Why You Should Stop Using Homeopathic Medicine

This is a true story. A few years ago I fell down and I hurt my ankle really badly. Like I had to call my mom and say “can you pick me up from my apartment cause I can’t even walk”. And so she picked me up, took me back to my parents house. And when I was there, she gave me this medicine, this thing I was supposed to rub on my ankle And it was this ointment that she had used on me when I was a kid, and I got hurt. She’d rub it on me; it smelled really nice. And I remember it was, like, after she put that on me, I felt a lot better And so, here I was much older. But now she was rubbing this thing on my ankle and I’m thinking, oh this smells nice, this is gonna help me. And I’m looking at the bottle. And it said on there “homeopathic”. That word was in that, on the label somewhere. And now I knew what that word meant. It basically meant that there was nothing in this ointment that was actually gonna make me feel better. Nothing. It was all in my head. It had always been in my head. But my mom, she genuinely believed it was going to help me. And for the longest time, so did I This sort of “medicine” exists for everything. Headaches, arthritis, even ADHD. And its all fake. Here’s how homeopathy works. They take a supposed active ingredient; like a mineral or an herb. And then they mix it in to a lot of water. And they stir the thing. And then they take that mixture, and take a little bit of it, and put it in even mor water. And mix it. And then they take a little bit of that and put it in even more water. And they keep doing this. Eventually the ratio of that actual ingredient is to the water is, like, a raindrop compared to all the oceans of the world. It’s nothing. It’s not enough to have an impact on you. In fact, the more diluted it is, the more useless it is. Some homeopaths will tell you that the water has a memory of the active ingredient. As it affects all the water that it touches. Which is just not true. Have you ever been to the beach and you see a kid, like a mile away peeing in the water? And you’re, like, that’s disgusting. I’m glad it’s happening there because it won’t affect me over here. Now imagine just one drop of that. And homeopaths are saying “it doesn’t matter if it happens over a mile away. Its totally going to infest the water that you’re in”. Get it. It just doesn’t work that way. Now the people who sell this medicine to you, they make it look real. I mean, the packaging is really nice. The bottles look legitimate. The pills look like they’re real pills. But it’s just a placebo. A very expensive placebo by the way. People in the US spend about three billion dollars a year on this fake medicine. Now why do they buy it? Well, sometimes it’s cheaper than real medicine. And people who take it will tell you, they swear to you, that it totally works. Because they don’t understand science. And they believe anecdotes over evidence. You could literally swallow a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills and you would be OK. People have actually done this as a demonstration of how useless this “medicine” is. Yeah, you could try it yourself and you would see nothing would happen. Just make sure that it is actually homeopathic, otherwise you’re in for a world of trouble. Now maybe you’re thinking. “Who cares, if it makes you feel better, even in your head, isn’t that the point. Isn’t that OK? Why is this such a big deal?” The problem is that there are so many people out there who use homeopathic medicine instead of going to a real doctor and getting real medicine, that could actually help them. You know, my ankle was gonna get better over time. But what if the problem was a lot more serious? If you’re taking homeopathic medicine for an infection or cancer. Or swine flu; yeah, that actually happened. You’re making the problem much worse And you’re putting yourself in danger by not getting real help. You may be putting other people in danger. And you’re throwing your money away too. Walgreens and CVS sell these medicines, by the way. Even though they don’t actually help There have been people who started online petitions to get them to take this stuff off the shelves. But it hasn’t worked. You should know better, though. So, if you see this stuff, don’t use it. And if you see anyone using this stuff try telling them its bullshit. Not that telling them will actually do anything. When I pointed out to my mom that this medicine was homeopathic, and it was actually not going to do anything, she just told me to shut up and keep rubbing it on my ankle. But at least I know not to take this stuff seriously. My name is Hemant Metha and I write at friendlyatheist.com What do you want to see a video about? let us know on the comments below and we’ll be sure to check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. U are a crazy stupid person. u have no knowledge about how it is made, how it works
    What ever u are saying is rubbish
    Go learn some science….. Then give or opinion on it……

  2. i dont know who you are. but you made a lot of money making this video. i will ask you to go and buy a (lachesis 50M), 50M means 50million th dilution. which is just nonsense 😁 according to you and have 5 drops of that good looking fraud medicine in front of the video. plz man do it ihave given you the name

  3. If homeopathic magic works i will never die. I use the worlds greatest homeopathic remedy none at all. Logically if the smaller the dose the greater the effect then no dose at all should be the greatest effect.

  4. There's meaning behind the potency you stupid ego-driven-small-penis/mind. They work nothing like alopathic drugs so putting them in the same category is from the start not scientific. Go educate yourself instead of repeating stuff that is not true. Go learn about quantic physic instead of telling shit. Nobel priced Dr. Montagnier is starting to discover the mecanisms of this great medecine, but obviously you don't know him. Anyways, you are going to look so stupid in few years when science will be advanced enough to articulate how homeopathy works. I wish you a consultation with a classical homeopath (who btw had studied at least 5 years those "placebo"!!) Great remedy for people like you!.

