Will Hezlep, PA-C, a physician assistant with The Everett Clinic at Stanwood talks diabetes

I just want to talk about how really
diabetes is a preventable thing. It has a genetic component to it and so does run in
people’s families, but that doesn’t mean that they just have to throw in the
towel and give up on it and accept that
they’re going to get it. There’s great things that they can do for themselves
to help prevent it. The biggest thing to prevent diabetes is eating healthy and exercising
regularly and I know that that’s beating a dead
horse that everybody has been saying for the longest time, but eating more
vegetables, eating less meat, less high sugar foods, it will just help your body not have those high blood sugars and
not develop those fat stores which also cause insulin
resistance. So, if we can drop weight we can decrease, what we call the
adipose fat, then our bodies will be able to
process sugar better and then we won’t have, necessarily have,
the issues that we’ve had in the past with it. I like to think of
diabetes as approaching a cliff. The cliff line, that’s the magic number
126 which is the blood sugar level that nobody wants to have, and so
if you go in for your annual exam, you have a
blood sugar of say 110, that means you’re stepping towards the cliff and
it’s time to turn around and walk away from the
cliff because we don’t want to jump off. So in doing that, best thing start eating healthier. Start
exercising. If you lose five or ten pounds even, you’re gonna notice that that
magic number of blood sugar is gonna start coming down and
once you can get it back down under 100 you can’t even see the cliff
so you’re doing much better. I have seen it in patients and I’ve
seen it and family members. Diabetes runs in my family and so I’ve
done some counseling with my own family and they
have made lifestyle changes that have just been wonderful and they’ve been able to back away from
the cliff and now they’re doing great.

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