Winning the battle against breast cancer

A confident woman, who won the battle against cancer I found a new life after playing golf I became the champion within one year Since last eight years I have won more than five hundreds trophy The story behind the success.. Back in 2003 during Ramadan after praying Fazar I was taking shower Suddenly I felt a small lump inside my breast I’d undergone operation I was told that the report had come, the result is cancerous tumor in breast And had already spread in my whole body I would never imagine that I may ever be affected by cancer. Besides, I could not accept that Later my Husband asked the doctor how long would I survive They replied, one year with the treatment and three to six months without it My husband became devastated that what to do, I had two little children The night before going for the treatment, I knew that, I am going this way [home] by myself and surely will come back in coffin. My treatment started after six weeks. So, I felt a bit of pain after my first Chemotherapy Three weeks after the first chemotherapy when I took the second one I took shower and started to hair combing, suddenly all the hairs come out in the comb at the first strike I cried for so long, I felt so harsh. Maybe I never felt any pain like this before. I have to take the rest of chemotherapy if I want to live. I must win this battle I did not face the battle alone My husband, children, relatives, and friends everyone supported me at that time I felt the need to exercise. So, I started playing golf
I found a new life after playing golf I became the champion within one year I participated some tournaments in London, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In every tournament I participated, I played, also won the trophies It’s a taboo in Bangladesh that whoever have cancer he/she thinks they will surely die and feels out of a normal life In 2004 I thought, I have to help the others just how I survived I started attending seminars, meetings I went to Kuala Lumpur for a breast cancer awareness program There is a team in UN for the awareness of breast cancer, where the members are selected from different countries. I am one of them

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