Why Sugars Matter in Fighting Disease – A GlycoNet Panel Discussion, November 2018

well it was an evening of celebration and sharing we were celebrating the successes of glyco net a network that studies the field of glycol mix and why sugars are important and trying to inform the public on the role of glycomics and carbohydrates and ways in which we can continue to develop new medicines to treat people in 2014 we we made the argument to the federal government that we'd had success in Alberta making a successful research network or a resource organization that really made an impact created companies developed intellectual property and trained students that with the mass of people we had across the country we could we could achieve that on a national scale one of the most gratifying things I think about Galecki net has been we've really brought in people from all over the country and people who are not card-carrying glyco biologists or collective scientists and that's been really an important well sugars are very important for cell survival they're very important for the metabolism of the individuals be it an organism or a human being or any animals so understanding how sugars work and normal and in disease is extremely important to being able to fight disease the glycomics market is projected to increased 1.2 billion by 2020 widen which is about double the amount that it was in 2016 it's important to invest in carbohydrate research because we understand a lot of the fundamental carbohydrate knowledge and we're now ready to apply that to improving human health you

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