Will Gene Therapy Cure Cancer?

Feeling under the weather? Just tweak a chromosome and you’ll be all
better. Gene therapy. Now I’m not talking about support groups for
people who can’t fit into the same pants they wore in high school. I’m talking about the alteration of genes
within the body to treat disease. Cancer is the second leading cause of death
in the United States, and the two main ways we treat it are with radiation and chemotherapy. Both of which have severe side effects. Chemotherapy in particular can be devastating
to healthy cells. So gene therapy has the promise of perhaps
complimenting or maybe even replacing these other therapies. Currently there are a few different ways to
use gene therapy to battle cancer. One way is just to remove the mutated genetic
material and replace it with healthy material. Kind of like replacing a flat tire. Another way is to insert special genes into
white blood cells. Now this gives those white blood cells the
chance to detect and battle tumors. It’s like giving a cancer cop a strong pot
of coffee and a detailed sketch of what the bad cells look like. But the third, and this is my own personal
favorite, is that cells happen to have a little self-destruct button inside them. Now this button gets pressed if there’s too
much mutation within that cell. But in cancer cells the button is deactivated. So with gene therapy you go in and reactivate
that button. Press the button, no more cancer cell. But this raises a question. How do we actually get that genetic material
into cells in the first place? Well, do you like spy movies? Because that’s what we’re talking about here
– double agents! In this case, the double agent is a virus. Now normally a virus might be out there to
kill you. But what scientists are doing is they’re scooping
the DNA out of viruses and putting a treatment gene into it, and then putting that into a
patient’s body. So, like a double agent, the virus works for
our team now. In our spy movie, the viruses smuggle in the
good genes, so when the cell replicates the good gene is copied instead of the mutated
one. Take for example a cancer cell. Once inside the spy virus can deliver the
gene that will halt its rampant replication. One such gene is called oligonucleotide. A single stranded piece of DNA that inserts
itself directly in the slots of the mutated cell’s double helix DNA, essentially jamming
up the cell’s replicating gears. The mutated segment of DNA can not be transcribed
or copied once you’ve jammed up those gears. And in fact, scientists may one day be able
to reverse this process, turning cancer cells back into healthy cells through cellular espionage. So far gene therapy has been used to treat
very simple diseases and conditions where a gene is essentially flipped on or off and
that effects everything else. Think of it like one of those strands of lights
where one light is wrong and therefore the whole thing won’t work. You know, kind of like these that I had back
in college. Really you just have to find the one bulb
that’s wrong and fix it and it all comes on again! But some conditions are a little more complicated,
and they actually involve lots of different combinations of genes that maybe switched
on or off and so we have to determine what that combination is in order to use gene therapy
to solve it. We’re talking about over 20,000 proteins. This is a big problem. But as genetic information becomes easier
for us to obtain, this raises some new questions. For example, should parents be able to determine
what their child’s eye color should be? Or height? Or sexual orientation? And if we’re able to use gene therapy to cure
or combat diseases and conditions, does that drastically alter our lifespan and in turn
does that drastically alter world population? But we’ve got some time before these possibilities
become realities and in the mean time I have a question for you! If you were a gene hacker, what crazy genetic
mutation would you give yourself? Leave us a comment and tell use what it would
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  1. I think i would hack the genes that make people lie, be greedy, be unscrupulous, then kidnap the presidents of the USA, México, England, Russia, Israel, all Muslim countries and make them have their gene therapy, in that way the world would be a better place, led by honest and reliable people. I said kidnap because they won´t volunteer for this. Would they? Intelligent people we already have, but… honest? reliable? detached?

  2. I don´t know, this is the bright side of the project but, what about people who can´t afford this kind of medicine? Wouldn't it be kind of inhuman to choose who lives and who dies based on their economical power? I mean, the management of data has always a bright and a dark side and genes are human data.
    Personally I think this kind of scientific advancement must be attached to a real specific change of the "human rights" definition.
    Scientific and social advance must me balanced.

  3. I would get wings, a tail, the ability to climb up walls, better eyes, better sense of smell, better hearing, a better ability to taste cake :D, be stronger, faster, smarter, and more flexible,

  4. cancer cured in 1940………… answers to all come from within…….meditate……you tube.com /watch?v=sbIixJI_oa4

  5. We love you! keep up your knowledge distribution!

    Non psychoactive Cannabinoids from the Marijuana plant of the Cannabis family has been proven to stop most blood flow to the damaged cell mass as well as reminding cells that have "forgotten how to die" to "kill themselves"

    Google it 🙂 i dare you.

