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Maybe it’s marble. Maybe it’s marble contact paper. Hey guys, today I’m gonna tell you how I
transformed my office desk from drab white to marbleized glam. The secret to applying contact paper flawlessly on any smooth surface is… Windex! also a squeegee, and some measuring tape. Other supplies you’re going to need are a little cutting mat, and a nice ruler, and an exacto knife. So let’s get another good look at this desk. I work from home, so I spend lots of time here. It is a humongous desk. It came with the house. It’s integrated into the wall, basically. And if there is such a thing as too much white,
then that is what was happening inthis office. So, Step 1. Clean off your surface. Make sure that there is no dust or debris, because if there is, you’re gonna be locking that in forever. Step 2. Get your contact paper, which you
should have already ordered at this point. Otherwise, get with the program. I got this on Amazon and will link the listing below. It was the longest roll I could find. Even so, I went ahead and got three just in case, Because if there’s one thing that I hate, it’s having to push pause on my projects. No. Once I get started, I want to finish. As you can see, one roll isn’t long or wide enough for this gigantic desk, so I’m glad I covered my bases. Step 3.
Position your contact paper where you want it and cut accordingly. For me, it seemed only logical to put the full piece to the right side, because when you
walk in, that’s really the first thing you see. And I put it towards the front because I really wanted that rounded front edge to be flawless. Now, not all contact paper has lines on the back. I’d say, make sure that it does. It really, really does make a difference when you’re trying to cut in a perfectly straight line. Remember what they say, “measure once cut twice”. Mmm, no. I think it’s, “measure twice cut once”. Then stop to take a picture for Instagram, of course. So here comes the innovative part. What you are going to do is actually spray some more Windex before you unstick the backing of the contact paper. What this is going to do for you is, it’s going to allow you to slide the paper around before you decide where it’s gonna go. It makes it so, so, so much easier and less intimidating to just lay it down and then position perfectly later. As you can see with this back piece, I spritz just a little bit of Windex. Not too much, because you’re gonna end up having to actually push it all out. Also recommended, besides the squeegee, is a paper towel just to absorb all that extra Windex. But as you can see it’s sliding around a bit and that’s okay. It’s the easiest way for me to figure
out exactly where the contact paper needs to be. You only have to do it for the first part until you figure out exactly where to lay it. After that, just
unpeel and stick as you go along. The second piece turned out beautifully. Now, for this last little chunk, I decided to turn the paper sideways just to make less cuts. And honestly, I think that it’s a lot more obvious because I did that. So, if you wanted to be even more perfect and less perceptible, then make sure to keep the grain horizontal all the way through. Now, squeegee all of that Windex out.
Remember, this is super, super important. Because if you don’t get the Windex out,
it’s not gonna dry how you want it and “ain’t nobody got time for that”. As you can tell, the seam from the piece in the back is a lot less noticeable than the seam from this side piece. But hey, I still think it looks wonderful. Step 5.
Put all of your stuff back and enjoy your gorgeous marble top surface. I mean, come on. This is like a night and day difference from what it looked like before. Simply gorgeous, darling. So yeah, that was pretty much the
tutorial. This Windex trick- I’m gonna have to thank a random user on Amazon. I read it in their review and I thought, “okay, I’m gonna have to give this a try”. So it wasn’t my idea,
but I wanted to share it with YouTube, because I didn’t find a single video
explaining how to do it. So hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope it’s
useful and I will see you in the next video. Bye! I’m super excited with the way that this
project turned out. That’s pretty much it.


  1. Yay Easy instructions that I can follow I been thinking of doing a white wash brick on some of walls hopelly works out 🙂 thanks for sharing

  2. That is awesome, thank you so much for sharing this as I have so much trouble with contact 🙂 I am looking forward to making the cloud lights too

  3. Hi! I'm thinking of doing this with my desk and so far this is the easiest video I found! But in my country we don't have the same brand of window cleaner so I wonder if there is anything special with the windex? And also, doing it dump doesn't it affect the adhesive to some extent? Or make the paper itself hard or something?

  4. Could you do this for a bathroom or kitchen sink? I'm wondering if it gets wet will it ruin it? Also, is it hard to take it off? I'm renting an apartment and I'm wondering if this is a good temporary design to use? Xoxo

  5. how does the contact paper stay sticky after all that windex?..Im a bit skeptical about using windex..not understanding how the paper remains sticky? :/

  6. Thanks for the video! Well done! We appreciate your narrating instead of, as many others do, playing intrusive music! Best of luck!

  7. One of the best diy I've seen yet, the wet method is the only way to install, I'm an auto Detailer and I always use Rapidtac on installing graphics on cars and trucks.

  8. Does anyone know if this marble contact paper is removable? I am thinking about doing this to my desk in an apartment I'm renting that came furnished, but I have to be able to take it off when my lease is up!

