Why Study MBBS in Abroad? | MBBS Admission @ 2 – 3 Lakhs

Indian parents aspired to see their children as medical professionals this profile is very respectable as it needs pure dedication and effort as you mean no more than 10 like students appear for need each year this year in 2019 15 lakh students have already filled the form and applied for need more than 7 lakh students lose out the competition every year and there is a high chance of these dedicated students to choose the options like dropper your pay huge fees to get a management seat study other alternatives like BDS or be HMS or BMS introducing PG America overseas number one and maybe as abroad portal we shall make your dreams come true get your MBBS degree done in countries like Philippines Ukraine Georgia Russia China Kyrgyzstan Kazakh Stan Belarus Bangladesh and Nepal with less complicated formalities that is choosing the right University for you admission formalities get a visa and then fly to achieve your dreams with a group of students we are with the students till the completion of the course while study abroad tuition fee is just 2 to 3 lakhs per year no donation or capitation to be paid MCI and w-h-o recognized universities internationally valid degrees that is you can work anywhere in the world direct admission and no entrance exam required all the universities are government-affiliated after third year 70% of the classes takes place in the hospitals for the students to get practical experience are you eligible to study abroad minimum age of 17 years minimum percentage of 50% in subjects like physics chemistry and biofuel category minimum percentage of 40% for reserved categories that is SC ST and OBC post your MBBS you just need to clear mci screening test which is 50% marks that is 150 out of 300 if you have any query write to us at info at PG medica comm or visit our website www.engvid.com call us at toll-free number one eight double zero one two one one five nine eight or talk to our expert education counselor at plus nine one nine seven three one six zero four five zero five now make your dreams come true with peach America overseas number one and maybe is abroad portal

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