  6. make my self have eternal youth say i grow to be and look like a 25 yo but i have the experience of a 90 yo or i would just give myself wolverine powers

  7. This is such a good channel, but it's so optimistic.
    Many methods of curing Cancer have arisen however higher powers suppress this technology because of their depopulation agenda.
    Aids & Cancer have been possibly man-made viruses.
    Such a petty.

  8. Cancer occurs because of mutations in the genetic material in the cell. this mutation can be caused by something as simple as sunlight. The gene is initially healthy, but is mutated to form a cancerous cell. Even when a person with cancer reproduces, the unhealthy 'cancer gene' is not passed on.
    Hopefully that clears your mind a bit…

  9. No no. Parents should be alter their future child. You love your kid because it is your kid, not because they are they way you wanted them.

  10. I'm happy about this but at the same time HURRY UP and get these things on the market ..this is a killer disease we are talking about.

  11. Interesting, though I do have to raise an argument regarding the suggestion that sexual orientation is genetic. As for other modifications, I'd limit it to consenting adults only, so no one below the age of 18/21 (Depending on where you're from) would have those procedures performed (Perhaps with the exception of eliminating life threatening problems). And since a fetus isn't older than 18, it can't be modified legally, thus preventing the designer baby issue. It doesn't resolve genetic alteration of the egg or sperm cells prior to fertilisation, but that's for the legal and medical teams to work out.

  12. If i were a gene hacker, i would create viruses that kill every mosquito in this world and destroy itself once the job`s done.

  13. 1. To change sexual orientation through gene therapy, a gene for that psychological trait must exist. I would love to see sources detailing the location of such a gene such as to find closure on the topic.

    2. As for what modification I would like, probably a mix of cells that can respirate both oxygen and carbon dioxide, alcoholic fermentation instead of lactic acid fermentation, a rhinoceros beetle exoskeleton so I can lift a tank, a set of bear kidneys so I can absorb more proteins and consequently be able to life a building, and a few extra senses like dodecachromatic vision and electroreception.

  14. If I were a gene hacker, I don't think there is much I would change about myself, since I'm really healthy. Two of my friends both carry the SMN1 recessive trait for SMA and have had two children with SMA (one has already passed). They're amazing people and even better parents, so I would "hack" their SMN1 gene (and their daughter's gene, so she would have a chance at a normal life instead of dying early) so they wouldn't have to worry about death sentences for their babies. If only it wasn't so cost prohibitive to actually do, they could have already received the treatment for their living daughter 🙁

  15. i would engineer my genes to be able to turn transparent in the event of harm possibly being done to the body in order to help evade harm almost like a chameleon but better, although it would not make you "invisible" it would only help to escape possible harm

  16. If I was able to hack my Genes, I would improve my eyesight (both on focus & increasing the spectrum of light I can see.)

  17. I would give myself the ability to heal completely with out leaving scares on my body or leaving limbs missing. Like a salamander does

  18. secondary thumb and prehensile feet for increased dexterity and planarian regeneration for stem cell/blastema production and possible repair of old and aging cells leading to possible immortality.

  19. could we make this into a weapon.

    i mean if we could hack our own body to fight off diseases and do other things could we do the opposite. could a member of ISIS create a virus that kills none Arabic people 
    could a Nazi create a virus that kills blacks gays arabs and people who don't have blue eyes blond hair and are tall 

  20. Hey man, your video was great. But once and for all, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality and Bisexuality are not hereditary ! There are no evidence, and there probably never be an evidence to support the idea that Sexual orientation is in our genes.

