Why You Should Happily Die For Big Pharma w/ Megan McArdle


  1. I love this podcast but I am so terrified to listen to this because with every discussion of Diabetes, even on the left, there is the faulty fake science that blames fat people for getting Diabetes. I have two diabetic parents and was insulin resistant by age 3. That is the bodies epigenetic and genetic response to having thrifty genes. There is an 80% chance I will develop diabetes by age 40 as a result of my genetics. The hatred and blaming of fat people, especially fat women in this culture, is causing a cortisol spike that leads to more diabetes. Please, stop hating us. Stop telling us we are disgusting lazy overeating and ugly. We are not. STOP BLAMING PEOPLE FOR THEIR DIABETES. This stigma is so high many fat people will just not go to the doctor and die early rather than be shamed and mocked or die as a result of stomach amputation. Fat people kill themselves every day from the trauma of living within a culture that hates them and wants them to die.

  2. Pharmaceutical companies don’t finance research, the state does. They use their price gouging spoils to market their drugs and get rich.

  3. Pretty sure there was a study that showed how most drugs were produced with research made with public funding.

  4. Well chapo guys you are total idiot for your theory on Indian elections.. You abused Indian voters called them names , demined them and believe me they can understand your grievances ciz they didn't fell for your psudo secular, psudo libral, leftist, islamist jihadi and hate your country agenda… Indian voters have shown to the world that nationalism comes first and country comes first … But you being racist and bigots can never understand that …America is watching these bad days not because there is an isis but because there is people like you wo calls Christchurch incident as Christian killing muslims but calls Christians killings by muslims at Sri Lanka as Easter worshippers got killed by someone and this is the idea that India rejected as India calls spade an spade ..hope instead of selling your soul to islamist jihadis and satan you will walk in the path of truth in future …till then rip

  5. Megan McArdle: "How dare you think 'Yer money or yer life!" is unfair! Don't you know that Pharmaceutical Companies should have every right to extort you for everything you have?!?!?"

  6. She is the most black-pilled person in the world, only the pill turned out to be Prozac, so she's just blissed-out and lobotomized as long as you dangle a new kind of melon baller in front of her face. Give me a legit, Aum Shinrikyo style death cult, because at least their nihilism isn't motivated by getting a fourth panini press with a USB port.

  7. my mother is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and is taken out to luxurious dinners by pharmaceutical companies multiple times a month – think $50 steaks – so they can pitch new drugs to her and her colleagues. it's crazy how much money the people with the patents spend on shit that doesn't actually help anyone

    she hardly ever prescribes those medications too, fwiw

  8. Wow we invented a way to manufacture insulin
    We should produce enough to treat everyone with diabetes and other insulin problems
    Capitalism: but producing enough insulin for everyone would be immoral!

  9. stopped listening when you decided to rate a piece of writing by how many romantic partners the writer had in the past. that's a sure sign of desperation. look, if you want to be newspaper writers instead of podcasters, you can be. you just need to go back to college and finish your degrees.

  10. I mean, the obvious answer to this is "if drug companies don't find it profitable enough to do ethically, why don't we just nationalize drug production and research."

    Then you are called a communist the likes of Stalin. (It's true in my case but still.)

  11. Oh, what a shocker. A blogger from the Washington Compost telling thousands of people to die. It's funny how liberals hate big pharma, except when it comes to providing them drugs and abortions; and it's funny how they call corporations "fascist" yet they have no problem with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc, censoring anyone's opinions that don't support the narrative of leftwing propaganda.

  12. At 27:20. If the world actually operated that way society wouldn't fucking exist. The capitalist mindset threatens civilization itself. If these economics dipshits really want a world of ruthless competition they can see what happens when people stop giving a fuck about legalism and order and just start taking what they need. They want a brutal gangland world, but chances are they won't be able to maintain their position at the top of the pack. They need a government to keep them where they are.

  13. Instead of disgust at the content, let’s accept Megan’s argument as a manifesto for a government take over of pharma.

  14. 28:23 is extremely important and i'm bookmarking that next time anyone irl shills for capitalism

  15. How sad is your life to literally argue in favor of letting people die because they can't afford insuline? There isn't any amount of money or other stuff you could give me to make me do that. It's not possible.

  16. I'm Canadian and this is utter Bullshit, many medical treatments and research come from here and other nations with socialized healthcare, stem cell research is Canadian, the USA scares the shit out of me… Unbridled oligharcy

  17. I wish these people would just come to my house and kill me. Shoot a missile at my house with a drone, anything. Any of the normal ways our society eats its young. Something, anything besides listening to and reading the thoughts of these mongrels as they do it with some paperwork.
    Funny that I saw this thumbnail and decided to listen. I was just about to go and blow most of my pay on a novolog refill.

    Fuck you, Meg. If you feel so strongly about it, come knock on our doors and tell us. Look one of us in the face and tell us we deserve our lot in life, and that we should have to pay for the privilege of not writhing on the floor vomiting stomach acid.
    Tell a diabetic that. Not just a fat Wilfred Brimley lookalike, but one of the little kids with type 1 who just got told they'll never have birthday cake ever again. Give em the lil Benny, "I want to buy fine furniture, but if I don't have the money…"

    Perhaps we should, and decrease the surplus population…!

    Fuck you. Grow a soul.

  18. Are… are we absolutely sure that Megan McArdle isn't just playing the long game here and for her entire life she is actually a far left socialist who is pretending to be a clueless sociopath conservative? Like, is she doing some Colbert Report shit here? I think I'd rather believe this conspiracy, because I think she has done more damage to conservativism and capitalism than anyone else in the right wing media.

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