what's up JB Navy assha captain Jasmine black and I'm here with a get ready with me video and it is Mental Health Awareness Month and I wanted to talk to you guys about depression and creators and youtubers I see a lot of youtubers and creators go through these meltdowns and depression and I want to talk about how they sometimes get there and what you guys can do as supporters fans audience to help them so if we're going to go ahead and get into this get ready with me video I am rocking this simple look for today you are not subscribed to my channel make sure you subscribe now and hit that Bell for notifications if you are subscribed what's up JD Navy and I appreciate you for your support and I love you guys and thank you so much for everything for the comments but the DMS for the motivation just for the support just all that thank you so much and let's go ahead and get into the video so before we get into the video I just want to let you guys know that this video has been sponsored by Hawaii hair I am rocking their malaysian straight i have a 20 inch closure a 24 a 26 and another 26 inch bundle in and i absolutely love their Malaysian hair and you can click the link down below to see this exact hair that I am wearing they have a large variety for affordable prices so make sure you guys check them out what's up you guys how you been a lot of you guys been telling me that you're missing me talking to you and chit chats and things like that so I have a chitchat for you guys today and I want to talk about something that's really been on my mind so a little bit now and it's about the reason why I think youtubers get depressed and create content creators all over and just creators in general I think one of the most popular things is creators block you know you two you need to put out at least a video a day or some people have weekly or you know depending on your views and your watch time and everything unless you know how often you need to put out a video you know if your watch time is lower your views is low you probably want to put out videos more than other people you know to get some type of consistency and to like get yourself out there you know what I mean but if your views are high you can be one of the new tubers that put out a video once a week because people are still watching the last video you put out last week so if you're a content creator that has to create constant content you can reach a point of creators block and I've been there before you know throughout my journey with YouTube I've been there before I've had creators block where I just didn't know how else to be creative and sometimes we could just kind of max our brains out trying to be different and things like that the second cause of like youtuber and creator depression is like trying to please people like always trying to please our audience and then we wind up losing ourselves in the midst because I may come to YouTube to want to do one thing but people want to see another example my stripper video is compared to you know some regular stuff and I know some makeup girls go through that like when a makeup girl step out of doing makeup you know they want her to do more makeup videos and that can cause the type of depression because it caused the creator to think like oh they don't like me they don't like what I'm putting out and that's not the case sometimes it's just that your audience is you see you putting out something or they like when you put out certain things that doesn't mean when you step outside your box that it's wack or it's not good it doesn't always mean that I just like I don't really let this type of stuff get to me because I just I'm just gonna do me I'm going to me rather I get a thousand views rather I get a hundred thousand views like whatever I feel like recording that's what I'm doing for you and the people who support you they're gonna love you regardless another reason why youtubers like get depressed is trying to keep up with the money like this shit can go from being fun to turn it into a job all right feeling like a job you know mad sponsorships mad people wanting to give you money to do videos collaborations people trying to force you to do a certain type of videos all that causes pressure when you accept a sponsorship or to promote a brand you have to do that in a timely manner for some brands our next thing you know they're emailing you are contacting you like hey where's our video and imagine having three or four brands doing that all at once so now this thing that you used to do on your own and whenever you wanted to or whenever you had your creative juices flowing now turns into like a thing you have to do on somebody else's time so that definitely creates pressure in the YouTube world are in the content creator world that's why I don't take one too many projects and I like to work at my own speed just for my mental because before really like doing YouTube and taking YouTube seriously I used to see all my favorite youtubers go down like this depressive state and I was like damn what is going on but these people was wrong got everything you wanted like your YouTube star what's the problem and then when I entered the YouTube world I was like oh this is what's happening because at the end of the day this shit is a business and you have to keep your business going sometimes your customers or your fans or your supporters become hearts of leaves which causes you to be upset then also you got people who put these cells in these niches like let's say a girl starts our channel based off hair and she decided that she wants to do pranks you know after doing hair videos for two years on your channel and did you bus out with a prank some people aren't prepared for that and she may not get good feedback because of that you know niches is good for some people who really love the niche that they're in or that's really what they want to do but niches are not good when you want to explore do different things because people get used to you being a certain way and they get upset and you switch it up on them another reason is competition some people try to keep up with people that's doing the same thing as them or anybody sometimes people just trying to keep up with the most paid youtubers or people with high subscriptions and things like that if you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel or doing anything in life like try to draw your attention away from people who are doing the same things you because next thing you know you're going to be taking on like so busy trying to compete with them that you forget who you are and what you started for and you your start limiting your creativity because you're so busy trying to keep up with them I'll do them and that's definitely not good because like I said you can lose yourself in the process or you can you know lose your creativity in the process and you don't need that or even if you are going to watch them for educational reasons just be motivated by what they're doing and don't like be discouraged don't be discouraged like if somebody's doing the same thing that you're doing and they're getting far I mean be motivated by it but if it's gonna like bother you to see it you don't look at it because you're gonna end up competing instead of being creatives and the same thing goes for like Instagram to like stop watching your timeline on Instagram and thinking that you're doing something wrong in your life because you may not be having as much fun as everybody else on your timeline you don't know what those people are going through you don't know how they got to where they are you don't know anything we have to really start comparing ourselves to people we really have to stop comparing ourselves to each other in general because everybody has different paths everybody have different careers everybody has different everything lifestyles all the incomes opportunities we all are different I can't lie like I've been that way before I felt like that before I think we all felt like that before especially with the power of society right now society is so like influenced by each other the best thing to do they if you're a content creator or a creator in general just be yourself and I know that some cliche shit to say be yourself and do what you want to do and people are going if people like you they're going to love you regardless and that's what I've always said when starting my youtube channel I was just like this channel