  21. The Sanfilippo Children's Foundation is funding a GENE THERAPY trial as a treatment for the fatal childhood disease Sanfilippo Syndrome. We're calling it people-powered medicine. Gene therapy has already cured mice with the disease. Imagine if it could cure these children. Check out our Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3gwh_lCj6ES05xow07MYA: 
    Please  WATCH & SHARE. #hopeforislaandjude

  22. Good Protein and Bad Protein i know bionanotech can do much thing in future but i prefer natural way replicating by consume some of the good combination of food and salad virus is created in 2 ways labs and nature even if the lab version have much faster reaction how virus created in nature is from deceased decomposed kind of things because the simple mechanism like larva is created in decompose meat 🙂 some are from insect and animal but not all that bad is if the animal eaten a toxic waste from many thing's it's mutated to something new because that how antibody works can antibody mutated yes it can even regenerate if you know the right composition that the body need in more simple everything's is electron proton and neutron if the composition right it became everything 🙂

  23. I would engineer the genes of my girlfriend who has currently been in the hospital for 5 weeks, fighting for her life after having sudden cardiac arrest at home.  She was without oxygen for a while and at this point the health of her brain is the million dollar question.  I would find a way to activate stem cells to turn into neurons or I would try to reengineer the DNA of the damaged neurons so that they fix them selves.

  24. over 1 our of 3 cancer cases are because of inhereted cancerous genes. If people with these genes stopped having kids then these types of cancer would plummet. Because more people survive with thise gene due to modern medicine there are more children born each following generation with this gene than the last generation. Not everyone needs to have a biological kid. Maybe adopt a kid and give a kid a home and help solve the cancer problem as well as the problem of children without parents.

  25. Hi cool show,   ok how about printing artificial muscles into an exoskeletal set of legs ? made up of artificial fibers (printed) and incorporate a dual state self assembling building block to drive the muscle tension ,   *you may require a small electrical device to help stimulate the artificial muscle fibers but thats all, and walla.  There is one already manufactured the traditional way and it sells for $150,000 and it looks pretty heavy ..  I have absolutely no idea what it would cost to 4D print it,   but with economies of scale …  

  26. I would get rid of the genetic diseases I have. Sianara polyslenia. Asta laviesta crystalline cataract disorder.


  28. i would give humanity to haave the abilty to have a higher matureaty higher intellagence and more strenght im typeing so fast right now please accept my appolagie for the bad spelling

  29. I would fix my brain fog, my genetical heredicted migraine which never goes away it always comes back, would fix my eyes not to be sensitive from light, would fix the non symetric face that looks like it got kicked, and would give my self a penis that fits my big size 🙂 a lot of things haha.. wish a doctor would see this and help me out. btw got man puffy boobs it sucks.

  30. If I was a gene hacker I would hack my DNA to cure my chronic bladder condition Interstitial Cystitis so my bladder would be healthy again and not cause pelvic pressure and frequent urination.

  31. If I was a gene hacker, I would give myself genius level intelligence. That would not only help me, but others would benefit from the my intelligence as well.

  32. Say what happens to the mutated gene when the normal gene is inserted ?
    Doesn't that continue to undergo gene expression?

  33. If i was a gene hacker i would make my body of the strongest wrestler alive who probably uses steroids to enhance performance but i would get steroid like properties without any harmful effects for the body. Plus i would also make myself a fast healer. Plus i would give myself computer level intelligence so that ill be able to hack video games abd mmorpg's. Ill be super human.

  34. hi
    can i know what the novel way to deliver gene to disease cells ?!
    and thanks alot for your cooling teaching 👍👍👍

  35. hi
    can i know what the novel way to deliver gene to disease cells ?!
    and thanks alot for your cooling teaching 👍👍👍

  36. maybe insert a weak cancer cell may provide a vaccination but if human isn't the species that can do this maybe it's a problem so for the video I'll insert an immortality (however unluckily if I got car accident I'll still die)

  37. If I can to manipulate with gene therapy first thing that I will to do is to create the gene that make human beings renewal and to death and live how they wish whithout suffering and painfully.

  38. Just read through a chapter about Genetic Engineering in my Microbiology book. This astounds me that we have technology that can pick through all of your genes for mutations, further search those genes for more specific mutations, and not only supress genes, but modify them in a way that it cures an ailment. I'm curious as to how long it'll take before cancer is equivalent to Influenza.

  39. How can 3 be your favorite method? Clearly the obvious way to battle this pathology is by modifying white blood cells to hunt cancer cells. Finding cancer cells and on top of that finding a way to insert genetic material with the intention of killing the cell is ridiculous. Every cell must be infected with this genetic material which is IMPRACTICAL. Our white blood cells are excellent hunters, there is an entire system in place that has been crafted by evolution to hunt "bad" cells. If this system were modified to hunt cancer cells then you have an even better system.

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