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Revenge of the Sith shows Padme dying of childbirth despite being surrounded by advanced medical droids and top-of-the-line equipment this has led many to question the quality of medical care in the Star Wars universe however as all illustrate in today's video medicine medical technology and medical sciences were extremely advanced at least in the Star Wars Legends universe roll the intro so there are several key indicators which point to the Star Wars universe having extremely advanced medical science the first relates to aging in what is chronologically the first EU book after the Battle of Endor true SEPA Qura we meet the couple epi and Ord Beldon the two are described as you would someone in their mid to late 70s they are starting to slow down a little bit oran requires the use of technology to speak but they otherwise have their full mental faculties aren't in any way sick and don't seem to be dying anytime soon the thing is these two aren't in their 70s but well until their 100's born was over a hundred and sixty and was still a senator on bucura with no indications of slowing down despite actually having several replacement organs epi his wife was still physically active in her one 30s after recovering from a parasite which had been inflict upon her by the Empire she was still physically capable of leading a Bakr and rebellion against the Empire but that's not the only work which indicates that characters might age slower in the Star Wars universe than they do in the real world first off by legacy of the force and beyond all of the main trilogy characters are in their 50s to 70s and are only suffering the very most minor of physical slowdowns Lando is in his 70s expanding his business in becoming a father for the first time while Boba Fett at 60 plus years old is desperately trying to cure a disease related to his cloning and once he does it seems like he has a significantly long life ahead of him abner Pelion was not only active but leading the Imperial remnant well into his 90s before his assassination again no signs of mental or physical slowdown so the elongation of life seems mostly related to presumably organ replacement advanced medicines to cure diseases and the very common use of bacta and at times even force augmented doctors to deal with a variety of maladies of course these benefits would have been mostly limited to only those who could afford them we have the following conversation an agent of chaos one of the New Jedi Order books between Han and his smuggler friend who haven't seen each other in almost 30 years you don't look a day older since last time I saw you Han said nor to you Roja said almost convincingly Han smiled lopsided li and tapped his forefinger against his front teeth regrown he touched his nose broken and repaired to so many times there's hardly any original tissue left plus my face is all out of whack this size higher than the other one as you think I come by my useful appearance naturally Roja asked theatrically don't tell me you're a clone right row a left next to best thing for Juvenal dwith daily my oh stim he displayed a noble profile I instructed the cosmid to leave just enough age to keep me looking distinguished we'll come back to some of this later but I want to summarize on Aging it's hard to say exactly how old characters lived but it does seem like the effects of aging are slowed this is shown by characters like Lando han and boba still being incredibly active in their 60s and 70s as well as the fact that tendrá reasoned had a child in her mid 50s Luke is also described as middle-aged in fate of the Jedi despite being now in his 60s this is all of course ignoring the life-extending effects of force sensitives as well as other non-human races which are all outside the scope of today's video however arguably life extension was not the most impressive aspect of Star Wars medicine I think that goes to the ability to heal or recover from even serious otherwise life-changing injuries first I want to focus on non robotic or non cybernetic treatments the best example of this besides for bhakta comes from Marta give who shatters her spine and is paralyzed below the neck but is subsequently healed by a fairly simple injection this is all in the legacy period where medicine may have advanced since the Clone Wars perhaps even significantly because we got the following quote from Jason solo isn't medicine miraculous today tightest asked a being is more likely to die of a meteor strike than of old age or disease a little more than a standard week after losing his arm Titus was pacing actually pacing back and forth across the war room with his good arm he was waving a hypo filled with special preparation of protocells and neural growth stimulants days to one be dry can replace a blaster shattered