Win Butler From Arcade Fire: U.S. vs Canadian Health Care

I don't think that healthcare needs to be the Wild West shouldn't be like a scratch and win like hope my parents have money like oh no I was born without money and then so I have to die of something really really silly when thanks so much for doing this we really appreciate it yeah of course so at the 2016 NBA all-star Celebrity game you won the player of the game award and you decided to use your acceptance speech to make a political moment congratulations thank you I just want to say as an election year in the US the u.s. s a lot bit to learn from Canada health care taking care of people so we just wanted to give you a chance to I guess finish your thoughts on what Americans can learn from Canadians on health care well first of all I mean the context was it was a basketball game between a Canadian team and American team and so if a Canadian team if you're on the Canadian team and you beat an American team pretty much the only thing you have to talk trash about his health care because it's because it's it's just so much better I mean there's a lot of things that the United States has going for it but health care is not one of them and so you have a unique perspective because you were born in California but you're raised in Texas yeah and then you move to Canada a little later on when you're about 20 years old I believe yeah I think they ended up for about 15 years I consider myself an American Montrealer I see so you've seen both systems right and so what would you say are some of the biggest differences between the two systems well I mean I remember when I was there was one year that my dad was unemployed when I was in junior high and my family wasn't wasn't wealthy we were the kind of lower middle class but we my parents spent money on education and my I I got appendicitis and I remember going to the hospital we had no health insurance and kind of waking up from the anesthesia my parents being you know being like time to go home I was like I don't want to go home I want us to in the hospital but like we had to leave the hospital the second the surgery was over and it it basically you know my parents had to pay out of pocket and it's essentially a semester of university it basically costs what it costs to go to University of Texas for a year to have my appendix out which is is kind of crazy right so we're having this debate here now in this country as you know senator Sanders just recently introduced a medicare-for-all single-payer LED one thing that we're doing is talking to our neighbors in Canada about their health care to explain how single-payer works and what it's like living in a country with universal health care one of the examples of a single-payer system that is working well that is popular is the Canadian system the crazy thing is like if someone breaks her arm you shouldn't it shouldn't be a question what do I do it's you know it's 2017 if you break your arm you should go to the hospital and I there's way too many Americans are in the situation where something happens to their child and you're having to kind of balance your your income versus how much you think it's going to cost and instead of just receiving really obvious and available care that's been available for extremely long time I have a four-year-old where the system in Canada really shines is with with children and they put a lot of resource into early childhood and you just end up saving so much cost on the back end by investing in kids and making sure that kids have the best access to health care and are kind of over served the main difference that I see is that if you're working class or if you're if you if you're not of means if you're if you're wealthy like I have money I live in Canada I can go to a private clinic it doesn't really affect tremendously affect my health outcomes I can go to a doctor in the US I can go to a doctor in Europe you know it's not really for me but 90% of my friends you know are able to have access to health care that they would have to that they would have to take into this cost-benefit analysis rather than just kind of taking care of their illnesses and and kind of preventive care what's interesting in Canada is that across the political spectrum pretty much all politicians agree on keeping the Medicare system in Canada politically it's like a non-starter if you try to attack Medicare yeah why do you think it's different in the US um I just think there's been a lot of scare tactics and people I really think the Canadian system came out of the British system and and I just think it's really different that during World War two when England was getting bombed I mean rich and poor we're all in the same bomb shelters and I think there was I guess just a sense of communality and realizing that we're kind of all in the same boat when it comes to healthcare that it's not really a class issue and I just think that that situation has never presented itself in the US where people have just been forced to be in the same the same plane where you have this where the very wealthy are willing to make sacrifices for for the bottom 80% of the country and that's really what it comes down to and one of the scare taxes is to say that the Canadians come to America for their surgeries and their medical care and that you guys are waiting in long lines forever what is your response to that I don't know it hasn't been my experience I mean the last major surgery I had was a I had a chronic sinus infection that I had for about ten years I had it diagnosed in New York and in Canada and they it was gonna cost me thirty five thousand dollars to do in New York and it cost me $5,000 to do in Montreal so I mean I don't know who wouldn't and it was like a it was a Harvard doctor that performed a surgery on me who lives in Montreal like the level of quality of care was excellent I think the vast number of Americans would would receive much better it would just be better I mean it's a lot more complicated in the US but I don't think that's any reason to not to not to not do it because it's so obviously a better system one of the arguments that we're trying to make is the moral argument that health care is a human right do you believe that health care is right absolutely [Laughter] when it comes to like health care is a human right it's something that all of humanity is kind of in the same boat and it's not just an American versus a Canadian issue I do think there's a moral component to it and I think that and I just think that there's been this kind of smoke screen tactic of kind of tricky and the people that would benefit the most greatly from having access to health care into thinking that somehow it's going to negatively affect them it's not a lottery you know it's like I don't think that they where you're born or how much income your parents have should determine how long you live because all of us are gonna get sick and every single one of us is going to die at some point and it's probably gonna involve cancer it's probably gonna involve involve a lot of things that afflict the rich and the poor and that afflict all of humanity and that and that we can the earlier we combat them the earlier that we tackle it the less expensive that is on the system as a whole and yeah the more people benefit the more and the more people get to live longer and hang out with their great grandkids there's too many people dying of really basic treatable you know illnesses in the u.s. in the same I just want to ask you about that moment at the all-star game it's a very heated 2016 election and you decided to use that moment to talk about politics and you immediately cut off yeah I would assume that you going into you thought maybe ESPN wouldn't be you know they would potentially cut you off what was it like in that moment were you nervous to do that and were you it wasn't really a plan I just you know I kind of had that little moment with a microphone and I mean the ironic thing is that basically politics is a reality celebrity TV show so to be cut off for like talking about politics in a celebrity basketball game I think the line she said was we're here to talk about celebrity stuff and we had elected the Celebrity Apprentice to be the president so just like the whole thing is so absurd I didn't do it because it would make any sort of impact it was just like you know it's very rare that you have that moment where you're kind of on national TV you have a second you can say something and that you believe in and it's one of the things that's really great about about Canadian society is it's that aspect of kind of taking care of less fortunate and taking care of each other and it's something the u.s. can learn from you know and I'm saying that as an American I live in I live in New Orleans like I am from Texas but I I don't think that health care needs to be the Wild West and it's not shouldn't be like a scratch and win like hope my parents have money like oh no I was born without money and so I have to die of something really really silly why do you think Americans should support senator Sanders Medicare for all bill and how do we get people involved in the grassroots movement to pass this bill well the people on the other side are extremely powerful and are making a lot of money from the status quo our opponents are this issue have the money and they have the power you kinda have to look at it and see who's actually making out from this whole scenario that we have in the US and it's a lot of drug companies it's a lot of really really immoral companies that are making a ton of money off American illness just a single-payer system is really the only way when you're dealing with something like health care that is something that affects I mean to say that you have to go to the DMV to get your driver's license and have this whole system of the DMV and yet healthcare is like a Wild West shoot-out free-for-all it just makes no sense I mean I would so much rather have the DMV be a show and have health care if you take care of you know you know like why don't we just trade those thanks so much for doing this we really appreciate it and have a great show yeah thank you very much I appreciate it


