Why study medicine with the University of Sydney?

Amazing reasons why you should come to Sydney to study medicine. I think gotta start with a fantastic diverse student
cohort. We have journalists, financiers, artists, musicians and that creates a
really vibrant atmosphere for students to learn from each other. I think another
great strength is that you enter the clinical world from right from your first
week to your first year, you get to meet patients, talk to patients, learn how to
examine and take a history which I think sets you up very well for when you enter
the hospital environment in more detail later on in the course. You also get an
opportunity to go to rural hospitals and clinical schools to get an idea of how
medicine is practiced in different parts of the country so our rural clinical
schools are based Lismore in the north, and Dubbo and Orange to the west,
and Broken Hill which is to the far southwest and those are very
different but fantastic research and clinically active hospitals where
students can work together with students from other medical schools and also
other health professions to understand how healthcare is delivered in rural and
remote communities. You also get fantastic international opportunities to
to work in other hospitals or to gain research experience. I think a major draw
for students to Sydney University is the early patient contact. So you will meet
patients in the first week of your first year of medical school and you’ll begin
to understand how to talk to them, get them to take histories, examine, all under
supervision so that when you hit the the clinical environment in greater depth in
years three and four, that you’ll have all those foundational knowledge and skills to
succeed. You are in a really research active university so you have access to world
leading researchers and research teams, who are involved in your teaching as
well as we’re having opportunities to work in their research teams as part of
your ND project for example. Another feature of the program is of course, we welcome our international students, we have around 70 to 80 per year from all
over the world and again they really adds to the richness and diversity of the
student cohort. So your clinical experience when you’re in Sydney is
based on one of our many fantastic clinical schools which are based in
Central City, Western City and for the North and whichever one you’re at, you’ll
have a fantastic experience with dedicated teachers and support staff to
help you in your studies. Of course our program is also accredited by the
Australian Medical Council as being fit for purpose and producing the Graduate
outcomes that they require for our students to be successful in the future medical
career. So Sydney University is nationally and internationally
competitive, the other number one medical school in Australia. In the worldwide QS rankings we’re 17th in the world for medicine and in the Times Higher
Education Work University Rankings we’re 33rd for clinical and preclinical
medicine in the world so that’s a major reason to come here and study.

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