  5. So..animals cured with homeopathic meds…is it all in their heads too…before you go against anything first research thoroughly

  6. hahahaha! i just have to laugh at you. I suggest you go do some reading and research. Homeopathy works wonders.

  7. You said it isn’t based on any science, have you learnt science of energy? Do you know how energy which we put in dilutions while we make the medicine? This positive energy or the dynamic energy heals you and cures you inside! Like electricity works for us or any kind of energy. Besides, do not tell your viewers to take a bottle of homeopathic medicine coz you think it doesn’t effect, as if it cost a life or distress in that individual, he or she may sue you!
    As a task, for you to proof homeopathy doesn’t work, take a FULL bottle or some grains of any high potency medicine and note the actual, the true effects of that within a day! If you want I can prescribe the less lethal potency according to you and you would be responsible for the consequences. Improve your subscribers by doing this task!

  8. You idiot you only admitted that you got better in your childhood with the Homoeopathic medicines…….then how the hell you are saying that Homoeopathic medicines do not work I think you should go to a psychiatrist

  9. I got my gall stone, cyst In kidneys & sleep with homeopath. How. Vaccine is homeopathy. Salt in small quantity is homeopathy. I got my gall stones removed by berry berry vulgaris & ox-gall.

  10. Homeopathic medicines are the best medicines in the world, because of 4 points.
    1.Non addictive
    2.mild & Gentle
    3.No side effects
    4.permanent cure.

  11. I work in the supplements department of an organic and health food grocery store. We have a homeopathic section and people come in and buy it. I have finally got enough info on how it works. It’s total bullshit. Two of the big brands are Boiron and Hylands. Stay away from them and any homeopathic bullshit.

  12. My opinion says that homoeopathy doesn't have logic is wrong saying actually our science can't found the real mystery I have seen many patients who became cured because of homoeopathy do you think all the Americans are fool and you are just nice by copying others lecture

  13. I m glad you brought this up and I cannot understand how a 1995 2gb hard drive should be pushed in into a micro SD card now "that" claim it's 128gb can you please explain how In the world this is possible and how in the world did your mind dictate your voice cords if you had gotten hit by something you called over your mom (not a doctor of course because 'i m fine just my feet hurt' that is exactly arnica) and you can see it working on your mind do you think it did not work you have just been saying that it works is it a micro SD instead of the old floppy disk so who cares be stuck with pharmaceutical companies pay them for banning everything in there favor
    Why is here knee surgery or diabetes where is the prominent cure it's in the book of the 1900s can they fix skin problems or just come about lead in the water that i cannot see make some research outside of the US because hare it's money and ego give your doctor some questions about your medicine side effects

  14. Atheism is also nothing but a way to stand apart from others to feel special…… Can you give any evidence of big bang?? What was that singularity thing that bursted and universe was created….. Why monkeys evolved to humans but some of them stopped….. How can you say that there is no god… If you can proove it… Then its fine but atheism is a s false as condemming the sun…. And your obeservation od homeopathy is very obtuse…. You should experience it first hand and then give lectures…. If you have a proble, go to a qualifies homeopath…. Take medicine sincerely for something which. Is an obseeved cure like wart.. Mole…. Elevated esr…. Take it for more than 3 months.. Experience its aggravation and they talk about it whether you were benefirted or was simply food….. I will gice you a remdy.. Thuja 200 4 drops tds….. For warts….. I have tried ot.. It worked wonderfully… Try on others……

  15. I am using homeopathic…really it worked more than other medice….i think this person not take homeopathic medicine…he is speek like a lie….mr abs ect….please take properly than see miracle result….sorry yr you can not take position of india in the matter of any indian medicine…bcz india learn you how make a any medice

  16. Homeopathy is science. And u r telling about the million dollar allopathic industry… Which also kill people and which also has huge limitations

  17. u are a fool to make blame others.

    Homeopathy is the topmost system compared to other system.

    if u say homeopathy is a placebo take homeomedicine take empty stomach for a particular period.u feel 100% the medicinal symptom.if u have a confididence take this chalange publicly include with a homeopathic doctor…..

  18. Hey do you know the nature of therapeutics law??.. do you know the Hering's law of cure, have you ever studied Organon of Medicine???.. if not then you are far away from the knowledge of homoeopathy

  19. If u have think that homoeopathy medicine doesn't work then I prescribe u a medicine a mother tincture of homoeopathic medicine, lachesis… if u dare to then take it..lets see if ur mind can stop the reaction the medicine produces..U are a bloody fool person who has no idea about homoeopathy..pity uπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ for ur ignorance.. have guts?, go to the homoeopathy store right now and take the medicine I prescribed u…soon after taking that medicine plz Do not forget to make vid about ur experience with medicine lechesis..i will be waiting u bloody fool..πŸ˜ƒ

  20. I am looking to make some extra income. Would the pharma companies pay me if I deride alternatives systems? I promise I will spew venom.

