WingsOfRedemption Say's The Healthcare In America Is A Joke, Claims Sean Ranklin Is Australian

you're afraid to kill her clowns you should kill these guys at yo this is for John Snowden ah wings Tings look here listen welcome everybody welcome to the stream how's everybody doing today hello all the people that might be saying hello to me in the stream each let's ask do I ever want to suck a Khajiit I can't say I ever had a desire to do anything to a Khajiit what's up boogie2988 shit I wish I had it as nice two teeth that's boogie2988 I'm oh fuck his teeth look so fucking shiny spin you getting in the way homie stop attacking me homeboy spins the one is beating your face in let's see advice for people with depression did I I don't give advice grads on having the lowest viewer IQ on Twitch these motherfuckers ask dumb questions you damn right they do you damn right I have 10 lakh bit [Laughter] well that escalated quickly do you ever don't piping hot Windy's chili all over here no I don't big up unlimited pounds yeah and easy is talking about drugs please yeah chop so he became a troll to be doing this I got a play I don't understand what you're actually saying dude yeah but here's the thing like in the long run the community that you make with this with the game smaller it's gonna be the community that sticks with you throughout the years honestly I mean like if I did nothing but play call of duty I'd have a thousand viewers but I'd be miserable I'm not a troll I'm not a troll my mod should be doing this I got a play that's mr. yellow dick swagger or your streams pre-recorded because the chat thinks they are oh they're not pre reported Chad says that just because they think he gets on my nerves no none of my real friends are actually trolls there's nobody that really cares about you will destroy your mental health your thoughts on the recent number of fans turning into trolls lately dude I would say it's actually went down I think the troll numbers have diminished probably quite considerably I think a lot of people that watch troll channels do so because they can't watch every stream and they just want to get the the gist of how the stream went when did I start streaming 2011 during model warfare 3 I honestly can't think of any other card they can play they didn't rape is actually Australian so like mine to the UK won't help me that endeavor how are you how do you know that Sean's Australian inside sources leave minecraft on stream i don't really have minecraft minecraft something that's more fun to play with people and it's hard for me to play with people because most people just want to get in get in here and just scream the word cook not cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut brandy cut cut caught Brandi Brandi Brandi Brandi cut cooked Tyron Brandi what it is again like this is the stuff like I just obviously said I've never watched the game of Thrones actually a ruse I've been debating between Tesla and his Chevy recommendations with a Chevy dick burger mister something shut the fuck up I don't know man this game seems like kind of ripoff version of Far Cry new dawn to me there's like a health bars and stuffs very similar do don't with the trollin bullshit moose van move move big pimp truckin let's see what we got here with big pimp trucking did you do hey Jordy this is Dale you still playing games on this application we got a squeaky chair in the truck all sorted out make sure to keep clean the cabinet after your routes payments on this way I don't know what you've been talking about dude hey good Dale there's you a chair sale dogs on Dillon or sick of the sneaked dishes and chats yeah Alex there's a lot of sneak dish that's why I don't pay attention to chat half the time it's guys racing his sores you told me you people I think you know what it is boy I think you need to shut your mouth to make you sorry for this then don't fight then I work Phil look I knew you are racist how do you get me trapped in a corner here here's what we're gonna do guys actually with my ass oh I know why they call you honey hand lad because she just hits are so sweet to like delicate kisses I'm over here fucking you up in front of your bitch lad orcs are real men not even a fighting orc watch your Hummels go away since spins over there being racist as fuck – he called you a snow back honey hand it it a racism –less everywhere in Skyrim you wear now honey hand oh shit we got a brawl again let's go Oh curva you hit like a fucking train holy shit Oh come get it sissy over here struggling with the thief come on who gets to to the face I got you God we look like two retards fighting in the street Kiba come home now oh come on stab my weight he's Fist of Fury or flying son he's big ork ham hocks come on dude get the fuck out it away I got it you're afraid of killer clowns you should kill these guys at yo this is for John Snowden ah going ban aunt bee services please are you contacting me with donations no I have not anything like that are you gonna eat later fam sure everybody has to eat almost every day brother take crumbs with bums and eat steak with snakes can I hit the woah woah you guys asked me about all these people I do I know who damn blast Aryan is but I know nothing about him you guys are asking me all these all these things about the social economic system which I don't have prepared right now I would like to see is keep the current tax system and reroute the spending spend less on the military more on universal health care it's been more on roads less on the military our military is so big and bloated and like needed at this point honestly it's almost at a point like why the fuck do we have a military cost 700 billion dollars a year like motherfuckers right now are asking me about generator questions who gives a flying fuck about generators the time people actually care about it was when the power's out fact is health care in the United States is a joke it is it's a straight joke it's it's so expensive that you can't do anything if you don't have insurance and that pretty much puts insurance companies with all the power well I didn't ask him to fucking first of all I didn't ask him to look at my fucking thing the first off I didn't ask anybody any doctor to look at my results so they did that on their own they charged me for it seconds I don't care how many years you study to look at a piece of paper in warrant $70 is ridiculous but I'm getting all boys I'm gonna enjoy my Mother's Day let's do some donation run down let's see my row thank you for working for the $35 with the donations buddy again up Big Ups unlimited unlimited pounds for the four dollars Thank You flora think for three dollars lean bought four for lost souls thank you for ten dollars buddy Phil EB thank you for four dollars thick burgers thank her to five dollars liquid Richard bought for four and Nas boy game thank you for the three appreciate all the love you guys came up hope you guys have a wonderful wonderful day if you haven't tell your mother you loved her go get or something I'm outie 5000


