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How long have
you two been together? Just over three and a half years. Four years. Really? Yeah. I’m not sure if it’s a
great date night movie. You’ve been wanting out
of this stupid relationship for like a year now. It might be a good like,
shit or get off the pot movie. Do you not love me anymore? I feel trapped. It’s really the worst break up ever. I don’t think people are gonna trust me in any relationship anymore. Are you actually gonna leave? You’re gonna leave me like this? Are you sure about this? Yeah, I think it’s gonna be fine.


  1. A trip to the countryside for new culinary delights, an air show, and experiencing the wildlife first hand. What could go wrong?

  2. Five years ago Fincher scared all married couples with “Gone girl”, now Ari Aster warned every guy with “Midsommar”.
    And here I am single af and genuinely happy.

  3. So if a friend says, I'll take you to my village in Sweden for a ceremony. Simply say no. This movie inspired me to stay at my house all the time

  4. I love your film ari, really like it, midsommar kills me!
    Please next year, make a good one like this but in a different story or anything but still folk.
    I really love it.
    Keep on the good work dude!

  5. AAAHHH HEELLLL NOOOO!! I wont fall into this trap after seeing this traumatizing film, first hereditary, now this, whats next?! WHATS NEXT?!

  6. I LOVE YOU A24 but when your done painting white ppl as murderous cultists how about giving another race a go? Ari how about the Jews?

  7. This was one slow and ridiculous movie. They deserve what they got. Right off the bat they had to ingest mushrooms. Just not worth the watching at all.

  8. (THE WAY IN ) my youtube channel i have the creepiest review of this unique film on youtube period!!!! prove me wrong go to the channel if im wrong tell me who did it better .

  9. My girlfriend and I definitely need couples therapy. I made the mistake of taking her with me to watch the movie. Terrible date movie

  10. The ending honestly made me cry, because I related to Dani and the emotional dilemma she was going through. But she found catharsis, peace, and happiness with herself by letting go…albeit in a fucked up manner.

  11. People will deem anything a masterpiece these days. I was expecting a masterpiece folk horror film but what I got was nothing but disappointment. I was expecting something as good as Hereditary but what I thought to be folk horror turned out to be an artsy exploration of a fictional cult and their various weird practices. I mean, first of all, the movie has gorgeous camerwork and cinematography shot in a way that it gives you a trip in certain scenes but the movie has not one ounce of horror other than a bunch of disturbing visuals of heads getting decapitated or people falling to their deaths. Nothing we haven't seen before in horror films or cult horror films. I mean, it was obvious that Florence Pugh's character was going to be the final girl in the movie but my gripe is not that. My gripe is that we don't see the characters trying to break out of this cult. There's no sense of thrill or horror we usually see in cult related horror where characters try to escape said cult. No, instead of that, the characters in this movie (Florence Pugh's character and her boyfriend in particular) embrace the weird practices of the cult and thats pretty much it. I was bored by the slow pace of this movie within the final 50 minutes of this movie. It was in the final 20 minutes of the movie that we see Florence Pugh's character's boyfriend actually discover the bodies of their friends who disappeared mysteriously. Speaking of which, the characters don't even question the disappearance of their friends and they just go along with whatever ritual or practice the cult has in store for them. This is basically an artsy exploration of a fictional cult and their weird practices and rituals. Not to mention the ritual sacrifice we've seen cults do in other cult related horror films. If you're going to watch it, I'd watch it for the cinematography but after watching this, I guarantee you that you wouldn't wanna watch it again since in my opinion, it has no rewatch value unless you're into the weird traditions of this cult. I found Netflix's movie Apostle more engaging and horrifying compared to this and that movie is a better horror film based around a cult than this one in my opinion.

  12. I was really looking for that movie . After I watched it . disappointed like really disappointed I didn't see anything special or scary it was just bad in all the levels

  13. I hope I read that wrong…no one is trying to die lol. I have some therapy for you…
    Get TF out of one-sided relationships
    Don't go traveling to the middle of no where with weirdos.
    Black dude do your thesis on something else
    BAM everyone is still alive!
    Couples therapy hahaha, y'all crazy

  14. This is literally the coolest thing ever. I noticed a lot of people who have been traumatized by abuse actually found this movie to be pretty healing and cathartic, myself included

  15. This was a beautiful movie full of wonderful scenes and an amazing cast! the story was brilliant and yes some of the scenes i like.

  16. Can we all agree that Midsommar has the best marketing of any movie ever?

    Finally gonna see it this weekend. Gonna listen to DJ absolutely not until then to kill the time

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