  21. Aphorism 188 of the Organon of Medicine Should Be Able to Answer anyone Who Claims that Topical Medicines in Homeopathic Medicine exist. Homeopathy is Based on Consuming Oral Medicines in the Mode of Pills or Liquid by Law of Similars. Start Reading up Before Posting some Shitty Videos about Homeopathy. Don't be a Part of The Big Pharma Scammers.

  22. Rumours r not allowed.Fake n fool person.Homeopathy is a system of medical science.1 must have to spend at least 6 yrs to get the proper knowledge about it.

  23. Two questions:

    – Why did that ointment/oil smelt good if it is so diluted?
    – What is this active ingredient and how do homeopathic pharma guys arrive at it?

  24. Listen nonsense….is it bound to heal every problem….u may not get relief…but others getting….but urs medicines allopathic making sick the world

  25. it wrks and it is not placebo atall… u think in this way because u don understand homoeopathy…. and neither u hve been to a good homoeopath… these big companies of united states , who charge a lot for homoeopathy medicines … exist in ur country only who manufacture drug over their and still sell it very costly over there … but here in india , homoeopthic drugs are not that expensive as allopathic ones are … aswell as allopathic medicines have enormous side effects and homoeopathy has no effects… coz homoeopathy is close to nature .. it works mircalously ..if the drug is exact according to ur ailment ….visit a good homeopath and u will understand the difference..

  26. any above all anything when it to be applied on ur body like shampoo and ointment etc even bio chemic tablets are not part of homoeopathy .. only potentised drugs part of homoepathy mr … these big co who rob u ..sell these drugs for their benefit … which is not part of homoeopathy …

  27. In science anything that can not be described by a mathematical formula or mathematical expression is treated as random. In my opinion random is actually a complex or yet undiscovered model.

    If something you can not understand, does not mean it does not exist.

    The fact is that, there are so many people who get benefit from homeopathic medicine when other regular Allopathic medicines do not work (for example in skin diseases and allergy issues). Sometimes these allopathic medicine only suppress the symptoms but do not cure the disease, but still we see the medical professionals (doctors) advocating us to use these medicines.

    People around the world need cure, they don't want to become permanent customers of the big pharmaceutical firms.

    So we should invest time on figuring out why people get benefit from homeopathic medicine than to just waste time on saying homeopathy is fraud!

  28. My son had swollen tonsils. Western medicine calls for a tonsillectomy, there's no cure. With homeopathy 75% of his swollen tonsils are gone. It definitely works. You made a whole video about homeopathy being a sham. Did you bother to ask your mom which homeopathy cream she applied on your knee which did not work? Maybe it was for something else. you know moms LOL.

  29. Is it an expert opinion…please give your expertise on all subjects …I feel you are Newton or Einstein

  30. Wish you best for your ankle pain recovery which Homeopathic medicines could not cure but your Mother's touch cured you in spite of your ………!
    The Atheists are believing that there is nothing to believe in the supreme who lives within you and me always manifest even to an optically challenged creature!
    'Disbelief' is a kind of the feeling of not being able to believe that something is true or real:
    Every person believes that 'Sun' a natural phenomenon is something that exists and can be seen, felt, tasted, etc., especially something unusual or interesting but some ……….:
    Who are the 'Real Doctors'? Read about Dr.Sebi.
    What are placebos? Read medical history of various wars and injured soldiers recovered!
    Also read the seminal book 'The Biology of belief' Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles by Bruce Lipton is an American developmental biologist
    Field Marshal , Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington, quoted "Wise people learn when they can, fools learn when they must", and "If you believe that you will believe anything.

  31. Dear you said they mix it in the water ,however it is not pure water,it is alcohal so you are abslutely wrong there.,and whatever is the cost as per my 30 yrs of experience the Homeopathisc medicines work and work miraculously,and as far as another thepry of placibo is concerned then it worked on you in childhood when you had no concepts ,then it also works very nicely on Cows,Dogs,Cats and so on who have no concept of Placebo so this placebo also a humbug logic just to save the skin that is being badly peeling now.Thirdly,these meds are much much cheaper than Modern medicines,the rich country people may afford due to insurence and that type of supports but what about 3rd world countries where ppl dont have money to pay the insurance premium.These effective and economically affordable medicine are a boon for such countries.

