dr. Peterson is he's actually gonna write a chapter in my new book the protocol because this is one of the protocols I want to bring to the world to you know to let people know that this is a possibility because my goodness how many of our kids right now or I mean you're an example sick right up you better get it a humidifier today you don't have the silver so let's let's go back to Africa cuz I'm so moved by dr. Pettis ins commitment to this project in Africa because what he's seen I think we need to get a get a feel for the magnitude of the problem so since you were over there give us give us first just how many kids are we talking about in Africa that are exposed to malaria and Omri are dying every day we're talking about 3 million people or children under five dying every year and what that means is in the one sentence the time it took me to say that one child died in addition to that you got to realize that in any city in any population more than half of all the children die before the age of five from malaria not to mention what it does to their economy you've got some countries that are spending forty five percent of all of their gross domestic product on the problems associated with malaria the men can't work they can't keep jobs they keep getting malaria over and over and over the women are losing babies they're being sick so you've got a situation that's not just medical its economic they cannot continue to provide for their families because they can't keep jobs they can't go to school so they just abandon school after the fourth grade and half of the kids are dying when you go there and you walk into a clinic and the first thing you see is five children under five in body bags on the same bench where you're gonna sit to go get treatment you'll start to realize how powerful this situation really is so how do we help them the easy way I would like to help them is I've written a program that takes the ability to manufacture this product by Africans for Africans I'm in 17 countries already I've made a manufacturing plant for each one I take it in and it gives them the ability to cure 60,000 cases of malaria per year with one manufacturing facility I teach the children of an orphanage how to manufacture it distribute it and with my books that are out there like this one you have the ability to identify what are the dosages now these children in orphanages that had no hope before are actually learning to read English pharmaceutical science comes next manufacturing skills the ability to help diagnose and distribute a product that does not require a prescription you're now not only saving life saving children's lives you're putting men back to work and you're providing employment in an area where there was none before and what we get out of it we take their carvings their statues they carve onyx or stone statues we take them to America we sell them in the airports and in the hotels all of the money goes back to them in the form of a manufacturing facility so they meaning Africans get to save Africans and those who are at the bottom of the economic level are now building stone houses brick houses instead of just living off of whatever they could find off the railroads it's changing lives both wellness and economically it helps I want to go to a thousand people in a thousand places in Africa and we will totally eradicate malaria in one situational approach and that is a thousand people with a thousand manufacturing plants they build their own they have their oh and by the way in my publication in the indian practitioner we've identified twenty more cures that silver is good for urinary tract infections food poisoning strep staff and skin diseases of all kinds were also in this as well we can change their lives and their economy great yeah if I wasn't doing this right now would just stand up anyway right but I feels like we couldn't help ourselves that's fantastic I told you the amazing I told you yeah absolutely outrageous so before because at the show because the cons well it sounds almost almost over yeah I want to make sure that we talk a little bit about you Peter you doing a conference about autism he may yes mentioned that well I'm so honored I was I'm so honored that I was just chosen to be one one of the keynote speakers at autism one in Chicago on May 24th which is one of the larger autism conferences in the world to talk about the Tito syndrome and the Tito's protocol so I'm I'm so honored and flattered to be doing that also I think it's a wonderful opportunity when people like yourselves have taken the focus of whatever it takes to make people well and I know that because I have for medical degrees and I basically went to school to help people and every other doctor I ever met had that same opinion you guys are putting it into practice whatever it takes let's get the job done and the reason why is the American medical world is in chaos right now and doctors don't know what's going to happen medical professionals don't know what's gonna happen I don't think our politicians know what's gonna happen doc I'm sorry I gotta cut you off because we're out of time so you were absolutely amazing we'll have to do this again thank you very much and if anybody was touchmove and inspired by anything that we said here today and there was plenty of it yes please come to the website new the new health conversation TV and engage with us and until next time we'll see you again and we love you all be healthy


  1. Everything he says is true except for the Polio vaccine…ugh.! Gates is in court for 46,000 injured in India from the polio vaccine…

  2. Very informative video except when he started praising the polio vaccine for saving us from from polio. It not only didn’t stop polio as advertised it spread cancer to a lot of people. The polio vaccine was contaminated with SV40 (simian virus 40) which is carcinogenic to life.
    Polio was on a steep decline prior to the introduction of the vaccine. After the vaccines’s  introduction, the health authorities changed the definition of the disease. Prior to the vaccine any and all infantile paralysis was considered polio. If the paralysis lasted for three days or more it was considered polio wether it was actually caused by the virus or not. And there were a lot of other things causing paralysis back then, like DDT contamination. The new definition changed the time from three days of paralysis to 60. Since most polio infections are benign and resolve themselves within a week this alone eliminated thousands of cases of polio. And so POOF ! Big Pharma claimed victory !

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