William Luginbuhl, MD | Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center

I grew up in Vermont and went on to
medical school there I decided to go into oncology it wasn’t until I did my
residency and did rotations in oncology that I realized they were the patients
that I was most interested in and felt had the best relationship with them.
Oncology patients have a very specific problem that needs to be addressed and
managed and it was different than a lot of other areas of medicine where
sometimes it’s not as clearly defined and I just really enjoyed that part of
my care for those patients. The best part of my job is when a patient who you were
introduced to at a time when they were very scared weren’t sure that they were
gonna live I just didn’t know what to expect returns a year later and they’re
cured of their cancer and they’ve recovered and they are happy and excited
to carry on with the rest of their life and to be able to go in and see those
patients and talk about the journey that they went through and where they are at
that point is very rewarding.

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