  32. You're the one of most stupid person I have ever seen.
    1. Its your belief that it doesn't work. So you should keep your belief to yourself. Unless you can prove to doctors itself that you're better than them.
    2. Homeopathic doesn't work. – Homeopathic work slower, and it must be used regularly as recommended by doctor.
    3. Homeo solves issues which even allopathy can't solve. Allopathy is good in case where instant improvements are required. In many cases doctors can't even establish the cause of a symptom to the real issue/disease in body. But ask any good homeo doctor, and he/she would tell the possibilities.
    4. You're smaller than a dot in this universe. Don't share the bullshit in your head unless you've achieved the enlightenment like Buddha did, or can prove it.

  33. offcourse homeopathy is not at all fake…. it has given life to many patients physically as well as mentally..

  34. What big pharmacy do you work for? So you call medicine something that kills far more people then it helps each and every year. Your a atheist that makes sense, now I understand . You've got a real hard road ahead man, hopefully you start learning the truth soon.

  35. Mr Stupid.. do not make videos if have no knowledge about homeopathy… it is nano technology… it is proven beyond doubt that water has memory and it changes structure… first learn and then comment about it..

  36. and people spent 100 million per year for modern medecine.
    you basterds jst want people earn money and give to pharmaceutical companies.

  37. what bullshit idea the medecine systum exist 10000 years they called "Alternative medecine" what a shame.

    and what they discover as pharmaceuticals is "the really one".
    shame for enemies of humanity.

  38. guys I wonder we become more price concious than medecine.

    I got sick went to auyveda ..she said drink lemon juice 3 time a day you will be ok.

    my mind says Come on that Is shit.
    I need medecine that I pay.
    as long as I am not paying high price I am not going to be healthy.

    I believe many of us can have that issue or jst me.

  39. BRO thankyou! for showing your disgraceful love to homeopathic. First of all it build up your immunity ,it helps your body to fight by your own
    From your opinion that this medicine don't give you any benefits so just throw it. you are not for the medicine .you can surely use allopathic medicine . First of all from your opinion the doctors which studied homeopathic they follish.but this is not true.my friend it also have some specialty that's why many people moves towards this . So people like you critised by this way you don't need to take this medicine . And i want to say
    you something that kindly change your mindset and do proper reaserch before uploading a video if you can't do this much work then you just f***off

  40. There are n number of research papers which validate homoeopthy as science and material basis for homeopathic remedies, scientists and physicists are working on nanoassociates present in UDS which show a wide range of variations in there physical properties including surfaces tension, boiling point etc when minutly studied but dumb head, stupids like you who preach to be intellectual without any background knowledge of science . there are n number of theories like quantum physical model, Therapeuticly charged nano particles associated with silicate coating, electric dispersion model, etc but you dont want to read what you do is spread fake prapoganda without yourself getting completely informed about…

  41. There is a serous science behind this. Millions of people are not fools to follow Homeopathy or any other alternative medicines. Who coined the word "alternative medicine"? Infact the Allopathic medicine is alternative. You please see the video by a noble laureate (he is not fool) who has worked on memory effect of water. After seeing this video still if you are not convinced the god bless you. If these medicines dont work, why millions follow it and number is increasing. Man open your eyes. If you dont understand homeopathy dont talk. what do you think, any medicine will work for your knee? if you have headache and if you take skin disease medicine , does it work? Homeo medicines need lots of experience, prescriptions of these medicines are not like that of allopathy ones…If you dont want to use, dont use but dont teach / spread wrong things on the net. Dont do advertisement for western medicines…

  42. You say taking homeopathy to treat cancer puts you in more danger. tell me one cancer treatment medicine that does not kill patient pathatically. You will understand it better if you go through this. You will stop advising

  43. Has anyone bribed you to speak against homoeopathy? if you dont know what is the beautiful philosophy behind the miracles of homoeopathy better stop doing videos about it!!!! it is a serious advice from an homoeopath!!

    A LAYMAN Like u cannot understand it!!

    Better get treated with homoeopathic medicines first because you seem like having severe bilious and melancholic temperament πŸ˜‚

  44. An engineer will never understand medicine and a doctor wont understand engineering. This guy is not a god speaking from the sky. Do not believe in it. Its just a myth.

  45. It is a foolish talk. This man has never gone to genuine homoeopathic doctor. Can you proove existence of air . Almost all patients in this world dies under allopathic treatment. Every healing system has its own scope and limitation.

  46. Homeo is cheap and effective this why allopathy agencies talks against this. My father has Angina pectoris and he is taking only homeo. If home is fake he would have been dead long ago

  47. Try v15 homeopathic for sleeping disorder….you know homeopathic is fake so placebo will not work on you.. ..try result and make one more vedio

  48. Ur an idiot ,you can tell iam not ,i will tell prove in lab 🀣🀣🀣 this is homeopathy β™₯️β™₯️

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