kneecap with anilinium prosthetic more durable than the original they could have reattached my natural arm had I been willing to lie around in one of these for a couple of months Qaeda's intentionally slammed his prosthetic knee cap into the bed frame yes today's medicine can even rebuild the nerves in a ruptured spinal cord one little injection Kai just looked at the needle which was nearly as long as his finger then continued well maybe not so little is all it takes to start the process there's a lot in that quote besides for the bed about aging which we covered earlier it shows that drugs and even what we would consider miracle cures are available at least for the right price it alludes to the introduction of droids in the medical system and in particular the to 1b droid which was able to accurately diagnose and treat basically any condition next we have backed one of the most impressive aspects of Star Wars medicine doctor can cure nearly any physical injury given enough time it can't quite regrow limbs but it can facilitate the regrowth and healing of damaged organs or skin help of bones to mend and just generally help repair and heal any damage taken during a battle and that's everything from eye gouges to deep lightsaber cuts to pierced kidneys or spleens to as Luka discovered after his encounter with Palpatine the calcification of bones and the frying of a nervous system after being attacked by Force Lightning bacta is always in high demand and it's very expensive so it's not always available but if you can immerse yourself after what would otherwise be a fatal injury you can probably make it sometimes the recovery might take weeks but it really is a miracle solution another good thing to mention is that it works on almost all species although depending on the alien metabolism it might take more or less time to be effective finally we have the most famous aspect of Star Wars medicine in my opinion prosthetics in fate of the Jedi when meeting with Natasa Dola Luke says that his mechanical arm is basically indistinguishable from his real arm and doesn't hold him back in any meaningful way now as the level of mechanical augmentation increases especial as we get to cyborg beings like lumia there is a high degree of maintenance required but advanced cybernetics and electronics allow those like vader lumia or grievous to survive but would otherwise be deadly injuries other than that the replacement of limbs was seen as a fairly small deal Vader himself is actually an interesting case because it's very clear that Palpatine did not do everything possible to heal the Sith Lord he could have used a back to treatment most likely and had better mechanical limbs and a less oppressive suit but that was all part of the Darth Vader persona in the most extreme examples beings can actually be transported fully into droids and one of the best examples of this was rain and VAX who basically had his innards shoved within a yvh model a less practical and often less voluntary method of this can be seen in the brain transfer procedure of the Bomar monks and other technologies including the Saira's and tech mint and various procedures of the dark empire allowed the transference of a person's essence or spirit into a new clone or machine body but that's something for a different day entirely regardless I do hope I've convinced you of the advanced status of medicine in the Star Wars universe do you agree do you disagree let me know all of that and more down in the comments one last thing though on the whole death of Padme thing how you think I should reference this at some point Padme didn't die because she was forced choked or anything like that her death was clearly spiritual and also related to not the literal but the figurative death of Anakin Skywalker if Anakin had somehow been redeemed by obi-wan there's no way that she would have died and yes this is because Star Wars uses the force and it's essentially a fantasy in space she didn't die because she was choked or anything like that I guess you could just chalk it up to the force or the power of love or whatever else I would also like to mention that the way I've characterized characters aging in the legacy era is not necessarily strict lore but I do think it makes sense and the difference in personal aging has been my head Canon for a while now it doesn't really make sense for Han Luke and Leia to be running around at 60 going on adventures Ellie's just in my opinion anyway no question of the day say because I just did address that if you have something you'd like me to answer in a future video leave it down below with the hashtag asked act then like subscribe and turn those notifications on and you never know I might choose your question next anyway thank you so much for watching guys as always this has been at hearts ladder may the force be with you