you got to look at YouTube like your own Network like your own TV station like your own reality TV show that's how I look at it I don't know how everybody just look at it some people like look at this you're Cooking Channel some people look at it as like their makeup station and this dissing that but for me this is my own reality TV show and that's how I look at it it's like I said I got my own network I just think it works better that way because like I said when people decided they want to do something different I mean I don't know if you go if you go a couple wings like you can have a niche and only do that niche and you can also just be like me and just put everything on YouTube but there's some people that just have private lives like they don't want to put everything on YouTube if you're a content creator be yourself look out for competition will be motivated by the competition don't compete with the competition because another thing will competing after a while people are going to start to notice that you're competing with somebody and that's when people start to pick sides and start to separate and it don't have to be like that why do you think BT is worried about MTV do you think that one cooking show was worried about another cooking show I'm pretty sure people are watching both like people aren't looking at their TV Guide and saying oh I'm not watching this cooking show because I watch the other one the cooking show starts like competing with the other one and like it becomes obvious I think that people will start to pick a side because you're forcing them to because you're not giving them that we both can do it live you're giving them that one or the other type vibe so that's what they're going to do we're trying to see if I want to do liquid burner or do I want to do pencil miner today I used to use pencil in high school but I'm going to use liquids only because I'm not putting any eyeshadow on and I'm gonna do a small wing and YouTube is changing like all the time so there's plenty of things to create people are more open to like so many different things now compared to what they were open to a year ago like a year ago people were like only interprets pranks and makeup deaths that was a thing a year ago now this year I see people are more into people being real about their lives talking videos blogs is a big thing right now couple channels are still popping you know there's a million ways to be creative and Gary Vee said something the other day that's not gonna make sense but he said it and I really believe in what he said and I'm gonna give you an example why I believably he said when it comes to creating time so he said that people were always trying to create things that they know is going to work right he said create something that you're not really sure it's going to work he actually said create something that's not gonna work but of course I don't want to create something that's not going to work what he meant was create something random like stop doing all the things that's that you know we're gonna be hits like if you really want to get out the box and you really want like do something bomb just create create just be unique do something that's not trendy do something that is not going to get a million views as soon as you put it up I know that sounds crazy but reason why I say it's true is because I started this channel as a family channel always Telus and me and my son's father were together and when me and him broke up it was just me and I was like damn I really like make up but I don't wanna make this channel fully about makeup I kind of just want to do it on one and I was like huh kids I put my camera up in the living room and I said let me tell you guys how I became a stripper I had no idea where that video was gonna go I don't know what was gonna happen I literally just was myself and look what happened you know I'm saying so just creates don't be so pressured by all the other stuff that's going on viral because what I'm starting to see is let me put this Lashon okay we're gonna let that drive but what I'm starting to see is people forcing content that's not Fidel like you ever seen somebody do something you like now you're just doing this to me Rios is going in or you get the viable this is not unique to them or this is like you're forcing it that's what's happened because people are not tapping into their own creativity because they want to do was trimming they want to do what they think is going to send them by rules when they don't even know that somebody created that that's how they went viral they didn't there's a first time for everything so just keep that in mind and you should be good as a content creator when it comes to creating and since it is Mental Health Awareness Month this is like reason why I really wanted to have this conversation I've been wanting to have this conversation a long time though but it's definitely a perfect time to have it because I've been down depressed thinking that I'm not going hard enough thinking that I'm not creating consistent content thinking that I'm not creating the right content just getting so obsessed with analytics and everything and I got to the point where I was realizing like why I'm really using this to judge myself worked and it really was starting to drive me crazy and so I took a step back and I said like Josh you got to get it together like you like a lot of people are living this way like if some people are subconsciously living this way you put up a picture and don't get enough lights take it out like or you put a picture don't get enough lights and you feel bad about it you're not I'm saying or you start second-guessing the picture if it's about Matt's picture to you it's a bomb-ass picture period okay think that social media is such a big part of our lives and for the content creators out there just hold on be yourself like you do whatever it is that you want to do unleash your creativity and do not feel bad about it and know that the right audience that is supposed to be engaging in your stuff will come along give your projects a chance like give your ideas a chance and if you do not see the numbers that you want to see immediately it's okay but the reason why I think is such a good idea to put those things out there anyway because you get to open up about who you are you know what I'm saying and you get to be free from this like content Jill of being stuck in a box and pleasing everybody else and not really putting out the real creativity that you really want to put out and that's the thing with me like I can make sure for videos all day long but that's not who Jasmine is and that's not all that Jasmine wants to put out it's a big part of my life and it's changed my life dramatically and I will continue to talk about it but I know you guys get sick of me even mention this in a video but that's what took my channel to the next level and that's what people love me for but I would love for people to love me for other reasons and just happy I got to do this video then wanting to do it for a long time and to the audience out there the fans the supporters right if you really support a creator and really love a creator allowed them to create okay be nicer to your creators like be nicer to your entertainers the people who get on camera and take hours to edit and take time to record to produce for you guys although we paid for it we do love our supporters and our fans and it's because of you we are where we are so just try to like to help with mental health of creators just try to be nice to your creators and if there's anything that if you have opinions and things that you want to see from your creators let them know in a respectful way you know some people like to troll some people like to be very mean to their creators and this is what puts them in them depressive states and like I said if you guys really genuinely love a creator support them by any means either merge you know watch their videos you know try be accepted of their creativity in them branching out so that pretty much covers what I have to say today for Mental Health Awareness Month I wanted to talk about YouTube creators and depression and creators in general and I'm happy that you guys stayed so listen I hope that you guys understand if you have anything that you want to say please comment down below also do not forget to subscribe and become a part of the JV Navy so until next time JV Navy I'm out


