Why would a scientist inject gonorrhea pus into his penis? | Sacrificed


  1. Uugghh!!!  Truth is "all" std's "are" direct consequences of mankind's immorality. God's plan for the family structure was intended to be (1 man,1woman, to become 1 union, flesh of ones flesh, bones of ones bones) And whoever God has brought together,we are to let "no one" tear apart, 'till only death, do us part"……. Disobedience to God's Word is sin & "the consequences of sin & sin itself, is everything that is wrong in the world." Either way, I heard that std's "burn like a S.O.B!!!" and that kind of stuff scares me. That is why I was always faithful during the failed marriage & will always be faithful to the woman that I end up with. INFIDELITY IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

  2. hahaha what an idiot. do not bother to make sure it is pure gonorrhea before injecting it. I hope his junk rotted off. epic fail.what school did he get his degree from? back of a comic book I am guessing.

  3. I thought I had herpes once, but it turned out to be really dry penis skin (thank god). I used a penis health creme called Man Man Oil and it cleared right up. I still use it because my girlfriend loves how it smoothes out and softens my penis skin. Good stuff.

  4. This is why you shouldn't blindly follow scientists and what they say. They're just people like you and me and they got their own bias too.

  5. Why would you injected I would have just gone to the whore houses and have some last fun for my member.

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