  1. Didn't Bacta stimulate a Gand's arm to grow back after it was chopped of a an X-wing's S foil in book one of Stackpole's X-wing series?

  2. Their medicine may be good, but for a space-faring civilization, their cybersecurity seems woefully inadequate. Except for hyperspace plotting and some top notch encryption mentioned in some of Timothy Zahn's novels, the Empire/Republic seems very analogue and unconcerned about authorization. For a society with robotic slaves and factories that build entire armies with no user input, they seem unconcerned with automation elsewhere in their lives.

    They also don't appear to secure their computer systems very well. At my workplace, I need either my badge or a personal code to use the elevators or get onto a floor, but our heroes were able to traverse the Death Star after escaping from prison? R2-D2, a droid designed for navigation and general utility, was able to hack the Death Star's systems rather easily. Stormtroopers are monitored constantly for compliance, but someone accesses your giant death ball without authorization and no bats an eye?

    The usual Out-of-Universe explanation is that this technology wasn't commonplace when the movies were made. I've read sci fi novels where everyone has a computer integrated into their brain with their own personal AI assistant, and their missiles have more processing power than a Star Wars droid design for navigating the galaxy. Obviously, our imaginations evolve along with our technology. I'm sure there are more examples for either argument, so I'm curious as to your take on it.

  3. #AskEck when Darth Vader piloted Thrawn's Tie Defender he enjoyed flying it but thought it needed more fire power and simpler controls. My question is how would you make the Tie Defender even better?

  4. Vader was restricted by his suit to make him weaker and subservient, which is why the Emporer made sure that the suit was noisy, the healing process incomplete, and the body not fully healed.

  5. In one of the Star Wars RPG books I have, its said that people with cybernetics are actually discriminated against, as it make people less 'alive'.

  6. Hey Eck, I'm a bit new to your videos. I absolutely love them, they are super informative. I'm definitely hooked. Being newer, I don't know if this idea has been made into a video yet or not, but I wonder if you could do one on the lifespans of different Star Wars species. This came to mind during several mentions in this video. Plus you have examples like Chewbacca who is centuries old. Thank you for any time and consideration on this thought.

  7. I've always liked the "fanon" explanation that Padme died because Anakin/Vader was subconsciously draining her life force to keep himself alive as he was rebuilt. It also makes it so that Palpatine wasn't lying when he told Vader that he killed her, and twisting the truth is a more effective and cunning way to manipulate someone than flat out lying.

  8. not sure if what you say about padme is canon or not I infer it as palpatine stealing her life force to keep anakin alive, as i said not sure, what you said could be canon.

  9. Anakin actually seems to be pretty happy having a mechanical arm, as Obi-Wan's friend Siri Tachi commented that Anakin doesn't even seem to miss his real flesh arm because to Anakin his new machine arm was so much better, stronger, and more powerful allowing him to enhance his strength.

  10. In real world we are getting close to the level of medical technology of Star Wars. There are prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by neural impulses and they have feeling of touch.
    We are also getting close of growing organs, limbs and neural tissue in laboratories to be used in medicine. You loose an arm and a new one will be grown for you.

    Star Wars isn't that advanced anymore.

  11. 1. I was hoping you were gonna mention kolto at some point. 2. You should check out the book Bloodline in the new canon, it describes bacta really well and its officially canon! 3. I really enjoy your videos and hope to see more galactic versus soon!!!

  12. I've actually heard that Palpatine's story about Plagueis being able to save people from death was more than just seducing Anakin to the dark side. Some say he drained Padme's life force to save Anakin's.
    And you'll notice that Padme's heart stops beating right before Vader takes his first breath.

  13. So… why not just dunk Anakin in Bacta? OH right, Palpatine manipulating him and using him as a symbol. Thoughts and prayers.

  14. Something that has always puzzled me is why they do not re-plant severed limbs. Take Anakin first injury at Dooku’s hands. Amputation proximal to the Humerus.

    I choose this instance as Anakin was near to medical attention AND the limb was available to replant.

    EU Canon tells us that the blade of a sabre cauterises any wound. That being the case, there will be significant trauma to the wound margin. This would require a degree of debridement. Even so, the initial wound itself would be precise. A contemporary surgeon on earth would likely be able to perform a successful replant.

  15. Ah, I was hoping to hear reference to the MedStar books (I and II). Really good reads, especially Battle Surgeons.

  16. My take it on it is that Her heart was broken so badly and so shocked at what Vader did to her is that she just totally lost the will to live and wanted to die. So she did.
    Kinda like those story’s that you hear in the news every now and then about an elderly couple, one of them passes away and a couple of days later the other one passes away too because they couldn’t live without there loved one.

  17. In the Phasma book Brendol Hux tells Phasma that his droids can cure any known illnes. This is interesting because he died from the same illnes he thought his droids can cure

  18. Ya nailed it. In Ep V Luke surely would have died from his wounds and the cold even if he was put in a stinky Tauntaun. At best he would lose the remaining limbs.

  19. My understanding of Padme's death is that Darth Sidious stole her life force to keep Darth Vader alive until the droids could keep him alive.

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