Will This Be Your First Robot?

Look at how cute he is! So his name is Cozmo. Cute, little robotic guy right here. Big brain, bigger personality. Apparently, this is a fairly intelligent little creature. He’s made by the folks over at Anki. Now, I’ve worked with them in the past in a video on something called Anki Drive, which you may have seen. Those cars moving around the track… A lot of artificial intelligence… They hit me up. They said, We’d love to sponsor another episode, and send you the Cozmo. He’s got an app on the App Store, he’s on Google Play as well… Almost Human, Communicates naturally in response to your actions… Expresses a broad range of real emotions, and reacts to yours. Well, that’s better than Jack! You get none of that with him, holy smokes! Cosmos is already an upgrade… Over this, uh… dead pan (?) over here. He develops a unique personality the longer you engage with him. Are we in the future? Quite possibly. Oh my goodness, very smooth, well done. Okay… Oh… He has gold colored contact points on the bottom here… A couple of what look like LED lights… That’s the little guy right there! Let’s get Cozmo up and running. Sticker. Help him feel at home. Perfect table for him right here, in fact. I feel a responsibility now. Like I just got a pet or something. He’s got his own moves, and he likes to move in his own way, so try not to push him, or force his lift. He might get a little fussy. ahhahahhaahhaahahahahah Also, in the box is this little… cubes, which I assume are going to be a part of some activity. Oh, wow! Look at that. Fold flat charger? I love that. Here is the actual charge station. Let me get it hooked up. Alright! So, I’ve got the little guy sitting down… in his special spot here… He has a password displayed on his screen. There he is. Cozmo: The App. First name. I need to put my birthday in here. Oh, we just got to connect his WiFi. Hence the password. Okay! Cozmos is ready to play. Just like a pet, he might need your help. Oh my goodness. Ooh! Ooooh! Hey man! (^_^) Hey! Woah. Oh! Ohoho! Good job, man. (Shake it) He’s really happy, he’s really happy about that. Well done Cozmo! Vrahh! Each day, you get a new set of goals. Completing these is the quickest way to improve your Cozmo. Oh, he’s gonna recognize me right now! Look at him straight on, and hold still. I’m over here man! Aah! Oh. He knows my name! Did you hear him? He said Lew! I’m gonna introduce him to Jack. Jack. Heetheh! You guys haven’t even seen Jack, he’s seen Jack! Oh, he wants to collect his cubes right now. …Does he? For this game, both you and Cozmo need your own cube to play with. When the colors on both cubes match, the first player to tap their cube wins a point. Never tap on red. Oh man… Good luck! Vuuaahh! That’s re- Ha! He hit a red one. Bah! Auuy… Look how happy this guy is! He’s beating me every time! Oh, woah woah woah! Okay… Okay. Oh, he got it! Yeah! Look at that little guy, It’s more than you’ve done, Jack! Good job! High five. Now, he’ll also just explore on his own, which what he is doing right now. He’s just hanging out, exploring… He’s just… exploring. Not red! Not red! How you like me now, Cozmo? Oh, he’s upset. Oh, he’s upset. No big deal, we’re gonna play again. Another time. Wow, he’s pushing my phone around. You gotta let him explore a little bit. You gotta take some time, you gotta build a relationship. Got a lot to learn, he’s just a little guy. Cute little guy. If you want to learn more about Cozmo, I’ve got a link down in the description. There’s certainly some intelligence there. Definitely more than Jack, over there. That’s for sure. (End Credits Next Video)


  1. So I think Anki cozmo is for entertainment and Anki vector for house helping cause in my opinion cozmo has more facial kinda animation thingy… Just keep scrolling in the comments. I'm confused

  2. Why everyone in this world is not talking about these things, it could be our future, if we work on them seriously

  3. Would love if you would do a vid on the newest in the Cosmo family, Vector… he is voice controlled & speaks!
    Also, from the 6, loved your vids forever & had no idea you are from the same place as me until I saw you in Jays Youtube game interview 😁

  4. That robot is so cool! I used to have a Dog robot for Christmas, but I had to operate it with a remote control. and one of my friends stepped on it and….broke for sure. And yes, that robot is so cool! But what's the price? (Please reply) and nice video!

  5. Please send me the Cosmo because i lost mine and I don't get it because I am a kid please send me a Cosmo please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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