Wilderness Medicine Hands-On Skills CME Course & Whitewater Rafting

It’s good to get out into this amazing
spot which is this beautiful stretch of the Klamath River up near the Oregon
border in far northern California and especially to get away from power points
and have a chance to just discuss really fundamental aspects of wilderness
medicine always with a great group of doctors and nurses and the best thing
about this course is there’s a ton of hands-on experience in rescue and in
navigation survival. We just spent the whole day today just learning how to
start fires and navigate and signal this is the best CME I’ve ever been on,
clearly, normally when I go to a meeting take home one or two interesting facts
you can use I found in this course every lecture had something practical that I
could take back and use. We’re sitting around campfires the food I don’t know
who’s gonna take care of my food when I get home now it was fantastic from start
to finish desserts, wine, happy hour I mean it’s
awesome I think the scenarios are incredible and
in being able to do that and then do it again think about what you would do and
learn if you’re into whitewater there’s plenty of rapids it’s not scary
whitewater it’s just really fun playful class-three rapids and the wildlife here
is really almost incomparable to other rivers I’ve done in the western US it’s
common to see otter and turtles and osprey bald eagles great blue herons
bear there’s 14,162 Mount Shasta and a lot of people on this trip
end up climbing it at the end. Above the food above the caliber of faculty above
the environment all of which you could use many superlatives is the camaraderie
of the group. Setting that stage and getting people acquainted and supportive
of each other and interested in each others stories and knowledge and learning is a huge bonus. So for somebody that really wants
a hands-on practical approach to wilderness medicine patient care field
care and a smattering of wilderness medicine topics, this is really the

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