  9. I am so glad you posted this video! I just wish I had seen it before my contact paper bubbles galore kitchen countertop disaster, where I had to return 4 unused rolls because I thought there was no hope for my orange laminate! 😣Maybe I'll try again! 😜

  10. i love it! i just ordered mine! since i have a fairly huge kitchen i ordered 7 praying thats enough.
    husband and i been lookin non stop $3grand+ to change our countertops, $150 is soooooooo much more affordable!!

  11. I did the windex trick and now the corners won’t stick under neath 🙄🙄 I’m about to give up on contact paper, I don’t understand why everyone says it’s sooo easy.

  12. I was a visual merchandiser for years, and Windex and a squigee were always key, that's how those huge "30% OFF" signs in the windows look like they were painted on.

  13. I just had a fantastic Idea with different size checkered contact inside boxed shelves you can create illusion of depth!! The Windex makes it so much easier to get the insides done,,Thank a million for sharing..I'm on a mission now to find the right sizes!! I'm sure someone thought of it before me,but I thought of it the first time for myself! Love it.

  14. The texture is repeating so you can look for the point where it repeats and align the paper in a way that the seem is not visible.

  15. You can also use soapy water if you don't have any Windex on hand 🙂 In a spray bottle put a generous squirt of dishsoap and fill it up with warm-hot water, spray the surface and squeegee. Works the same. Just don't oversaturate. If the adhesive isn't as sticky afterward, you can use a hairdryer to heat it up and make it sticky again.

  16. I bought some on amazon! Can’t wait! I’ll use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to clean prep. Also takes away any gloss. Great job. How’s the paper holding up.

  17. Great post! I checked product at Amz, a little spendy, kept searching and found this; Duck brand peel and stick laminate rolls. Comes in marble and many more, has dots/lines and ruler printed on back according to reviews, has quite a few positive product reviews and width/length options of 12"x26'. 18'x24' and 20"x15' and found the 20"x15' white marble on Amz for $6 per roll vs. your 24"x7' for $20. Now to decide on color etc. and I'll try to come back and follow up with a post after using it!

  18. Suggestion: Windex is ammonia and water (scented with blue coloring – to make it worth $5.99). Save $$ by making your own. When wet most adhesives no longer stick (try wetting a piece of scotch tape). The key here is to spray a liquid (a little soap with water works fine), align the paper, squeegee out as much liquid as you can and use a blow dryer on warm to evaporate the remaining liquid.

  19. Looks pretty, but I can’t believe your telling ppl to use windex!!! Windex is made with high amounts of solvents including ammonia which could eat through the bottom layer that makes it stick….which means you could cause a lot of ppl to waste their money who really wanted this to work. Water is supposed to be used for this contact paper. Also, you should have faced it all in the same direction. It looked really noticeable on the left side. I mean, why do a DIY countertop project and not follow directions or the pattern? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Sorry, not sorry

  20. iIm interested as to why you only have 52 dislikes. This is about the dumbest illogical technique ive seen. I don't feel bad for whoever went ahead and tried this .

  21. Is contact paper permanent? I live in a furnished apartment so my desk isn’t technically my property so is it as easy to remove as it is to apply?

  22. @Superholly babe do you know if it removes easily? I live in apartments and would love to try this out, but would hate to get in trouble if it doesn’t come off easily… 😕

  23. get idea with windex. i am like others about it not sticking but i guess when you take it out the glue dries and it sticks . going to cover some pvc to make legs for a table so that idea will help a lot

  24. @superholly Does the contact paper get damaged when you write on it? Not on the actual contact paper but when you are writing on a sheet of paper on your desk?

  25. Im thinking the windex works coz its got alcohol in or some other sort of solvent that dissapears into thin air so rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle could possibly work tho i havent tried it

  26. Super Holly you are the best! I can't believe your tip worked. I sprayed on warm water and dish soap and ran my hand over the mixture to spread it out evenly, then with my dollar store squeegy I moved the paper around until it fit just right. I rolled the paper up from the bottom and used two chip clips to keep it out of the way. It took 5 minutes. I still can't believe the difference.

  27. Stumbled upon your video for looking at how to apply contact paper, and I love you vibe and energy!!! So thankful for the tips, love it. Even with the sideways contact paper, it looked flawless after it was pushed all the way down.

  28. Have you ever thought about using straight alcohol? It wouldn’t have any of the solids that Windex has in it and would evaporate completely

  29. I would not marble this too much..I got the top of the line d c fix but it really does look like a cheap fix…photographs well but looks like crap in person. Now the marble formica I put in looks great…and I have intermixed the formica with real pieces. My advice don't do this.

  30. I've been figuring out how to do this and watching a ton of videos, clicked on this one and I was like "Omg! It's Super Holly!" Lol

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