  1. The healthcare in America is the best in the world. As an immigrant from England I can say with a surety that socialism doesn’t work, socialist healthcare is a mismanaged terrible mess and free market capitalism drives prices down and quality up. In the US I pay less for my healthcare and receive 10x better quality. It’s just seen as countercultural and cool for losers like wings to hate on “the system” without realizing how blessed he is to live in a truly free country and having never had to live in a socialist hell hole.

  2. this man should either lose some fucking weight already or kiss the end of a revolver. tired of his bitching. then brandy could get blacked in peace

  3. maybe if richard worked for something in his life or maybe found benefits at a job he wouldn’t be so fucking needy and whinging about our healthcare. countries with free healthcare have shit healthcare. know a guy who moved to england for a job and he comes back to america for his dental work because all they do over there is pull teeth. privatized healthcare creates competition which in turn creates better healthcare. “if people think healthcare is expensive now, wait until its free”

  4. Giving people healthcare would be cheaper than the current system, but uhhhhhh big up sean ranklin anyway

  5. Reads “says the healthcare in the United States is a joke”
    Hey as much as I hate Wings, he’s not wrong.

  6. He's wrong. I watch this channel not to get the gist of how the stream went. I watch this channel because you produce a hilarious alternative to his boring ass stream.

  7. He's such a baby. You can't troll someone and still be their friend? Bullshit. My best friend in the world has driven me insane multiple times. He's pretty manipulative and he has a very good memory, so if you ever do anything that he even suspects might be an attempt to get one over on him or steal from him or you don't return something you borrowed from him soon enough, he will come up with little ways to get back at you. Not to hurt you, but just to fuck with your head. One time he was borrowing a game from me in high school and every day he said he would bring it to school and give it back. Every damn day he "forgot it". Eventually he started telling me that I have to pay him half a penny to get it back. He did this for like a month and it drove me insane. Another time, I was borrowing his game and I hadn't given it back yet because he never asked for it back. We and a couple other friends were picking up food at Burger King and as soon as they handed over the food, my friend stuffed all of my fries into his mouth and ate them before I could even realize what happened. Then he said "You'll get your fries back when I get my game back". It was so random it left me kind of stunned. I imagine that Wingo would punch someone over some fries lol.

  8. "I don't give advice". He gives advice all the time lol. He acts like he's some kind of old wise man sometimes and he's preaching to the dumb kids in chat. Sometimes he knows what he's talking about, but most of the time he's just blowing it out of his ass.

  9. Hey tings i think i found two people that are willing to help you learn how to edit videos. Maybe you will be able to put out videos on time once you learn

  10. I seriously hope he dies violently. Like I genuinely hope that someone breaks into his house and slowly sodomizes him with a chainsaw or red hot fire poker.

    God what a fucking fat disgrace.

  11. Asking if he would box Sean ranklin? None of these trolls would ever have the balls to box anybody 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. It truly amazes me how ignorant people can be on basic economics. For fuck's sake, there's a literal book called "Basic Economics" that you can go read.

    >The government does not make things better, the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of the time they fuck things up worse than anyone could imagine. If you wonder why places like the DMV are so awful, it's because of the government.
    >"Free" does not mean free, someone's always paying for it. Just because you want "free" shit, doesn't mean you have the right to use the government as a cudgel to steal from people you deem "rich."
    >Rights cannot explicitly take away other people's rights, hence why commodities can't be rights. You'd think people would remember the 13th Amendment, but hey, apparently not.
    >If you want a product or service to become cheaper, better in quality, and/or more plentiful; then you let the Free Market do its job where it always succeeds, not hand it over to the government where they inevitably fuck it up, make it more expensive, and scarce.
    >Just because you want something, doesn't give you the right to steal from someone else. Your jealousy of other people's shit doesn't make you a moral person, even if you think people should just vote on who to steal from.

    You'd think these basic truths would be self-evident, but too many ignorant window-lickers exist and refuse to educate themselves.

  13. Wing tings I'm trying to get conway and leen to help you with improving your videos cause you could use it

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