Williamson Medical Center EMS honored by Tennessee for service in Florida during Hurricane Irma

To Hurricane Irma, we sent five Strike Teams down and, today, we’d like to recognize those (…) Next we have Region 5, the Mid-Cumberland region (…) Williamson Medical Center supported this, and they were the team leader. Paramedic Clyde Prater led this team from Williamson Medical Center EMS, with paramedic James Bourland, and paramedic Robert Skinner (…) And, again, thank you, and thank you from Commissioner Dreyzehner for your support, for the services, and to the individuals for taking the time away from your families, to go into a hurricane, that I wasn’t planning on putting you in the path of, but, obviously, the hurricane had different — had a different idea, but y’all survived and we appreciate all of you.

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