  1. you’re truly so fucking inspiring to me. you’re just living your best life, doung whatever tf you want, giving real advice and you seem so yourself & honest🖤and i love your tattoos & you should do more videos talking

  2. Jazzmen have you hear of the channel "As Told by Kenya"? she states her opinion about things and she's funny as fuck but also speaks mad truth! She has a video I watched recently called "Why Youtube is so white" and I think its very interesting. You might like it

  3. It's because it's not normal to film your life, to be so exposed to thousands of strangers, to be able to see so many bad comments leave about you. YouTube is not a real job, it's a platform for judgement and most humans cannot handle that.

  4. You are so right young lady! I’m glad you got it sooner than I…🤭 Great video!! Best of luck to you💚😍

  5. & this is why I watch you. You’re smart & beautiful. Definitely needed to hear this & im not even a youtuber lol 💋

  6. What advise would you give to brand new youtubers like myself just starting out. On how to deal with the hate.

  7. I learn so much from you❤️ I literally watch every video from beginning to end❤️

  8. Everything you said is true. One of my issues is the constant make up launches and being consumed by the beauty comm

  9. Girl you are so right I started my channel knowing I had so many ideas and not wanting to stick to one thing I’ve seen so many videos on how to gain more numbers and how to grow but I’ve realised that I can’t look at the numbers I want ppl to join cuz they like what they see so I’m ok with the slow growth ❤️

  10. Glad you spoke on this mental health is so important ! I’m going through the creators block thing now, it can send you down the hole of depression real quick.

  11. OMG YOU WATCH GARY VEE?!? Jazzmen, YOU’RE THE SHIT, thank you for sharing your story and GREAT advice‼️🙌🏾😩
    ALSO this made a lot of sense when you spoke about how we place self worth on us by the THINGS we we do, I noticed I’m doing that with how hard I go or don’t go with my forex trading

  12. Thanks for sharing girl. Cyber depression is real ppl do associate likes and views with self worth. Am so glad u are studying yourself to know thy self. I am loving you for u girl. I enjoy your vibe and appreciate your work. I am seeing we roast each other too much when life is already hard on its own. I would like to prepose we toast each other and be happy that we are here and just learn to be more gentle with each other in general. being tuff isnt working sooo we should try it.

  13. I agree. A lot of YouTubers are doing the same thing. No one is unique anymore. I feel like they are just doing what’s trendy for money and fame when they used to be themselves and do YouTube for fun.

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