  1. Did that woman really cut him off when he was saying something important ? Like really ? So rude !!

  2. Awesome band! Absolutely love their music! But I would listen to their opinions on governing, health care etc as little as I would listen to some socialist, Hillary punching bag loser like Bernie Sanders discuss his thoughts on creating and playing music.

  3. "I would so much rather have the DMV be a shit show." The DMV is a shit show. Where have you been? Waiting for hours or all day just to get your car inspected. You seriously want health care be like that? You actually want to have a system that makes you wait all day just to see a doctor? NO How about we keep things the way they already are and maybe try to treat the DMV with the competition of the health care system.

  4. TRUMP 2020
    Win has become a biased liberal ignorant leftist. Why does everyone fail to see that. Common sense has left your left party long ago. Try to stick to facts instead of idiotic unrealistic viewpoints.

  5. A lot to learn, eh….Just got back from Canada last week. Talked to a guy with a serious heart issue. No idea when he will get treatment. Still waiting on that Canadian list. Options are what brings down the cost. Capitalism brings more options. Entitlement sucks. Oh, and your Canadian health care isnโ€™t free, they take it out of your ass in taxes.

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  7. I was trying to find a flaw with Canada so I tried to see if they went to Iraq with us but they didn't. Canada always wins wtf.

  8. I don't feel qualified to comment here because this is foreign policy to my perception!!! Mine also almost burst in early 1960s!!! It was traumatic!!!

  9. that ESPN news interviewer was a real jerk the way she cut him off in the beginning … so disgusting

  10. This is great but I also have no idea why he's being interviewed about this lol (besides obviously being associated with Canada)

  11. lol yeah… cause a fucking singer is an expert in the economic implications of massive taxes and single-payer healthcare

  12. A lot of people think that propaganda only happens in communist countries or dictatorships, but it happens in democracies too. The only reason the US doesn't have single payer is because of propaganda being perpetrated by big business and enabled by crooked politicians, and it's been going on for decades.

  13. 10:11 "…I'd so much rather have the DMV be a shit show and have health care be taken care of…" ๐Ÿ˜€ Amen, but the DMV is still pretty much a shit show. Granted, it is less of a shit show than the health care situation has been and would be again if the Republicans get their way. Actually, it is good to know there are more Republicans who are willing to not put millions at risk of dying of the flu than my cynical mind thought.

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